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Since you are browsing here, you must be looking for When to visit El Nido. The Philippines, particularly El Dino in the Palawan Islands, have been growing as a tourist hub over the past years and are profitable as well.

Its soothing weather adds another set of perks to it. You can enjoy monsoons both in winter and summer. However, traveling to El Dino unprepared might end up in confiscations. It's always suggested that you check el Nido weather before beginning your trip. 

Here's a guide that you'll later thank yourself for reading: 

What's the best time to visit Palawan island Philippines? 

The best time of year to visit El Nido Palawan if you are not a rain lover would be November to May. But you also have to remember that March, April, and May get hot. El Nido weather during these months can go up to 41°C. 

December is arguably the best month of visit and also comes under the list of Palawan peak season.

Seasons of the Island 

In January, Palawan weather remains cold and calm with an average temperature noted at 28°C. Also, it receives rainfall which is recorded at 27 mm. There's not much change in February, except that the air is drier. 

Coming to March, there is a big difference in Palawan weather as compared to January and February. Most days are hot and Mercury goes up to almost 32°C sometimes. At nighttime, it can still be chilly at 25°C. Palawan temperature during April is almost similar to March, having temperatures between 25°C and 33°C, however, the humidity rises.  

The actual change happens in May when el Nido weather becomes unpredictable. It can also rain up to 6 days continuously. While in June, humidity even rises more and rains more often. Good thing is that temperatures in El Nido Palawan in June are still bearable. Once the month ends and locals enter July, they reach the rainiest month. They witness rain almost every once in two days with the El Nido July temperature staying at 27.2°C on average. 

There isn't a big change in August either. Weather in el Nido august only sees a change in rains becoming more intense, hot winds and temperature lowering a bit. As it comes down to September, the farewell of the southwest monsoon season starts. El Nido in September marks an average temperature at around 27°C. 

Once October comes, you get to witness a more pleasant atmosphere. El Nido weather is pretty chilly for the temperature recorded between 24°C and 31°C. Also, the month will have only about 8 days of rain.

Temperatures fall even more in November and all of Palawan Island including Puerto Princesa weather November facing a temperature fall at 28°C. December month is, as well, almost the same but with much lesser rain and the onset of the dry season. 

The basics of El Nido season are a must. You cannot travel without knowing what the season in a particular place is or the average temperature could be. It will simply end up as a messy trip. The weather is usually sunny, although the overall remark is pleasant and the average temperature is 22°C. 

El Nido in November is when the winter begins and the lowest temperatures are marked in January. The hottest and sunniest days are in April and May. 

Reasons for visiting El Nido, Palawan islands 

El Dino is renowned for the landscape and the praiseworthy biodiversity. Being a secluded island, it comes by nature to think that Palawan Island must be a typhoon-concerned area, but the reality is quite opposite. No el Nido peak season time has heavy rainfall with chances of zero typhoons. 

Along with it, tourists also enjoy scuba diving. Firstly, water visibility is great and scuba diving including all other activities that are associated with water is much easier due to its low current. Relating to the Palawan weather, the water temperature is also soothing as well with anywhere around 24°C and 26°C. 

How to reach El Nido? 

The El Nido trip is quite affordable if you can manage. One thing that'll cost you more is the flight ticket taking you directly to your location. An alternative is to reach El Nido overland through Puerto Princesa. If you are interested in sightseeing the capital and other areas such as Amanpulo, then the best time to go to Amanpulo and rest is likewise. You can first visit these areas and lastly reach El Nido. Traveling will be by road and may also test your patience.

Road traveling on a very rainy day is troublesome. This is again why you must keep track of el Nido weather at least a week earlier. And if you do not want to stress in a public vehicle on a rainy day, you can try flying through the domestic flight but that again comes at a cost. 

Therefore, if you are on a budget and don't want to unnecessarily get damp, always check out the Palawan weather beforehand. 

Things you'll need at El Nido Palawan islands

The prime fashion tool throughout the island is light clothing. As already it has been mentioned earlier regarding the Palawan weather, you should carry comfy cotton clothes mostly. 

For shoes, flip-flops will be great. And observing widely, not many people deal themselves in shoes but rather in flip flops. There are two main reasons for the same - first, Palawan rainy season or dry season and second, most tourists are there to enjoy the sandy beach.

All other gears needed for diving can be rented out and suggested not to be brought. 

Note: Regardless of the El Nido weather and season, make sure to carry an umbrella. 

Knowing more about El Nido island 

Given that the rainy days are mostly unpredictable, Palawan weather is trackable and you only need to choose your visiting month wisely. From its weather to landscape, to touristy areas, to water currents, each makes up a great spot and therefore makes up for why the island has been ranked as the best destination in the whole world. Even the rainy days of unpredictable Palawan weather gives a whole different experience of its own that each must take with them- especially those who love rain. 

El Nido in total has about 45 islands with islets included. All of these islands are made of their uncommon landscape. Good thing is that El Nido weather in each remains quite exact to one another. And abiding by the beauty of the area, innumerable tourists from around the world make up the island. Especially in Palawan best time to go during peak season, you'll see more foreigners than the locals. 

Final thoughts

Most tourists are likely to visit El Nido and Palawan in January. It is obvious considering that the time is just perfect. Most people enjoy their holidays during this time and to it, the perfect El Nido weather adds another reason.

However, as you go there, do not keep high expectations from the town as they are still developing and yet to boost their infrastructure. But each area is worth a visit. Combating the Palawan weather, specifically on rainy days, tourists still go and relax during all months of the year. The island has grown into a full tourist spot. 

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