Colombia Travel Cost

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Colombia Travel Cost: Overview 

Areas like Cartagena are high with prices in Colombia, while its neighboring states are much more affordable. On average, 65£ is enough for a day; that is if you know how to use it. How and where you spend it depends more than how much you have in your hand. 

When it comes to budget trips, Colombia can offer you a lot for the little price you pay. You can either choose to travel on a budget and enjoy a luxurious life, as well, in Colombia. Colombia travel cost will depend on the country you are flying from. Good thing is that most flights flying to Columbia are affordable. 

Yes, Columbia is cheap for trips. But do not be overconfident and carry less money. To give an idea about the expenses there and hint on how much is enough, this article will be of help on your next trip to Colombia. 

Is Colombia expensive to travel to? 

Columbia is cheap only if you know which region to travel to. The total cost and answer of how much to travel to Colombia will vary depending on how you would travel, where you are staying and where you eat. Rest assured, if you know the correct management, you'll simply kill the trip with a few bucks. 

Unlike other tourist hubs where only a week of stay burns a deep hole, 3 weeks in Colombia budget trip isn't going to hurt much. Firstly, on a long trip, it is obvious you aren't going to stay in one city but move around to the next. Going from city to the city comes as an affordable ride; that is if you choose to travel on a bus. 

There are local buses to guide you on shorter trips and for longer trips, a night bus can help you save time. There are several bus companies for such journeys. Key points to remember are bus terminals, their boarding and drop points. 

Colombia travel cost you more on flights than buses. Therefore, buses are the first preference and if you are worried about comfort, you are worrying for nothing. Buses are mostly run by private companies which ensure full safety, also keeping comfort in mind. 

Colombia travel cost: How much money should you have? 

More than half of the budget in any journey you plan goes to accommodation. You'll be happy to hear that a night at a decent hotel is available for only about 30£. And to keep overall Colombia travel cost low, try local street shops to treat your tummy. 

If you are more than just tight on budget, look for more affordable options in homestays. If 30£ in a few areas of Colombia is still high, you can do much better with the prices and cut it down to lower than 10£. And in case you chose Colombia for a luxury trip, set 100£ a day as your mark. 100£ will give you nights at luxury hotels, with food excluded. 

Colombia is popularly known for 3 weeks in Colombia budget and yes, because the country is very affordable, 3 weeks can easily be your duration of the trip. Ditch hotels, and rather look for hostels as alternatives. The advantage hostels have is that you'll have a higher probability of meeting new travelers there. The price of hostels for a night is anywhere between 6£ to 10£ a night. 

For solo travelers, hostels can be great. And as far as it goes for couples, hostels can still be nice but hotels shall be your go-to if privacy is the concern. 

Once you have sorted your stay, prepare what to take to Colombia. You can still buy things for cheap at local markets, but since the focus is 'keeping with the budget', try carrying your stuff from home. This way, you can avoid wasting unnecessary money. 

Colombia travel cost in accommodation

If you are on 3 weeks in Colombia budget, hostels shall be the first option you look for. 

As already mentioned above, hostels are a bargain. Other than hostels, if you look for a double room in a hotel, prices will range. At least £15 is needed per night if you want a decent and hygienic room. More luxurious rooms start for 60£. 

Another great way of reducing the Colombia travel cost is by booking ahead of time. Doing so will provide you with more options in both hotels and price ranges. Since most tourists are on a budget, the least priced rooms are booked in advance and may be over by the time you fly. Therefore, to avoid any fuss, make sure to take out time and book ahead of time. 

There are also Airbnb's you can look for. Although staying in an Airbnb can increase your Colombia travel cost, they are easier to access and book. 

Common expenses in Colombia 

In all of Latin America, Colombia is supposedly the most affordable- to both live and plan a trip to. Divide the Price travel Colombia into sections. Keep separate cash for flights, accommodation, and food. 

Again, nightlife comes affordable in Columbia. The country has some of the nicest nightlife and for what you pay, you receive a great night. Even the cost of alcohol is low. At pubs too, the extra cost of beer is relatively lower than how other countries' pubs do it. So you can still be on 3 weeks in Colombia budget and still enter pubs without needing to lose a lot of cash. A few pubs will also charge you an entry fee, which is mostly under £10. 

On a reversed scenario where you are not tied under 'weeks in Colombia budget trip', take extra cash only for pubs. For a good amount of cash, you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

Food and Mainstream dishes to try 

Once you have been to Colombia, you'll be amused by the European and Latin food popularity among the local options. Sit down at local restaurants if you want a flavor of true Colombian food. 

About the price, your 3 weeks in Colombia budget can go smoothly as the prices of food isn't about the expense and more about taste. In other words, the food is cheap. Only 1£ can do the work in a day if street foods are your method of survival. 

You can still experience the high prices of food in some extravagant food cafes. Indeed do experience them at least once on your weeks in Colombia budget trip. The same thing is about alcohol. A nice beer can be in your hands only for £1. Alcohol prices are cheap in a few areas and would cost you big bucks on posh pubs. 

Traditional foods of Colombia to try out are Empanadas, Arepas, Churros, Ajiaco, and Lechona. 


This article mainly focuses on weeks in Colombia budget trips. After browsing till here, you must now have a clearer idea of how cheap and extravagant the country is. So, the best you can do now is track your budget and how many days to stay. 

If you can calculate every point, your Colombia travel cost can come down in favor of yourself. So kudos if you can figure it out. 

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