Best Time To Visit Havelock Island.

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Havelock is arranged around 42 km upper east of Port Blair. The island was named after English General Sir Henry Havelock. This island is the most sought-after traveler objective in Andaman.

The organization has supported the travel industry on this island with the fundamental spotlight on the eco-the-travel industry. The complete populace of around 8000 individuals is spread across six towns in Havelock.

Renowned for its flawless sea shores, easygoing hotels, and jumping destinations, the most visited island in India's Andamans is a safe house for earth disapproved of voyagers. Also known for being the largest Island of Andaman and Nicobar.

Heaven can be seen as not excessively far from the hurrying around of India's thickly populated urban areas. Considered the gem of India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Havelock Island is a small segment of land encompassed by the unmistakable waters of the Andaman Ocean, bringing about miles of continuous shore, frequently populated by meandering elephants.

Whether you're hoping to sunbathe and paddle in shimmering, turquoise shallows, or take a shot at water sports like scuba plunging or kayaking, prepare to encounter probably the most eminent white-sand, palm-bordered sea shores in Asia - and the world.

Why Visit Havelock Island?

Like a less popular Galapagos, the Andamans are home to a dazzling cluster of biodiversity. You'll track down north of 5,000 creature species, from imperiled sperm whales to a little, red-peaked bird known as the Andaman treepie.

 Effectively reachable by confidential voyage or government ship, the sun-doused island is home to the incredibly attractive Radhanagar Ocean side, lavish mangrove backwoods that can be visited by boat, and rainbow-shaded submerged coral, making this a swimmer's heaven.

Note that there's no nightlife on this island, and it's the ideal spot for a computerized detox - you'll be unable to track down respectable web and telephone inclusion.

How To Reach Havelock Island?

How To Reach Havelock Island from Port Blair?

Havelock Island To Port Blair can be reached via Ocean and Air, notwithstanding, the most straightforward method for making a trip to Havelock would be by the Ocean. Private and Government ships work from adjoining islands (Port Blair and Neil Island).

In any case, we suggest private ships, as the booking is without bothering and doesn't need holding up in line, the equivalent can be reserved through us for a simple experience.

Havelock is associated with Port Blair through the ocean course. There are Government ships and confidential travels for Havelock from Port Blair. The public authority ship is essential for the local islanders and the extravagance travels are for the vacationers.

By and by travels that are working for Havelock are Makruzz, Green Sea, Nautika, Aashi, ITT Great, and Govt speed boats (can get govt ships are according to accessibility).

Transport from Port Blair to Havelock Island

Traveler Taxicabs:

Traveler taxicabs can be leased from Havelock wharf, there will be drivers holding up at the pier, if it's not too much trouble, know that they may be overrated and you could need to deal. If you are essential for a bundle visit, it will be remembered for the bundle.

2. Bicycle Rentals:

The most straightforward nearby vehicle in Havelock Island is by leasing a bike. You can enlist them consistently at roughly INR 500 every day. Fuel Stations shut by 5 pm, if it's not too much trouble, ensure you have sufficient fuel. Stay away from rainstorms as streets can get elusive.

3. Auto Carts:

Auto-carts are likewise accessible and cost around INR 50 to 200 for short rides and 700-1000 for an excursion to the Radhanagar Oceanside.

4. Public Vehicle:

Spending plan voyagers can settle on shared jeeps and public transport for the drive inside Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island).

Best Time to Visit Havelock Island

The Andaman Islands experience gentle winters and blistering summers, making it a nearly all-year objective to visit. From October to February, you can appreciate temperatures from 30-35C (86-95F) - ideal for partaking in the unspoiled sea shores.

Jumpers and swimmers can't turn out badly arranging an excursion whenever from October to May when submerged permeability is at its most clear. You'll need to stay away from the July to September rainstorm season, however, which brings relentless deluges, making for rough oceans and fewer vacationer administrations.


The climate in Havelock between October and May is the best season to visit for touring and outside exercises. On Havelock Island, the best opportunity to visit is the point at which the temperature and dampness are low, and permeability is high. Great atmospheric conditions are significant for water sports like scuba plunging and swimming.

Scuba jumping and swimming are the features of the pleasant Havelock Island and glass-lined boats that permit a slip top into the marine life. Since this is additionally the rush period, lodging costs and flight tickets will be costlier than expected, and consequently reserving them something like a month and a half in advance is prudent.


The storm season all through Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a period of weighty precipitation, cyclonic climate, and low permeability. Also, for Havelock Island, explorers who are enthusiastic about touring and water sports ought to avoid the wet season.

Different visits and outside exercises get dropped close to this time, because of unfortunate weather patterns. Notwithstanding, this is the best chance to visit Havelock Island if one is searching for a loosening up getaway and familiar remaining inside.

For the most part spending plan voyagers, hikers and pilgrims visit Havelock around the storms, as the sea shores are less packed and different limits and offers can profit at lodgings and eateries.

Some additional information



·      HAVELOCK TO NEIL ISLAND FERRY PRICE – Rs 50 for grown-ups and Rs 20 for kids.

·      ANDAMAN FERRY TIMINGS – Andaman to Havelock ferry takes place between 8:00 A.M. TO 9:30 A.M.

·      About the Andaman Jio Network – Jio services have not yet reached Andaman. They are providing 4G network services by their Reliance Infocom structure.


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