Best Trek in Parvati Valley Kheerganga trek

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaJul 2 . 5 min read

Parvati valley is situated in the Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. This is an ideal destination for trekkers and tourists. The best trek of Parvati Valley is Kheerganga Trek. People just love the experience of trekking to this place and don’t want to miss it if they visit Himachal Pradesh. The bath in the Water spring(Hot) and milky water of Kheerganga waterfall is the major drive for people towards Kheerganga.

Where exactly is Kheerganga?

There is a hamlet named Kasol in the Kullu district. Kasol is situated on the long banks of the river Parvati. Kheerganga, a village in the dense Parvati Valley, is about 20-22 kilometers from Kasol at an altitude of 2950 meters reached after trekking from Barshaini village in Kasol.

What is Kheerganga so famous for?

As its name suggests, its water is as white and as sweet as the Indian sweet dish ‘Kheer’ and Ganga named after pious Ganga river. The name comes from its milky water flowing into the Parvati Valley from every side of the mountain. The trek offers beautiful and astonishing views of the Mountains, with lush greenery all around, sites to camp, and memorable experiences for trekking for any trekker.

The location is considered to be mythologically very important. Many people believe that Lord Karthikey, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati had meditated here for a long Stories say that Goddess Parvati made Kheer( pudding) for Karthikey from the Kheerganga flowing in the valley. Later, Lord Parshuram thought about the Kalyug and people ready to fight with each other for it. So, he stopped the flow of ‘Kheer' and now only Hot Water is available there.

Planning a trip to Kheerganga

The best time considered to plan for the Kheerganga trek is from April to October. The weather remains very ideal during these months, skies are clear and also a very good time for camping.

To reach by air, Kullu Manali Airport is nearest but flights are limited. 

By bus, the nearest you can reach is Barshaini taking a bus from Bhuntar in Kullu only.

By Train, Joginder Nagar Station is the closest you can reach. After that, one can take a cab and reach Kasol in under 4 hours. 

There are various hotels to stay in, which can be booked online. A link to a website is attached for reference.

A lot of cafes are also there in the trek route to relax for a while and some snacks. Some of the famous cafes are the Evergreen Café, Moon Dance Café, German Bakery, Sasi restaurant located in Kasol offering an unforgettable view of the beautiful Parvati river.

Many camping guides also provide you with a complete package of camping setup, guides, meals including breakfast and dinner.

How to reach Kheerganga?

To reach the point of start for trekking to Kheerganga, you have to reach Barshaini village first by your private vehicle or a private/sharing cab. Barshaini is about 20kilometers distant from Kasol. From Barshaini, the beautiful trek of Kheerganga starts and completes after about 7 kilometers of trekking.

There are three popular trekking routes to Kheerganga:

1.Nakhtan Village

From Barshaini, take a left from the Hydel bridge which will lead you to Nakhtan Village. This route has views of the Chained Mountains and is ideal for photography. This route is along the left side of the river Parvati. This is the shortest trekking route and the most popular amongst all the trekkers.

2. Kalga- Pulga Village

From Barshaini, take a right to reach the Kalga village. This route is a little longer but an easier one compared to the other route. The route is covered mostly by dense forests and not very much scope for photography. 

This route passes through the Kalga and Pulga village where you can stay for a while and befriend the locals. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach Kheerganga by this route.

3.Via Tosh Village

 This route for the people who have already stayed in Tosh overnight and start trekking the next morning. Later on, it originally joins the Nakhtan village route. One will get to see the Tosh river here which finally meets the Parvati river.

Things to be cautious about in Kheerganga

1.You can hire a guide for clarity in the trekking route and stories about the intermediate spots.

2.It rains in the afternoon after 2, which makes it difficult to walk, so starting early in the morning at around 6:00 am will be good.

3. A few must-carry things are there for the trek like a backpack with two pairs of flip flops, torch or headlight raincoat, warm jacket, swimwear, travel soap, toilet paper, tissues, snacks, eco-friendly water bottle, and cash for an emergency.

4. While returning from Kheerganga, would be better to take a break in Tosh village overnight and then start for Kasol the next day in the morning.

5. It is better to behave responsibly and not throw any garbage around for the sake of Nature and to restore its beauty as it is.

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