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A small town on the banks of Bhagirathi-Hooghly River, RAICHAK, is a beauty spot 50 km from Kolkata. The place is situated very close to Diamond Harbour, mostly famous for sea-fishing in Bengal. The journey from Kolkata to Raichak offers an interesting sight of the suburban market along the way. There are many more places to visit in Raichak including these.

Raichak Visiting Places

Raichak is more than just a location. Raichak fort was built to save travelers from pirates. Raichak on Ganges is a beautiful tourist spot with a collection of hotels, spa, resort, and theme-based country homes beside the river Ganges. It is the perfect luxurious destination. Taking long walks around the river and resort, it is an excellent place for nature lovers to visit.

Not only Raichak on Ganges, but there are also many more places to see in Raichak. 

Some places to visit in Raichak :

  • DIAMOND HARBOUR is built on the point where the Hooghly River meets the Bay of Bengal. A warm and humid environment and beach like scenery, which makes it the perfect tourist spot and fabulous Raichak picnic spot. You can spend your entire day on the banks of the Hooghly River, there are also boats on which you can take the trip around the region.  The best time to visit is between October and March. One due to autumn weather and second it is the festival seasons. So, you also get to see the festivals of Kolkata.
  • CHINGRIHKALI FORT - Built by Portuguese, though in ruins, still has a stunning view to catch. One can see the river stretched across the back. This is one has a spectacular view and is a good place to visit in Raichak.
  • FORT RADISSON - It was built by the Britishers to keep a check on the River Hooghly for any sign of pirates. Later on, it was redeveloped into the deluxe Hotel. It gives the mixed value of comfort to its guests, becoming one of the Raichak tourist spot.

Fort Radisson

  • ASHRAM OF RAMAKRISHNA - It is also near Diamond Harbour and the scenery near the Aashram makes it even more beautiful. It is famous among local people. You can also go and sit inside the Aashram and can talk to priests. Some people come to relax and this is one of the good places to visit in Raichak for them, to find peace of mind.
  • JOYNAGAR - It is one of the Raichak tourist spot, which has flourishing local markets selling handicrafts. It is one of the most ancient cities near Raichak. It has various 
  •  LIGHTHOUSE AT DIAMOND HARBOUR - Built a few decades ago, it still guides unbounded ships at night.                            
  • GADIARA - It is also one of the most famous Raichak picnic spot. Here, one can enjoy each kind of Bengali food.
  • If one plans the Raichak tour, then they should not forget to visit the most amazing restaurant SONAR TORI. It is a restaurant with stunning interior design, vintage furniture, traditional food servings, and wooden tables with a Bengali touch in every sense. Artifacts greet the visitors. Sonar Tori Raichak is a must-go places to visit in Raichak.

Visiting Bengal and not having Bengali cuisine is really not a good experience. Sonar Tori is perfect if one wants to have delicious Bengali food in the traditional way with a great interior. Sonar Tori means "Golden Boat", located near Ganga Kutir, on the banks of the Ganges. The roofs of the restaurant are covered with the writings of 'Rabindranath Tagore'.

Entering Sonar Tori guests are served in the old bell metal utensils. Delicious food is accompanied with delightful desserts are served in true Bengali style. The chandelier hung is made up of old brass water jugs. Another room of the restaurant has comfortable low-sitting arrangments. This room is known as the "Sisha Room". Except for this, there are many other rooms representing the history of Bengal. The water bodies outside the restaurant give the additional touch to the landscape.

Sonar Tori is everything in respect with architecture, location, interiors and food.

Sonar Tori

  • HOOGHLY RIVER - Raichak is famous for its amazing view, hotels, resorts, and various picnic spots. Hoogly River is one of the picnic spot in Raichak. One can have a great time enjoying the beauty of nature and can even take a boat ride in the region. 
  •  MYSTERY ROOMS - It is one of the amazing places to see in Raichak.

These were the top 10 places to visit Raichak. There are many other things to do in Raichak and places to visit in Raichak like:

  • If one is fond of history, then they should visit GURUSADAY MUSEUM. It is also called the treasure house of folk art.
  • NEELDEEP GARDEN is also a picnic spot and the perfect place for relaxing and adoring the greenery of the garden.
  • Not only forts and museums there is also a cinema hub CITY CENTER HALDIA. Situated in Haldia it is best to check out new movies.
  • Raichak is a good place for sightseeing, photography with many things to explore around.
  • There are also Buddhist archaeological sites. Though finding them is a bit game of hide and seek, but one can find them with proper directions. The sites named are Dhosa and Tilpi.

Amazing hotels becoming the top places to visit in Raichak

  • Instead of forts, museums, or riverside views, the HOTELS of Raichak are themselves a great tourist spot. The interior of the hotels gives a luxurious feeling. The views from the hotels make them the top places to visit in Raichak.

Hotels like Ganga Kutir, The FFort Raichak near the Daimond Harbour.

The Golden Retreat near the City Center.

For more information, you can go to the link below:

  • Raichak is also a good place for one night stay with friends or families. The Ganges Villa Phase-I is the most visited weekend resort. It provides a huge pool and just a distance of 15-km to Diamond Harbour.
  • Raichak Garden Bungalow is another weekend resort. You can visit at any time of the year or to relax from your daily schedule. One can take Ferris rides from Raichak jetty and Nupur jetty to kukrahatti or gadiara. It has a beautiful garden to take walk and enjoy the scenery.

The best time to visit Raichak is usually between October and May as the weather is also not too harsh and one can enjoy the views of Raichak to the fullest with lots of places to see and visit. Beautiful gardens as a great picnic spot; forts, museums, and deluxe hotels act as a great tourist spot. Also, the big fish Market of Raichak, a lighthouse near the Diamond Harbour gives wonderful sunrise and sunset views.

Many people prefer coming to Raichak during weekends with their families or friends. With years Raichak has been a famous tourist attraction place. Reason being its location and many of the forts being converted into deluxe Hotels. There are several hotels near every tourist spot. So, there will not be any inconvenience to you. You can go to Raichak by Air, Road or Railway. People usually visit Raichak to take a break from their daily lives and to relax in the fascinating view of Raichak.

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