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What you expected was learning to surf but ended up having long days with a lot of work. Do you also get this unintended urge to just leave everything and take a much-needed break? But take a break for what? Sleeping your days off on your couch? Watching your cat scratching your curtains? Or everyone’s favorite Netflix and chill?

I’m sure not. Vacations mean fun and there is no other feeling that can match the one you get from a trip with your crazy friends. Especially in India where people are charmed by ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, ‘Ye jawani hai diwani’, ‘Highway’, ‘Queen’ and many other rom coms. So, in case your “Abba Nhi Manenge” swivels into ‘Don’t forget to swipe” here are some best places to visit in India for your short as well as long-term trips with your crazy bunch of friends.





Located in the state of Maharashtra, Kamshet is known to be India’s paragliding capital. This alluring utopia is decorated with the ranges of Sahyadri as well as hedged with the Western Ghats. This place in India is a license for desertion from your city life with all your crazy friends. So, if you are looking for a hair-raising experience with your gang what could be a greater choice other than going off–course with vegetation and wildlife? So make a plan this summer and visit Kamshet as this is one of the best places to visit with friends in India.



·      You can explore the beautiful temples like Kondeshwar temple, Ekvira, Sri Durga Prameshwari temple, and monasteries around the place.

·      Take a tour of the bygone times, and explore sculptures and Buddhist caves with the crazy ones.

·      If the caves amaze the friends travel, you can also go to other ones: Bedse caves, Bhairi caves, etc.

·       Witness the evergreen lakes of Kamshet namely; Uksan lake, and Vadivali lake.

·      Drive to the serene Bhaje waterfall.

·      Take up treks like Tikona Fort, Shinde Wadi hills, Bhandar Dongar etc.

·      Boost your thrill by taking adventure sports trips, paragliding, lake camping, hiking, and shopping for some local goods.

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2.    ORCHHA


Another thrilling place that should be on your list, especially if your friends are history nerds. This is one of the best offbeat destinations in India to spend your days. This majestic destination is in the state of Madhya Pradesh and was found by Rajput Raja Rudra Pratap Singh. Speaking of Orchha, 195 km from Orchha there is a place called Sanchi. Sanchi is home to some very beautiful Buddhist sites and pilgrims while Orchha is more like a king’s legacy. Orchha is slightly underrated but one of the best places to visit in India with friends' trip.



·      Visiting elaborated stone carved temples.

·      Sightseeing of cenotaphs and palaces.

·      Exploring the Pandawa Caves.

·      Visiting the tourist attraction Orchha Fort.

·      Historical place of the Royal Chatrees.

·      Visiting the Kanchana Ghats.

·      Chaturbhuj temple.

·      The Laxmi Narayan temple for its unique architecture.

·      If you are passionate about gazing at the tribal lives then you can go to Taragram Village.

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Are you a ‘chilling with crazy friends’ type of person? Do you enjoy beaches and sand? If yes, then here is one of India’s best places to visit with friends. This place in Karnataka is the land of palm trees, golden sand, and turquoise seas. Precisely just the place to be in your comfort zone. Gokarna is one of the places for your rip-roaring getaways. Surrounded by hills, beaches, and landscape, perfect evenings with your friends. Gokarna is one of the most loving, rated, and best places to visit in India with friends' trips.



·      Beach trekking and camping.

·      Parasailing.

·      Scuba diving.

·      Water sports.

·      Dolphin trips.

·      Jet ski.

·      Sightseeing tours.

·      Bumper rides.

·      Fishing.

·      Mahabaleshwar temple visiting


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Murudeshwar comes under the top 10 best places to visit in India with your friends especially. This serene place is also located in Karnataka not so far from Gokarna. This place is such a treat to your eyes as well as your soul. The place full of sea shores and spirituality is a center of attraction around the world. If you fancy theological beliefs and a meditative spirit then this place is a sprawling getaway for a weekend trip or you can visit it along with Gokarna.



·      Its major attraction is the huge Shiva temple so don’t forget to visit that.

·      Exploring the religious sites.

·      Scuba diving destination.

·      Murudeshwar beaches.

·      Forts and masjid.

·      Visiting the statue park.

·      Trekking.

·      Boating.

·      Surfing.

·      Water rides.

·      Adventure sports.

·      Exploring wildlife and nature.




This serene town is located in the Bankura district of Kolkata in West Bengal. It is preferred to be one of the convenient places for short trips. It is capped with green forests, amazing wildlife, crystal clear water, and green hills in the backdrop. Again quite underrated but lowkey one of the commendable places to visit in India with friends.



·      Visiting Musafirana viewpoint.

·      Visiting Paresh Nath Shiv Mandir.

·      Visiting Kangsabati Dam.

·      Bonpukuria Deer Park visit.

·      Jhilmili 12-mile forest ride.

·      Sutan forest rides.

·      Talberia lake viewpoint.

·      Eco-tourism.

·      Exploring Mukutmanipur Mela.

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6.    AULI


When is Best Friend's day in India? According to Google, most people celebrate it on the first Sunday of August. Auli is one of the best and most adorable places to visit with friends in India. It is known to be one of India’s best skiing destinations, this enticing hill station is in the Himalayan Ranges of Uttarakhand. The best time to visit Auli is when the season of chills begins, mostly in October because the temperatures are a bearable cold and you get to be apprised of the panned, far-reaching look of the snow-capped mountains and forests. But also to witness the monsoons here is itself a treat to your eyes. So this Best Friend's Day take your friends to this place for mesmerizing breezes.



·      Skiing.

·      Ropeway ride.

·      Trekking.

·      Forest rides.

·      Camping.

·      Visiting Nanda Devi National Park.

·      Joshimath.

·      Hiking.

·      Trishul peak.

·      Shopping at the local Bazaar.

·      Kuari pass trek.

·      Auli Gorsen trek.

·      Kwani Bugyal hike.

·      Chenab lake.

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This tranquil paradise is also located in Uttarakhand and it is rated among the best places in India. It is a must-visit place if you and your crazy friends are passionate about climbing up heights. Dhanachuli is a tropical Pahari destination. It is at a distance of 14 km from the Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple in Dhari tehsil of Nainital you can also visit the temple while on your way to Dhanachuli.



·      Visiting the tiny villages in the region.

·      Bhaalu gaad waterfalls.

·      Visiting Victoria dam.

·      Visiting Ghorakhal Golu Devta Temple.

·      Visiting Mukteshwar Dham.

·      Visiting Chauli ki jail.

·      Visiting Methodist Church.

·      Visiting Indian Veterinary Research Institute.

·      Visiting Nathuakhan.

·      Jeep safari.

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It’s as they say in the chilling with friends quotes like, “LIFE BECOMES A MASTI KI PATHSHALA WITH FRIENDS”. When the days are never-ending, and you find yourself lost, don’t hang in there, hang out with your best friends and get lost together. And when you need places to get lost come back here, because we have sorted all your destinies, be it birthdays, commitments, job celebrations, marriage, best friend’s day, or a casual getaway. All you need to do is pick, pack and chill with your crazy friends. Also, who do you think is India’s best friend by the way? Which country is the best friend of India? And where do you want to spend this Best Friends Day?

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