Exploring Mokokchung district in Nagaland: Top Mokokchung tourist places

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Top Mokokchung tourist places

Mokokchung is a town in the center of Nagaland with a lot of tourism after Dimapur and Kohima. At an elevation of 1,325 meters, there are some of the best Mokokchung tourist places that you can visit to grab a part of nature. Nagaland is a place of several Naga tribes, with Mokokchung being the native of the Ao tribe. Moreover, the state is much populated by the Christian community, specifically the Baptist Christians, and therefore, Christmas, Tsungremong, and Moatsu (Ao Festival) celebrations are the main highlights. If you are excited to enjoy the breeziness of Nagaland, below are a few Mokokchung tourist places that attract visitors: 


Longkhum Village

Longkhum Village is a small area towards the Southern part of the town, just 12 km from the town hub in Mokokchung. The place is like a little viewpoint from where you can capture a lot of Mokokchung. There are also shrines dedicated to the tribal Gods and Goddesses apart from the view. Moreover, the village grows vegetation, specifically red tomatoes, which are pleasant to see. Due to the mass production of products in the village, it is also tagged as the state's vegetable Capital. 

You can also shop for local handicrafts as a memory to take with you. And yes, shop for apparel, too. As you already know, Nagaland is famous for its fashion sense; you'll certainly find good pieces here. 

The place is amidst a corner in the district; however, Longkhum offers nice Mokokchung tourist places. So anyone who's in Nagaland also should provide time for the Longkhum village. 

Ungma Village

In Nagaland, Ungma village is where Moatsu and Tsungremong festivals are the most magnificent. You can visit the old log drum, District park, and Baptist mother church within the village. The old log drum is rich in history, as once used to send signals. Then take a tour at the natural district park and pray and take blessings from Jesus in a peaceful environment in the Baptist mother church. 

Ungma village is a nicely preserved village in Mokokchung Nagaland and of the oldest habitats of Ao people. The preservation is primarily done to achieve the purpose of cultural preservation and the purity of the place. 

As dwellers in the city are beloved of Christmas, they start celebrating right from the 1st of December, making the entire month merry. 


Dikhu River

Visiting the Dikhu river will be the best part of your trip to Mokokchung. People of Nagaland look forward to keeping nature free from any dirt, with the Dikhu river providing the best reference. Here, the crystal clear river is so pure that people come to take a dip in it and forget any anxiousness. That too, by making sure the river remains clean as it is. 

Dikhu river is an important source for the locals and a nice relaxing spot. During winters the water level comes down, the area also serves to be an ideal picnic spot. The river source is also used for drinking, irrigation, fisheries, etc. Indeed, the spot is best in all ways of lifestyle and bringing another option for tourist place at Mokokchung. 

Chuchuyimlang Village

Chuchuyinlang village is yet another spot of Mokokchung district to bless visitors with mesmerizing nature. It is quite far from the main city center, around 30 km distant, but is near National Highway 61. Although Moatsu festivals grandly take place and last up to 3 days since their start in Chuchuyimlang Village, non-natives are usually not invited. 


The place Mopungchuket is much associated with the love story of Jina and Etiben, who'd due to stay together. Most of the area is dedicated to the Ao tribe, but regardless, there used to place (now cited as monuments) offering shelter to Ahom. Apart from the monument, other attractions include the village museum, morungs, and the time pillar. 

The location of this village is pretty convenient as well. Firstly, it stands in the state's center and provides easy navigation to the rest of the place. It belongs to one of those Mokokchung tourist places that show how close Ahom kings were friends with Ao Nagas. 

Town Park

Mokokchung park or the town park is a humble place to relax. Also, you can take a walk to the park from the city center. Upon reaching, you'll find a lot of flowers with many locals seating to take in the breeze. However, springtime will be the best to capture the most about the park's nature. You'll certainly not regret walking through the park - a very humble yet beautiful tourist place in Mokokchung.

Langpangkong caves

You can't go to Nagaland and walk past the Langpangkong caves. Caves are a nice place to explore. Langpangkong caves are situated near Tuli in Mokokchung and are one of the greatest Mokokchung tourist places that include some bits of history. It became a shelter for one Ahom King of the past who escaped from Siva Sagar post-brawl. And the best thing about the caves is that the space is extremely homely and taken care of. 

Mokokchung Museum

A trip to Nagaland is mostly about nature, but you still get to embrace an interesting past. Yet again, the Mokokchung Museum is a good option to study history. You may learn how the Aos lived, their culture, and their overall development through the museum. There are swords, cultural outfits, and cultural jewelry on display. Moreover, there are only a handful of Mokokchung tourist places that are full-fledged while offering a good tourism off-season, and Mokokchung Museum is one of them. 

How to Reach Mokokchung Nagaland India

National Highway 61 is the nearest highway to Mokokchung Nagaland India that connects Kohima, from where you'll get public buses to Mokochung. Alternatively, you can also travel on a taxi- sharing or private. The distance between Kohima and Mokokchung town is 162 km. Another way of reaching is via Dimapur, and if coming by Dimapur airport, you'll easily find rides waiting right outside the exit point. 


Mokokchung is a place with an unfortunate history. 'Mokokchung' translates to 'dwellers leaving the place by force' and tells a lot regarding the tragedy faced. Presently, the village is a well-known spot of Nagaland and especially dedicated to the Ao Naga people. Apart from enjoying Mokokchung tourist places, participate in tribal festivities such as Moatsu. That way, the locals know you respect the land and its culture. 

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