Can Bangalore to Wayanad road trip be a fun one?

Stilchi MarakMar 3 . 7 min read

Wayanad sounds like any usual place, but contradictorily it isn't. It is a hill station of Kerala and borders closely with Karnataka. Likewise, it remains nearly 5 hrs distant from Bangalore, giving a nice Bangalore to Wayanad trip. 

Wayanad to Bangalore distance 

The question is, who doesn't appreciate road trips? It's one of those plans that can neither go wrong nor turn out to be disappointing. Starting with the Bangalore to Wayanad road trip, there's so much to learn from it. Standing approximately 350 km from Bangalore, one would need at least 6 hours if driving slow; otherwise, 5 hours is adequate. You may also cover the Bangalore to Kerala distance by bus, as several public buses run through the route. Moreover, buses are a nice way to commute for a hectic-free trip. 

The roads are smooth, well developed, and maintained by the Highway Department, as the roads are met with tolls every other time- around 40 km. The traffic control is worth-appreciating, too, and planned well. There is a lot to observe on the road from Bangalore to Wayanad. As soon as you get closer to the ghats, the road starts narrowing, with the number of hairpins bends increasing further. 

It is suggested that you don't drive the way with no driving experience in between mountainous regions. Buses are great in such cases, with rates beginning from Rs 500. Usually, the buses take passengers through NH 275 and take approximately 7 hrs to reach. 

Bangalore to Wayanad by car best route

Three main routes from Bangalore to Wayanad are well-known. And if commuting via private vehicle, you can choose the best one for you. The first is the Mysore route, starting from Bangalore to Mysore through Srirangapatna and then to Wayanad via Kattikulam. Mysore to Wayanad road condition is a smooth pathway with lesser hairpin bends. The second one is the Coorg route, slightly longer than the rest. And the third one is from Somnathpur to Bandipur, which has Tiger Reserve Forest in the way. 

There is nothing like the best route from Bangalore to Wayanad by car as the three are equally good and meet at some point. 

Apart from the road, you may also take a flight to Calicut International Airport, which shall be a 65 Km trip from Wayanad. The Bangalore to Wayanad flight is operated by several airlines and can be booked within Rs 5,000. 

Night drive from Bangalore to Wayanad

When you drive through the road from Bangalore to Wayanad, travel in a way that you may reach halfway in sundown. If you do, you'll rightly know why. Once the nighttime is up, the absolute serenity changes into the next-level scenario. There's silence and calmness everywhere. 

And by the flow of the breeziness, you might think to speed up the accelerator, yet you mustn't. There are animal crossings in the way, and you'll also find signs instructing the same. If lucky, you'll also get to see some groups of animals. The most common ones to witness when traveling from Bangalore to Wayanad are the flock of deer and monkeys. 

What to expect while driving from Bangalore to Wayanad? 

Wayanad is a place full of flora and fauna and is a hilly green hub. That already sums up what you should expect while traveling from Bangalore to Wayanad. The road, especially the Mysore route, has complete wildlife to look for. There are deers, and in only a single sight, you may see 50 of them walking in a group across a point. Also, different species of deers and Elephants call the route from Bangalore to Wayanad home. Even birds that are rare to spot fly by. Unfortunately, the forest department does not allow passengers to stop by unnecessarily. While on your way from Bangalore to Wayanad, you will mostly be able to enrich the wildlife once you're close to Kerala. Also, forests cover up to most of the trip after Kerala. 

Tips while covering Wayanad distance

The journey's set to be tiring, considering how hectic the road gets from point to point. Covering Bangalore to Wayanad distance needs your preparedness beforehand. Here are a few tips that'll help your way out: 

  • Bandipur forest is open only from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm. So to avoid any fuss in between your Bangalore to Wayanad road trip, plan accordingly. Bandipur to Wayanad is 37 km away and needs approximately 1 hour of slow driving. Extremely speeding around the area is not entertained.
  • Although nighttime is a good thing to experience, animals come out mostly early in the morning. 
  • Take food with you. Better not to rely upon the forest area, as options are much limited. 
  • Even though stopping by is prohibited, do not intend it with your own will. Also, be careful if you are on a Bangalore to Wayanad bike ride. There are wild animals, which can sometimes get dangerous.
  • You can rent a bike/car upon reaching Wayanad, meaning you may hitch a bus and then rent whatever's suitable to you in your destination. 
  • To name a few from Bangalore to Wayanad places to visit, Pookot Lake, Kuruva Island, Palshipathalam, Chembra Peak, and sanctuaries come to mind. They are an attraction, and do visit them. If you have excitement in abundance, you should also check out Hunsur. Bangalore to Hunsur distance is approximately 4 hours, while Hunsar to Wayanad is 2 hours.
  • Wayanad to Bangalore and vice versa is a dangerous place to drive at. Take enough rest before starting the trip and never drink and drive. 
  • Take a look at Big trucks cutting through the Wayanad distance. Drive smart. Follow a truck as it'll provide you with a clear pathway (from animals). 
  • Even the cars that you drive should be in top-notch condition. Better it'd be if you take it for servicing before the trip.

When should you visit Wayanad? 

When the average temperature is between 10 - 25 °C, tourists determine it to be the best time for the Bangalore to Wayanad trip. It is the month of October till May we are talking about. It is still great if you love the monsoon season from June to September. But even though you love rain and monsoon, we can't tell the same thing about the Bangalore to Wayanad roadways and forests in between. 


All sorts of trips require planning ahead of time, and the road trip from Bangalore to Wayanad isn't different from the idea. The journey would require much bigger planings as the ghats are a narrow lane, and the wildlife encounter is unpredictable. Although wildlife isn't a big danger, the forest department has its own rules- which every tourist must follow. Such official rules, again, make preparing extremely crucial. 

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