How is paragliding in Goa? Cost and places for paragliding in Goa!

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Paragliding in Goa: overview

When it comes to the beauty in nature, Goa earns the highest preference. The landscape is such that paragliding in Goa is next-level fun amidst the ocean and the sands. The availability of options is vast and spreads throughout the state on both the Northern and Southern sides. 

Goa, a state that was once popular for the sandy and sunlit beaches, is now a getaway for aero sports. There are several options in aero sports, with today's discussion- paragliding in Goa. 

The state's paragliding operations are, in fact, so great that tourists ditch other nations to come and enjoy themselves on Goa beaches. Everyone is aware of the beauty of Beaches in Goa, but supposedly, paragliding in Goa is lesser-known in comparison. Therefore, the talks in this article are regarding paragliding and options to where you may take the experience from. Here are some of the best destinations gathered from where you may sail your experience of beach paragliding in Goa.

Colva and Mobor

Colva is a blessed part of South Goa, where tourists worldwide stop by to enjoy water rides such as Jet Skiing and boat paragliding in Goa. Also, the beach is so huge that you'd tire your legs walking it entirely but won't be done yet. Colva beach is approximately 45 km away from the Airport. It is a one-in-all beach, including options for hotels and dine-ins. Along the coast, when you fly, you'll get to see the anglers working hard for the sake of livelihood. However, the organizers stay pretty hectic as bookings are filled much ahead of the due date. So, if you want to try out Colva, make sure to confirm the paragliding in Goa booking at Colva beforehand to ensure the adventure. 


The party beach, Anjuna, definitely is worth the sounding party every other night. Apart from that, paragliding is seen as mainstream here. Paragliding in Goa price at Anjuna beach is Rs 3000 for 1 hour. And despite the place not being a large coastline area, the sandy shores keep tourists mesmerized. 

Anjuna is only half an hour distant from the Goa Airport and has several options in homestay, restaurants, and pubs. Crowds are welcomed throughout the year and months, with weekends having much more of it. Thus, if you want to grab peaceful paragliding in Goa with a lesser crowd, it's suggested that you go forth during the weekdays. 



Calangute beach is another serenity of Goa that constitutes adventurous activities and sporting infrastructure. Again, the coastlines might not be very large area-wise, but a view of the magnificent Arabian sea is an adequate reason for paragliding in Goa Calangute beach. Prices are likewise, Rs 3000 for an hour of flight - including the training sessions. 

Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach has gained a big chunk of its fame from Bollywood, as it comes as a good beach point for several movie directors in the industry. Moreover, this beach exhibits adventures like water paragliding in Goa in the most enjoyable manner. Even the hospitality is great at Vagator beach. To start your paragliding flight, just let the organizers know that you're interested and pay for whatever package you are attracted to. Then, prepare for the rest. The beach is entitled to the white sand, which is also a highlight when paragliding in Goa at Vagator beach. You get a glimpse of greenery, blue sky, blue sea, white sand, the city, and a magical experience from high above!



In this northern part of Goa, Arambol is already well known for Amazing nightlife, adventures, and sporting activities. It offers some of the best options for parasailing in Goa, and paragliding, too, is fun here. For an hour of paragliding, you have to pay 3000 Rs per head. 

Paragliding takes off from the cliffs of Arambol and Harmal, from where you can get a taint of mountains. Most operators of paragliding in Goa come with prior training, a basic course teaching the flying mechanism. Just vocal training of around 15 min is adequate to start flying. Safety measures are properly monitored in all cases, and a harness protects you, so you need not worry about that. 



Bogmalo, the popular beach in South Goa's Vasco area, is a sun-bathing hotspot and activities like paramotoring in Goa. With paramotoring, paragliding is a nice hitch in Bogmalo. Moreover, the seafood served at restaurants alongside the beach is a delicious delight. And once the end of the day approaches, enter the bars to conclude your paragliding day. 

Cost of Paragliding in Goa

Paragliding cost in Goa is usually Rs 3000 for an hour. A rider doesn't require an hour of adventure, so you can also opt-out of cheaper options and have less time duration. Or, most probably, paragliding in Goa will be bumped with other adventures and activities, so thoroughly look for packages and organizers to select what's most fruitful to you. Note that what you are asked to pay includes other charges like training price, equipment for flight price, and Goa parachute ride price.

Tips For Paragliding in Goa 

Paragliding in Goa beach is the most fun when you derive your experience with legitimate tips, such as: 

  • Wearing comfortable clothes as per you, that isn't very loose nor body-fitting. 
  • Children aren't supervised for the adventure readily, yet those older than 12 can paraglide at the same cost as adults. 
  • Keeping yourself hydrated is the key. 
  • Obey whatever your guide tells you and maintain a friendly talk with them. 
  • To avoid any nausea during the flight, eat enough, but not more or less. 
  • Make your guide know regarding any serious health issue of yours, such as Asthma, if any. 
  • Check for weather forecasts as your organizers won't allow paragliding with motor in risky climates and weather.


Even if you think you are in Goa only for the beaches, you cannot simply walk past the idea of paragliding in Goa. It's fun, adventurous, and mesmerizing to paraglide. You feel like a bird and see what a bird sees. From only 100 meters above, you can start thinking like a bird and go higher up above 200 meters; that depends upon your bravery and how big of an adventurous person you are. 

The best thing is the paragliding in Goa price 2022, which is as low as Rs 3,000 for an hour that gets halved for small flight duration. Goa is a budget-appropriate paragliding hub, isn't it? 

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