What is so amazing about Ananthagiri hills, old yet so popular

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Nature Lovers and Explorers.

This article will let you explore one of the amazing explorable and close to nature places “Ananthagiri Hills”.

Why Visit Ananthagiri?

Ananthagiri Hills are located in Telangana at Vikarabad District. The water flowing from these hills goes to Hussain Sagar and Himayat Sagar.One of the densest green areas in Telangana.One of the old habitat areas. Different and ancient caves, medieval rough fort structures, and temples show the beauty and sacredness of the place.

List of Places Near This Place

  • Ananthagiri Temple
  • Kotipalli Reservoir
  • Tyda Park
  • Bhavanasi Lake
  • Musi River
  • The Bora Hills and Caves
  • Coffee Plantation
  • Gaikonda Viewpoint
  • Katiki Waterfalls
  • Tribal Museum

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple and its Mystery

This Temple is Famous all over India not just for being a religious place but because of the mystery that lies here. It is heard by some old monks and People that a huge treasure is hidden after the seventh gate of the underground massive area of the temple.

It's been a long time since the high court ordered the trustees of the temple to open those gates. Gate was opened and brought huge amounts of money to the government treasury but the last gate was still sealed and no one from the priest group was able to open the gate. Then, in 2011 D P Sunderajan appealed to open the gates, died after being suffered from illness for a long time. And just like this many more incidents were reported until trust and high court ordered not to try to open the gate for the sake of living. Its been heard that the last gate of that treasure holding underground is sealed with some mantra “Mentioned in the Hindu Mythology” and known as Ashtanga Band Mantra”.People believe that there is a lot of treasure that can remove the total poverty of India and it is also believed that only a pure devotee of Lord Vishnu will be able to open that gate. But, for now, it's been sealed for always.

Kotipalli Reservoir

This place will bring a smile to your face and will give you a good touch of nature too. This place is 20 km away from the Ananthagiri. If you are a fan of sunset or sceneries this place in the evening will reduce all your fatigue and will provide happiness to you with peace to the eyes. You can enjoy “Kayaking” there. This place near Hyderabad is so famous and always attracts tourists.

Tyda Park

Hey, Reader!

Do you love Rock Climbing?

You just said yes?

And what about target shooting, Birds view.

Sounds Interesting?

Of Course, it is.

But, to experience all this you need to travel to Tyda Park.

This is an amazing, completely nature-friendly place with many animals, birds you may think to see are here.

Bhavanasi Lake

Are you aware of the word Holy?

This place will let you feel that word. This lake originates from Nallamala Hills. This lake is completely surrounded by greenery.

You can even turn your mind to reach Ahobilam as this place is an attractive stoppage in the middle of the way to Ahobilam.

The Bora Hills and Caves

One of the largest caves in the country read its name as “The Bora Hills and Caves”.These are located on the east coast of India in the Ananthagiri Hills of the Araku Valley. These are even the deepest caves in India. Nothing much can be explained about the unstructured caves but, experience going there will be amazing can be assured.

Coffee Plantations

Are you thinking of visiting Ananthagiri after reading so much that these hills are surrounded by too many tourist stoppages? Well, then I must tell you about one more of those stoppages. Coffee lover? No, visit this place and that smell will make you fall in love with coffee. That smell through those coffee plant leaves is spread in a very huge area and is the same as those plantations.

Katiki Waterfalls

The breeze flowing through the water flowing from some rough rock and bringing the breeze with droplets.Seems like this article reads of heaven. And this place can make you feel like that in real. Yes,

Katiki Waterfalls located in Andhra Pradesh at Visakhapatnam. This river flows from the Gosthani River.

So, these are some places you must visit in upcoming times.

Comment Down after reading all which places you are making a combo to visit with Ananthagiri Hills.

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