Amritsar To Kullu Distance; Manali And Manikaran: Exploring Himalayas

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Exploring Kullu, Manali And Manikaran

Although Amritsar to Kullu distance is only 214 km if considering the aerial distance, the actual driving distance comes to 358 km. A drive of 7 hours approx is what you will require, that is, if your driving speed is not extremely steady. However, the roads are curvy at most points, so being steady is a smart option while covering the Amritsar to Kullu Manali distance by road. 

214 km distance doesn't sound much of a difference for time, but there is a difference of 8 mins as per the UTC. Located just beside the Beas river, Kullu is the main center of the Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh. The nicest things to experience in Kullu are the Great Himalayan national park, Raghunath, Bijli Mahadev Temple. Meanwhile, Manikaran is only 45 km from Kullu and 4 km from kasol, and lastly, Manali needs no introduction. It simply has overtaken every tourist hub to reach the top, especially among the youngsters. Kullu valley's northern end is Manali, where Ladakh begins. Also, from there, Spiti valley is a nearby spot. 

Amritsar to Kullu, Manali, and Manikaran

Himachal Pradesh is a nice place to travel to. There are several options for reaching Kullu, Manali, and Manikaran from Amritsar. They have the same pathway and only depart after reaching Kullu. When you travel by bus, the usual time travel is 7 hours until Kullu, provided your bus is operational at 50 km per hr. However, covering Manikaran, Manali, and Kullu to Amritsar distance via bus is unpredictable. Passengers nor drivers themselves can guess what might happen during the trip -roadway blockages, delays by co-passengers, or some other unavoidable sudden events. Starting price for a bus ticket is 268 Rupees and increases based on the bus type and amenities available. You can also drive your car, or take the Amritsar to Kullu taxi. No train connects the places or anywhere near Amritsar, so a bus is the only way. However, you can cover the Amritsar to Kullu distance through flights to Bhuntar, which is only 30 min distant approx from Kullu. 

From Amritsar to Manali, it takes 11 ½ hours at a good speed, and it has the longest road time amongst the three. The cheapest bus option is Hrtc, a government bus and the fastest one. You can again drive on your own from Amritsar, or book a taxi. However, taxis don't generally provide direct service to Manali, and you'll require to take up another bus from Mandi. 

Lastly, to reach Manikaran, you can reach within 8 hours but might end up needing more time since the road ahead of Kullu is more narrow and curvy. If coming by bus, you can come from Amritsar to Chandigarh, then another bus to Hamirpur and a taxi till Manikaran. This method saves a lot in cash but is a sheer wastage of time. Approximately 15 hours, 4 hours extra, is wasted in this method of reaching Amritsar to Manikaran sahib distance. Otherwise, ride to Kasol on a bus and trek the rest.

Places in between Amritsar to Kullu distance

No one can drive 7, 10, or 11 hrs peacefully with no breaks on the way. For an easement of commuters covering Amritsar to Kullu Manali distance, the businesses of several food dhabas and hotels help out. Not just any regular dhabas, but some great 4-star once, picnic spots, pilgrimages, and gas stations open 24 hours when vivid restrictions are lifted. 

You can even check out the places using Google maps to understand how things are. However, Google Maps doesn't contain everything, so it's suggested that you don't rely 100% on it but only catch up on the idea. 

Also, if possible, do check out other sites from Kullu as that of kasol and Manikaran Sahib. Those are superb places to visit. Amritsar to Manikaran sahib distance is only 8 hours, which is only 1 hour further from Kullu. 

Modes of transport

Modes of transport include flights, buses, and taxis. Unfortunately, the railway option to reach most places in Himachal is out of the cut, and so is to reach Kullu and rest. The nearest airport in Amritsar is Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport, and the nearest airport in Kullu is Bhuntar airport. There are fewer direct or no Bhuntar to Amritsar flight and vice versa. Connecting flights take up to 6 hrs of time to reach the needful destination. 

A disadvantage with flights is that you don't get direct flights very easily. Even the connecting ones cost a heartbeat, around 13,000+ INR on average. Also, either way, you have to catch up with a taxi to finally reach Kullu, Manali, or Manikaran from the airport. While on the bus, it'll directly drop you at the asked destination.  

Several airlines cover Amritsar to Kullu distance, such as Go Air, Air India, Indigo, Jet Airways, and Spicejet. From all, Go Air has the nicest option. 

Even the options in Volvo buses are vast. There are a few to name - Zingbus, Redbud, Laxmi Holidays, Hrtc - etc. Hrtc is the most affordable, while Volvo buses charge a larger amount. You can book your bus covering the distance between Amritsar to Kullu Manali and Manikaran through the official websites and Paytm. You don't need a KYC Paytm account to execute bus ticket bookings, and any usual Paytm account can do it with a working credit card. 


 The place that is completely world-renowned for the magic cream 'hashish' is truly magical, not just by the herb but also by nature. From Amritsar, there are several nearby famous places like Jaisalmer, Delhi, Agra, and Ludhiana. However, what Himachal has in the book, nothing has. The time travel between Amritsar to Kullu distance, Manali and Manikaran is a concern for many tourists. It's not false that 7 - 11 hrs of traveling seated in a particular place is no joke. But for a good thing to occur, bad days are necessary. So endure the Amritsar to Kullu distance of 7 hrs, Manali of 11 hrs, and Manikaran of 8 hrs, to enchant your hearts with the beauty of the happiest trip. 

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