A saga of beautiful Nathu La Pass weather and it's soothing temperature

Raunak JhaApr 20 . 5 min read

Nathu La is located at a very high altitude on the historic silk route which is present at the India-China border. It is one of the most popular places for the sightseers visiting Sikkim. Several guests come to this place every time to enjoy the scenic trip to the dale while listening to the lyrical falls striding with the road from Gangtok to Nathu La. It also provides the stirring sight of the snow-covered mountain range under the beautiful light blue sky and the long winding roads. Nathu La provides the astonishing view of the Chumbi dale of Tibet, protected by the range of mountains. The Nathu La pass weather will leave a lasting impression on you.

Nathu La term is made up of two terms. The terms are Nathu and La. They mean Harkening cognizance and pass respectively. The Nathu La pass height is around 4400 m above sea level. It is considered one of the most motorable roads in the world. It is surrounded by the beautiful face of nature. This area receives its rainfall most of the time. It gets heavily populated with tourists during the month of the hot season. It also has the speciality of being one of the three points on the border of India-China for the purpose of trade. The Nathu La pass temperature will keep you warm and comfortable during the visit.

Exciting things to do and see in Nathu La

The place where the India-China border is located protected with huge iron gates and lots of security forces personnel is a sight to have a look at. The sightseers can also take a trip to the War Memorial where they can pay their respects to those who bravely fought for our country during the times of war. There is also an Army Exhibition and a Canteen nearby for the interested souls. There is also a lake called Tsomgo lake located at a distance of around 15 km from here. The Nathu La weather will keep you glued to the surroundings. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and layers of flowers. You cannot also afford to lose the chance to see the Yak lift. Along with these, one can also have a look at another lake called Menmecho Lake. It is also close to another tourist destination called Baba Mandir. It is also known as the Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple or baba mandir changu lake. The Menmecho lake is situated at a distance of 4 km from the army exhibition centre. The lake of Menmecho is also surrounded by mountains which also do provide girding for the Jelep La Pass. Near Menmecho, there is another place of interest. The place is a sanctuary called the Kyongnosia Alpine. Along with Kyongnosia, there is another sanctuary called the Zuluk Wildlife Sanctuary. These sanctuaries consist of various endangered species of trees and plants.

Reaching Nathu La

Gangtok to Nathu La Pass is a mesmerising adventure with twisty roads. The distance from Gangtok to Nathu La pass is around 50 km and it will take around 2 hours. The Nathu La pass temperature will be extremely calm and comforting. It is present at a very high altitude so it is cold out there. You can take a car from Gangtok to this place. The distance from Gangtok to Nathu La pass and time will simply pass by without any problem. The raw beauty of nature will simply keep you engaged.

But before getting fully excited and prepared for the trip to Nathu La, one needs to know how to arrange Nathu La pass permit? Rest assured because we can get a permit from Tourism and Civil Aviation or any other legit travel agency. The pass is called a Defended Area Permit. The Nathu La weather will keep you happy during the journey. The Nathu La pass permit cost is approximately around 200 rupees for all. There is no fee for the Nathu La pass permit for kids below 4 years of age. Now there is also the option of online Nathu La pass permit booking due to pandemic restrictions.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Nathu La pass is during the scorching hot season. May to October will be the best season to visit Nathu La pass and explore this place. The rainy season also compliments the beauty of this place. It is open strictly only to people having Indian citizenship. The Nathu La weather will keep your excitement level high. For visiting, Nathu La pass open days are on Sunday, Saturday, Thursday and Wednesday. The Nathu La pass temperature is at a sweet average of around 25 degrees Celsius and it is best to visit Nathu La pass in October. But it is advisable to have woollen clothes around for the protection from unavoidable cold weather during surprise sessions of rain. During the winter season, it is completely covered with snow. So, if you are not comfortable with extreme cold, then kindly do avoid the cold winters. But if you do love the season, then do visit the place for its natural beauty during the season. The Nathu La pass weather will leave no stones unturned. The snow-laden mountains and rock-hard lakes will simply blow away your mind.      

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