Exploring Meghalaya nature beauty: 6 places in and around Shillong

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Meghalaya nature beauty: Overview

None other than Meghalaya is the Scotland of the East, a heavenly place on earth- formed by three major tribes- Gari, Khasi, and Jaintia. True to be told, Meghalaya attractions are plenty in number. While most of it has been discovered, many areas in the state are yet to be discovered. 

Best Places To see in Shillong Meghalaya 

  • Dawki

There are plenty of hidden Meghalaya attractions, and Dawki is one of them. The district it falls on is Jaintia Hills, where the Bangladesh border remains visible. 

During the rainy season, the water body becomes green and other times when it has no rain, Dawki becomes so pure that it is often compared to crystal. If you are specifically searching for Meghalaya tourist places photos worthy hubs, Dawki shall be the one. 

  • Shillong Peak

Just as the name suggests, Shillong peak is supposedly the Highest Peak of the City at the height of 6449 ft. From there, you can see the entire Meghalaya nature beauty, bits of Himalaya, and the Bangladesh border. The area is within an air force base. Thus, the security checks are high and strict but necessary. 

There are instruments installed for a more magnificent view. The spot is only 10 km apart from the city and will hardly need an hour of drive, considering the climate as harsh. 

If you ask about the best Meghalaya sightseeing places, the answer would be Shillong Peak. Additionally, they are stalls selling traditional heritages and handicrafts that you may take along with you as a memory. 

  • Wards lake

Wards lake has to be one of the top places to visit in Meghalaya, which you might feel is a simple lake, but there's more you can grab out from it. Due to the weather being so refreshing, the experience you can get is great. 

It is also a very common picnic spot among the localities, so even you can go forth having a picnic there. Half of the area is full of couples having a sweet time. But let not that be the focus. Go forward with activities such as boat rides, clicking photos, enjoying the orchids, and so on. 

  • Elephanta Falls, Shillong 

Elephanta falls popular for not one but Multi-layered waterfall. The spot is located about 12 km from the main civilization. And yes, the most famous Elephanta falls is a part of north east beauty located in Shillong, Meghalaya. 

Try Visiting Elephanta Falls during the monsoon seasons for a much better view. There's also a stairway leading to the Meghalaya attractions of Elephanta falls from where you'll be able to watch the base of the waterfall. 

  • Cherrapunji 

Listing Meghalaya tourism places to visit and not adding Cherrapunji to it will stay incomplete. Only one word, 'heavenly,' is enough to describe cherrapunji. 

Stopping by Shillong and leaving Cherrapunji out doesn't make sense at all. It is a destination that gives you a simple Meghalaya nature beauty. Shillong and Cherrapunji lie side by side, and only a one hour and a half drive will take you to your destination. 

The road trip to Cherrapunji is a trip in itself. There are more views you'll get on the way and mesmerizing hills that need a stop. Such hills are the foremost Meghalaya attractions that also are unaffordable to be missed. 

  • Nohkalikai Falls 

A big part of the tourist map of Meghalaya state is waterfalls. The 4th highest waterfall is the Nohkkaliklai falls, while it's the tallest one in all of India with a height of 1,100 ft. Nohkalikai Falls is also situated in Cherrapunji, and the name Nohkalikai is associated with the tragic story of a girl who ended her life in this falls. Therefore, remember the lost soul when you are thriving the Meghalaya nature beauty in the air of Nohkalikai falls. 

Meghalaya nature beauty: how was it formed? 

Meghalaya is completely a matrilineal society, and usually, you'll find women as bread earners. Shillong is one of the main places of interest in Meghalaya and the capital city. That, however, wasn't always the case. Cherrapunji used to be the Capital of Shillong until the regular severe rainfalls in the area. 

Meghalaya is famous for its erstwhile capital Cherrapunji and its seven sister falls. There's more history to it. Earlier, Assam and Meghalaya were one until the separation of the state in 1973. Shillong, which got its capitalism only in 1874, was the capital of both the states till 1972. 

How can you reach Meghalaya? 

The best way you can reach Shillong is through Guwahati in Assam. There are equal tourist places in Assam and Meghalaya, so a clever move here would be first to explore parts of Assam and then gradually move across Meghalaya. 

There's proper connectivity to Guwahati Railway station and Airport, while no commercial Airport or railway station is there in Meghalaya. Both from Guwahati airport and railway station, you can get a taxi on the way. 

To explore Meghalaya attractions, one doesn't need much money if you belong to nearby states. Sumos charge only 200 rupees in sharing, while a sharing taxi will only charge 500 rupees per head to Shillong from Guwahati. You can further extend your trip to Meghalaya famous places like Cherrapunji, for which you can book a taxi at Shillong taxi stops. 

What to expect in Meghalaya hill station? 

At Least a week is needed to experience Meghalaya peacefully. The state has a huge number of touristy areas. Delays, generally, occur due to sudden weather changes and unexpected heavy to extremely heavy rainfall anytime. 

Meghalaya nature beauty is filled with things to see. The trip for you shall begin right away when you enter Meghalaya. The initiation is by the localities who sometimes sell handmade pickles, fresh veggies grown in their garden, and handicrafts. It is suggested that you help the villagers a little, and with that, you also get to taste the true Meghalaya. 

Besides places such as prime Meghalaya attractions, king chili also must be tried. And yes, other local veggies are much higher in vitamin quantity, like bamboo shoots. You'll also find varieties of spicy bamboo shoots pickles to take back with you that is comparable to none other taste-wise. 

What's the best time to experience Meghalaya nature's beauty? 


The most straightforward answer to this is anytime between September to May. But other months witness equal tourists coming to relax at Meghalaya attractions. The overall weather throughout the year is chilly. 


The state shall not only be known for Meghalaya attractions alone. Instead, flora and fauna should also come into consideration. There are several varieties of plants and trees unique to the state. 

In a nutshell, Meghalaya is unpredictable. The landscape is more than anything you need. Even roads are now much more well-built, making road trips more convenient and side breaks to live the true Meghalaya nature beauty

Likewise, opinion is shared for its neighboring Assam, and traveling via Assam to Meghalaya is the best route. 

Northeast India is completely different from the mainland, and there are numerous places to see in Assam and Meghalaya India beauty. Mostly, there's a complete differentiation in the culture, with many things to learn. 

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