Best options in hotels with private pool in Bangalore: One day trip options

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Hotels with private pool in Bangalore: overview

Bangalore is known for its job sector needful of burdens. Enduring a stressful week, and now you have no idea where to follow up for a relaxed evening? Well, try hotels with private pool in Bangalore this weekend. 

Moreover, residing in Bangalore is a very hectic concept. And the chaos is a big disguise in itself. As a runaway from life, a short outing to a hotel and its pools sounds good. So, here are a few hotels with swimming pools near me in Bangalore to chill and enjoy: 

Clarks Exotica Convention Resort & Spa

Clarks exotica starts at Rs 8,561 and is located just a couple of km distant from the airport. The luxury resort is surrounded by its expensive amenities and a 70-acre spread garden filled with greenery. Truly, Clarks Exotica Convention Resort & Spa is a 5-star resort compelled with 100% luxury interiors and exteriors. And yes, the pool is the main highlight here, the view of which can be taken by its restaurant.  

Holiday Inn Bengaluru Racecourse

Holiday Inn Bengaluru Racecourse is a 4-star resort near Bangalore palace and the Turf Club. As far as the reviews are concerned, past racecourse visitors limit the resort as one of the best resorts or hotels with a private pool in Bangalore. The modern rooms are so beautiful that you wish to come back once every weekend. Prices start at Rs 2,360 after good discounts. There are also options for nine 5-star rooms within the racecourse itself. 

Shreyas Yoga Retreat

Shreyas Yoga Retreat is yet another getaway option, rates starting at 39,000 onwards. The Shreyas retreat includes Ayurveda therapies in its package to offer you the VIP feel. The garden area is the most appealing and is 25 acres area-wise. Rooms are within a cottage but aren't any traditional cottages. They have a nice fragrance with art-deco interiors. Outdoor is the area for pools and trek. However, 5-star room availability is only three; therefore, book before your go. Rest given, the retreat is undoubtedly one of the best cottage hotels with private pool villas in Bangalore.

Taj Bangalore

Out of all the famous hotels in Bangalore, Taj Bangalore stands out. The best thing is that the interiors are desi styled with cozy giant beds. Price rates are much worth it considering their hospitality and the room offers. There's also a large pool for a dip-in. Apart from that, you can also take further relaxation from the hotel spa. The cuisine they have included in their menu includes Indian, Chinese, and Japanese. Even the location of Taj Bangalore is prime- just opposite to the airport, making it one of the most chosen resorts near Bangalore airport. 

Wonderla Resort

Wonderla Resort is a popular 4-star resort, much recommended if you are on a budget. The prices start from Rs 5,900, extremely exclusive for what it offers- beautiful swimming pool and fine dining options. 

Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Center

Another resort with swimming pool is the Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Centre. The resort of 8 acres is mostly filled with the beauty of trees and a large pool that comes in the center. There are four 4-star booking options, starting at Rs 5,600, with each room having a living room attached. With that price, the resort comes as one of the best budget hotels with private pool in Bangalore. You may also choose Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Centre for weddings and other parties, as the 5,500 sq ft hall is enough to cater to thousands of people.

Goldfinch Retreat

The Goldfinch retreat is more than just a 4-star resort with rates starting tarting Rs 6,500. The total area is covered to beautify in and around the 36-acre neighborhood, with rooms having seating areas in some of them and compulsory safes. Goldfinch retreat is just perfect for swimming down at the swimming pool in Bangalore with the fine dining restaurant, open-air, with a Sylvan taste at reasonable rates. 

Ramee Guestline Hotel Bangalore

This 4-star hotel is also a decent choice for hotels with private pools in Bangalore, the price of which begins with Rs 2,686. Ramee Guestline is more like a family-friendly hotel, and 5 acres big with basic facilities of spa, massage, sauna, pools, and gym. 

Shilhaandara Resort

There are several resorts near me with swimming pool in Bangalore but proceed with Shilhaandara for uniqueness. The resort is nothing of an ordinary location but mostly based on an adventure like the zipline. Shilhaandara resort has the longest zipline in South India. There are jacuzzis and private pools included in a few packages on the resort. Prices are nominal, and you can claim a hotel room with private pool in Bangalore at Shilhaandara starting with Rs 1,000 only as of the basic rate. 

Palm Meadows Club

Just as the name Palm Meadows Club sounds, the reality is as pretty as possible and makes it one of the poshest hotels with private pool in Bangalore. All of its 5-acre areas are boosted with an environmentally friendly environment. Rooms are well decorated in a wooden touch. Other plausible amenities include a patio and living rooms with inexpensive packages. Prices are Rs 5,500 for the basic rooms. Along with the pool, customers of Palm Meadows can enjoy the spa, smooth cocktails, game rooms, and Indian cuisine, among others. 

Ritz Carlton Bangalore

Ritz Carlton in Bangalore has mind-blowing architecture and interiors. The 5-star retreat makes residents happy to be living life in Bangalore. From the paintings to the decors used and furniture, elegance is shown. The retreat furthermore has an exclusive spa and great dining hall. Starting at Rs 9,359, Ritz Carlton Bangalore is a nice retreat and one of the luxurious hotels with private pool in Bangalore. 


Serai Chikmagalur

Searching for private pool resorts in Bangalore with the best natural view? Serai will have it all. 

Serai Chikmagalur is located in a hill station of Karnataka, named Chikmagalur, near Bangalore (3 hrs away). Chikmagalur, just how it is known worldwide for its coffee, is also known for the Serai resort. Serai is a resort with private pool, notable for the coffee, extremely green landscape, jacuzzi, etc. The prices go parallel with the amenities and start at Rs 24,000. 


Hotels with private pool in Bangalore can be nice short holidays for people in the city. The idea is that people in Bangalore have less time for themselves after such a stressful time at work. Karnataka's capital, Bangalore, is an IT hub and a much-enhanced part of the country. 

It comes naturally for each of us to think that maybe the area is not suitable for tourism. However, the truth is otherwise, and Bangalore offers great tourism. The only reason why choosing a short trip to a hotel with swimming pool can be an effective deal is 'time.' If you are rich in time, extend your vacations to more places!

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