Best resort in Mumbai for perfect weekend with your family

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Best Resort In Mumbai: Overview

A boring weekend isn't something we look into. But keeping everything spiced up is a hard game, and a person is very likely to run out of creative ideas on keeping oneself entertained. Next Saturday, why not try out weekend resorts near Mumbai? 

Mumbai is a much-developed city in India that is a crucial part of the nation's economy. Development errands also include the many 5-star resorts/hotels in and around Mumbai. Here is a detailed article on some of the best resort in Mumbai and around the city: 

Lake View Family Resort 

Igatpuri is a little hill station beside the city that never sleeps - Mumbai! Being a hill station, Igatpuri has some of the greatest views of nature and hosts nice weekend resorts near Mumbai. To name the first, Lake View Family Resort is finely styled by posh glasses with balconies that offer a 180° view of the Vaitarna lake. 

 Lake View Family Resort does have interesting activities, like boating and swimming. The presence of water bodies gives resort businesses an advantage in establishing water activities. If you have kids, invite them along, and they'd love the vibes there. Overall, it is one of the best weekend getaway resorts near Mumbai, without a doubt. 

Safari Stay in Karhandla

There are several resorts near Mumbai for family, and as far as the suitability goes, Safari Stay in Karhandla is just about fun and game! The location is pretty chilly, too, just beside a wildlife sanctuary amidst the dense forest. And despite being enclosed by a forest, there can never be a dangerous enclosure with wildlife. Safari Stay in Karhandla also comes as the best resort in the Mumbai environment; in terms of options. It dissipates available options in tents, villas, cottages, and spacings. Neither of them is short of comfort and luxurious decor. 

Golf Court Resort

Golf Court Resort is the right place if you're looking for unique weekend resorts near Mumbai. It has 18 hole golf course, something that's only seen in Golf Court Resort. The 5-star resort includes much of its luxurious feeling in each of its rooms with a splendid view of the ground. Amenities of the resort include the swimming pool, play area, a large gymnasium, and a spa. 

There are a lot of good resorts near Mumbai for family-friendly weekends, and Golf Court Resort is one of them. The play area of kids also is a 10/10. Apart from the slides and swings, the park is also monitored well by a group of staff. 


Alibaug is yet another option as the best resort in the Mumbai neighborhood, praising reviews, and is both couple-friendly and family-friendly. If you are down on spending your weekend at Alibaug, dip in the resort's swimming pool, which is closely associated with a bar. Meanwhile, for kids, there is a separate section of the gaming zone and a library for them to pass their time. The correct address is Chondi Naka, with rates starting from Rs 4,000 for room bookings. Comparatively, it is one of the nicest weekend getaways near Mumbai resorts at such a reasonable price. 

Zara's Resort 

Nothing can compete with Zara's Resort to become the best resort in Mumbai for hospitality. It explains every bit of what luxury is, and with that, get some wholesome landscape beauty. The base price is approximately 3,500 Rs and will vary upon the demand, season, and type of room you want to book. There is also a conference room, for guests who'd want to organize a grand party here. Moreover, the restaurant serves yummy food items with diverse cuisine. So for anyone who tags along for food cravings, Zara's Resort shall be the most lovely weekend resort near Mumbai. 

Silent Hill Resort

Located just in the Vaitarna River, Silent Hill Resort is a favorable option for family resorts near Mumbai for weekend- without needing to shred much of a penny. Starting price for day-outs is just Rs 900, and with different activities, it will differ. Yes, activities are a must-thing in Silent Hill Resort. There are indoor and outdoor gaming options, such as zip-lining, mini train, night camping, and boating. It suggested that if you are up for weekend resorts near Mumbai to spend some quality time with family, including little kids, do keep Silent Hill Resort as a preference.

Mystica Resort 

Somewhere in Khandala and Lonavala is the Mystica Resort that is well-deserved in this article of best weekend resorts near Mumbai. You can grab a view of the neighboring ghats, private lake, and spas from each resort room. Moreover, Mystica is the best resort in Mumbai, having the finest spa experience alongside other routines like Ayurveda, yoga therapy, reflexology, and skincare therapies. There are several restaurants in the resort itself- Oriental, hill Rock cafe, seafood and grill, 90 degrees- to name some. The place is great for things like weddings and occasions such as anniversaries. 

Golden Swan Beach Resort

 Beaches are a fun way to experience joyous times of life, and Golden Swan Beach Resort is the correct entryway. Here you may avail of affordable cottages alongside the seashores of the resort, where you can also take up a few activities. And even the staff and its amenities are great, that you start to feel like the resort is your home sweet home. This Beach Resort belongs to one of the best weekend beach resorts near Mumbai to enlighten yourself for the weekend. The location, accurately to be told, is in Murad in Maharashtra. Depending on your selection, prices range from Rs 4000 and go up until Rs 13,000, depending on your selection. 

Mango Beach House 

Nearby Mumbai, you also see some unbelievable coconut plantations, and Mango Beach House counts amidst them. This weekend holiday resort near Mumbai is simply a nice option if you'd want to experience a nice private pool on your own. And best of all, the food here tastes extremely good. There are abundant mango trees to behold your patience and make you feel true beauty. There are also some rooms through where you'll get to know what a coconut garden seems like beside a pool that's all yours for the night. Supposedly, it is one of those best beach resorts near Mumbai for the weekend. Rates begin from Rs 10,000, through which you'll get the best of all. 

The Lagoona Resort 

The Lagoona Resort is a prominent place for the most social hostility in the city. The best thing about this resort is its friendly resort hostility and friendliness towards the environment. The same operator tries its best to motivate every participating contestant. The resort's swimming pool is just great to further count from nature. The restaurants are also great in terms of both ambiance and flavorful food with price rates beginning from Rs 4,000 and are located at the Gold valley sector D. There's no doubt that this place counts as one of the greatest weekend resorts near Mumbai for couples located in Lonavala.


Mumbai is where you can find some nice variations of encounters and friends. The place is also nice in a competition where you'll find various groups in common with racings and arrays, for those that want the experience of both luxury and fun at the same time. As an enjoyment to the mountains prevalent in today's world, top-notch resorts are simply a good option. The idea of weekend resorts near Mumbai for the family is a unique experience to take in, an ideal way to import some happiness while encountering a hectic lifestyle. 

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