Best places to visit in philiipines

Rumela BiswasJul 25 . 7 min read

Best places in Philippines: Find your peace while roaming around the land of islands and skyscrapers 

Life is all about experiences and you just can’t miss out on traveling in that case. Isn’t it true? Yes, from the corner of your heart, you all agree that traveling is one of the best forms of learning. Most of you may have a dream to travel the whole world and see their different cultures, lifestyle, food, and languages. And when we are talking of the world, what is the best place than Asia and subsequent South-east Asia. A true travel lover will love all forms of places, including mountains, tropical and even metropolitan ones and for that Philippines is one of the appropriate choices. We are here to help you in planning everything you need to know about the best cities in philippines along with the most beautiful city in philippines that will stay in your heart and soul for a long time.

Philippines will never let you down even if you visit several times. The primary reason behind this is the craziest number of islands present here. Yes, you won’t believe that even if you visit 4-5 times, still you might not cover its 7,000 islands and senorita is one of the most prominent ones. Although many don’t know exactly where is senorita island located for their help, we have come here to give details about the best places in Philippines that will be a good refreshing spot for many hectic tiring souls.

  Philippines stans as the best retirement paradise with sheer interesting facts. There are three main island clusters named Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, respectively which represent the various regions within the country. The sole reason is its geographical location and because Philippines is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, you can witness some of the best beaches and islands. Senorita island has always managed to grab the attention of travelers and if you want to know where is senorita Island located then stay right here with us. One of the best places in philippines , Senorita Island is located in Puerto Princesa and will keep you mesmerized with its scenic beauty and clear bluish water and if you are still in doubt then go through the senorita island images. So, as you now know where is senorita island located, so now you can easily plan a trip if you are looking for retirement paradise locations. Situated in Southeast Asia with Manila as philippines capital name, the cost of living in manila is cheaper than 67% of the countries in Asia.

If you try to search for the most beautiful city in philippines then Bohol might come primarily. Have you ever thought about seeing a Chocolate hill? Haha, not actual chocolate, but rather the brown chocolaty colored grass during the dry season that gave its name. Here at the private sanctuary, you can visit the tarsier monkeys as well whereas if you are a lover of historical and colonial feel then roam around the streets of Manila, which ranks among the best places in philippines.

 Many adventurous souls have already fantasized the life on the island and even many of you might have already tried to gather information about Philippines but do you know there are many other beautiful and lesser-known mysterious islands. We, being your travel guide for today will take you on a journey where you will know about the best places in philippines which are a sheer treat to your eyes.

  1. Manila 

Manila, being the philippines capital name is known for its gleaming skyscrapers touching high amidst the buzzing posh lifestyle of the city. With its charming and glorifying rich life, people often think that the cost of living in manila would be increasingly high. But, living in Manila for a day will cost you as low as US$8 or P400. Take a troll through this place and you can understand a lot about its culture which is itself a great learning experience. Museums, churches, cemeteries, all of these you can find here along with some yummy collection of appetizers. Being the capital, Manila will always pop up while searching for philippines tourism images but it’s not the sole place where one can experience the eco hotels and lavish villas. 

2.    Tagaytay City 

It’s obvious to visit Manila while traveling to Philippines but don’t take a backward journey as all you need is to take a two-hour road trip to one of the best cities in philippines. Tagaytay city is located in the province of Cavite and is known as the hidden spot of South Manila. Filipino culture is very much prominent here which will bring you some tastiest Filipino dishes as well which you can munch on while taking a stroll through the shopping centers, lush green vegetation, and Taal Volcano. 

3.    Baguio city 

The summer season is torturous for Asians and if you are newly married, then nothing can be more romantic than visiting Baguio city, the coolest honeymoon spot in Philippines. Adventurous lovers get geared up to trip to the mountain town amidst the snow-capped beauty. Take out some time amidst your busy schedule to plan a trip to one of the most beautiful places in Philippines that is equally family-friendly. Youngsters will be most excited to know that your family trip won’t turn into a boring one for you as here you can find ziplining, and trekking along with a walk through the ghost-hunting missions. 

4.    Cebu 

Cebu has a lot of cultural and historical importance which drips down while we glance at its ancient landmarks including Fort San Pedro and many others. Tourists even term this city as the port capital containing as many as 150 islands and islets which brings this among the most beautiful places in the philippines. Mt. Busay located here will give you a spectacular view of Cebu, one of the best cities in philippines. 

5.    Puerto Princesa 

The world is ever-changing and with this, many new mesmerizing places are spurring up. Puerto Princesa is one such best place in philippines which has recently been voted to get added to the latest seven wonders of the world. You might have come across the name Senorita but do you know that there is an island named after this. If you are wondering about senorita island in which country then, all you have to take a visit to Puerto Princesa which is also ranked among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Once you go through the senorita island images, you will surely fail to hold back from visiting this gorgeous place and you never know when you come across some underground hidden caves. 

Philippines is a land of everything that holds the power to satisfy a wandering travel lover. Starting from islands, beaches, and cityscapes to mountainous rainforests, you can find a whole bunch of amiable faces smiling with warm generosity that’s going to soothe your heart. Tourism is rich here and you can find eye-catchy touristry spots as well if go through the Philippines tourism images. Palawan is one such paradise location where you can choose for staying as well along with the fact in mind that it ranks among the best cities in philippines. Not only this but if you’re wondering about the famous senorita island in which island, then Palawan is all here to bring you up to the location.

Pack up your bag and allow your wandering soul to get some peace sitting at the island shores, enjoying the best sunsets of your lifetime. Roam around the best cities in philippines and live a life that you’ve always dreamt of. 

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