Best Beaches in Goa

Srishti GuptaMay 4 . 5 min read

In the small coastal state of India, Goa is a tourist destination for people who treasure the tropical climate, music, dance, art, and bustling nightlife. Goa is a holiday destination for couples, families, or bachelors the same as it has historical stories to tell, forests to explore, beaches to surf, and nightlife to enjoy dancing and drinks. Here are some of the best beaches that you can visit to enjoy the nightlife of the state. 

1.    Baga Beach

Baga beach is famous for its watersports and nightlife that attracts thousands of tourists every year. This beach stays awake the whole night and it is also known as the hometown of parties and nightlife in the state. The Baga beach has the reputation of having mouth-watering food, designer shops, late-night parties, having music all night long, and adventure sports. This is one of the best places to visit in Goa if you are looking to enjoy having a party ad clubbing. Baga beach is also filled with foreigners as the coastline stores attract tourists from all over the world. The beach has paddle-boarding, tattoo shops, discos, fishing, and many other exciting ventures. The Baga town is surrounded by the Baga river and at this beach, the sea meets the river making it much more of a beautiful sight to behold. In the deep blue ocean, dolphins can also be spotted and many spotting trips are organized by the local community for the tourists. 

2.  Candolim Beach

Candolim beach has won many hearts over the years for its adventure sports, amusement options, nightlife, and tranquil ambiance. This beach has many adventures that can surely be enjoyed by you and your friends that including Bumpy Banana Ride. There are instructors and guides to help you on this ride and make sure you have a good time. This beach is filled with various clubs and five-star hotel parties that are known for their frenzy crowd. As per your need and requirement, you can find a dance floor outdoor or indoor with a bar and music to go with it. The drinks that are available on these beach has a varied range from local fenny to unique cocktails. The golden sand of the beach and the seafood with complement the partying and drinks perfect for a fun night in the state. This is also famous for the New Year party that brings a huge crowd to the beach. 

3.  Anjuna Beach

This beach is situated on the west coast of Goa which suits all kinds of vacations from lavish to budget-oriented to family-focused or having a fun time with a squad. This beach is stretched from the golden coastline and is filled with many hotels and trendy nightclubs. It’s a paradise in Goa with its water activities like banana rides, bungee jumping, parasailing to multidimensional entertainment that includes drinking and partying. This beach also has a wide range of restaurants that provides you with local seafood to enjoy the cuisine of the place. This beach also has many clubs that are not just affordable but has great ambiance and amazing food. The nightclub is usually under the sky making it much more intoxicating. 

4.  Morjim Beach

This beach is also known as “little Russia” where every year thousands of Russian tourist visits and enjoy the carefree life of the state. This beach is located in North Goa and has also adapted to the wide range of Russian tourists and the local restaurants and pubs have edited some of the menus and signs in Russian. It is filled with bars and pubs that have unique drinks and authentic Goan cuisine. This beach is best for relaxation. Its sandy outdoor and tranquil environment makes this a perfect hub to just cherish the moments in the state. The nightlife of this beach is truly impeccable. The clubs are distinctive and in the club, you will find the pan Asian influences. The music is always heard in the clubs of these beaches as it is known for uplifting the mood. Many clubs in the beach area are known for partying late at night. There are clubs like Ciel Goa, and Bora Bora that has a groovy dance floor and amazing outdoor that you will instantly fall in love with. This is the perfect place for setting the mood just right for partying. 

All the beaches are the main attraction of the state one more important aspect that Goa has its reputation for it is its markets that are situated on each and every beach and provide with something unique to carry back home with fond memories. If you are in Goa you must visit such flea market that has a huge variety of items that you can bring back home. These beaches and parties will be remembered by the souvenir brought back home. 


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