How To Reach Dhanushkodi From Anywhere In The World

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Exploring is what travelers are meant to do. In search of a road trip offering you a pleasant landscape? Well, here is when your search ends. This article talks about how to reach Dhanushkodi from Rameswaram and Chennai, so keep browsing for that. Ditch all the mainstream hubs and reach Dhanuskodi at Pam Island, Tamil Nadu.   

Where is Dhanushkodi located? 

The location of Dhanushkodi is in Tamil Nadu's coastlines of the Pamban Islands. Dhanushkodi to Rameshwaram distance is about 20 km, and the route is one of the most selected ways of reaching the destination. While from Bangalore, it would be around 620 Kms and approx 600 km from Chennai. 

The place is also called the Ghost city and borders Sri Lanka. Dhanushkodi to Sri Lanka border distance is around 30 km away. 

What to expect on Dhanushkodi Trip?  

Much importance of dhanushkodi comes from the past that deserves to be highlighted. You can sightsee the lush green nature coiled around the dead railway lines, other damaged artifacts, and churches that had been abandoned long ago. 

Pamban bridge is a must. You find it on the way. Meanwhile, there's a Ram temple that fewer people know about and does not receive enough footprints. The Temple way is on the side road and should be left if traveling from Rameshwaram to the Dhanushkodi road route. 

In the temple, you'll see Rama, Vibhishana, Sita, Hanuman, and Lakshmana, with walls depicting the rescue of Sita. There's sea on one side, and the rest is just the magnificent sea. 

Dhanushkodi best time to visit is during the winters. Plan out your days from October to February. Otherwise, summer days aren't that bad of a trip choice either, as climatic conditions are mostly pleasant. 

How to reach dhanushkodi? 

Dhanuskodi sea beach often turns risky with its high water currents and waves, but still attracts tourists. Reaching the site has grown much better as of now, and here's a brief of how to reach dhanushkodi

A few years back, the golden place was more separated from the urban areas due to lesser road access. Public transportation was none, and visitors had only mini buses and jeeps as the choice of their way. However, as it is seen that today road infrastructure is present, private vehicles can easily drive down the path. 

The route to Danushkodi in Tamil Nadu is part of NH 87 and extends from Pamban Islands prime civilization until Rameshwaram. The former route was only till Mukundha Rayar, but it goes forward, reaching Dhanushkodi 5 km from it and at much further till Arichal Munai. Going even further, you can take another trip to Sri Lanka. Arichal munai to Sri Lanka distance is around 1,500 km. 

Dhanushkodi by air: Madurai airport. Book a taxi to further down towards Dhanushkodi, about 167 km away. 

Train: Rameshwaram railway station. 

Road: Common road trips are from Madurai and Rameshwaram

How to reach dhanushkodi from Rameswaram? 

Maybe because most tourist paths go down from Rameswaram, another widely asked question is how to reach dhanushkodi from Rameswaram? 

Well, firstly the road is about 30 to 45 minutes away- that is, depending on your driving speed. You can reach your desired place either on your private vehicle or take government buses. The government bus, which runs through route 3, is also the cheapest option and starts from Agni Theetham in Rameshwaram. 

While auto and private taxis rip off around 800 - 1500 rupees for round trips, buses cost only 30 rupees per head with a running frequency every 30 minutes. The bus service goes on until 6 pm. However, you will not be able to grab much on most jaw-dropping landscapes, so you'd better know which one to choose- money or view. 

In a nutshell, knowing how to reach dhanushkodi and finally reaching your spot has become much more convenient. Kudos to the tourism of India for that! 

Traveling from Chennai to dhanushkodi train trip 

The fastest way for tourists with a time shortage would be from Chennai to Madurai Airport and then a taxi to Dhanuskodi. Additionally, this trip will only be successful if you fly as early as possible as you also have to come back and stay at either Rameswaram or Pamban Island. 

From Chennai to Dhanushkodi by car is another convenient way to commute. If it's a private car and considering that the speed limit is fairly high, it can take nearly 9 hrs. There are also night buses that cover around 578 km within 14 hrs. 

You can also try a Chennai to dhanushkodi bike trip with friends. Roads are pretty standard for a bike ride; keep in mind, not to Overspeed.

Railway connectivity in depth

On your route to Dhanushkodi beach road, living on the scenic Dhanuskodi bridge is highly recommended. Also, try experiencing the spot through the train as the train journey will provide better scenes. 

Rameshwaram railway is more commonly referred to as Railway on the ocean due to the same reason. The bridge is How Dhanushkodi came to be known as a Ghost town. Much ahead in the past, this bridge was first ever destroyed due to a cyclone in the 15th century and the second damage was in 1964. 

Again, if your exact question is how to reach dhanushkodi directly via train, then there's no answer to it. 

Unfortunately, there are no railway stations at Dhanushkodi, and there's only Rameshwaram's last point railway line. 

If you bring tales of the past, Railway's reputation is not very nice. The links to the Dhanushkodi railway had been destroyed, and other news points out the boat mail case having 115 passengers that had been washed away. And the most unfortunate thing was that only three days after the news spread in the rest of the world. 

What can you do in Dhanushkodi? 

Apart from beachy places to visit in dhanushkodi, there are different sculptures, most in a horrendous state, to check out. Railway lines under the soil, Churches that no longer run, and post offices that are shut add more to the existing haunting feeling. 

And then move on to Arichal Munai, the erosion point of Tamil Nadu. The spot is known for the Ashoka pillar, India's national emblem. From the pillar, you can also take a view of Adam's bridge. 

You can also try another journey to Sri Lanka as there's no big distance to pass. For example, dhanushkodi to Jaffna distance by sea is only around 90 km to cover. There are many other Hindu temples thereto at least visit once. 

Sunrise is completely magical; therefore, try your hardest to receive the glimpse. Don't worry about food; stalls serve seafood, which is completely delicious. 

If you ask who lives in such a haunting village, it's the fishermen who are earning their daily bread from it. You may also ask them and fish together to experience fishing. 

Where can you stay?  

You cannot stay in Dhanushkodi, and tourists always have to travel back to Rameshwaram. Don't worry, Rameshwaram to dhanushkodi train time is less than an hour and there are also buses till 6:00 pm. Given that, you have enough time for up and down. 


Because the best time to visit Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is Oct-Feb, the next winter trip for all of you reading this has to be Dhanushkodi. Dhanushkodi offers a magical experience to each individual. It is almost the end of India. 

Hopefully, this article has taught you well how to reach dhanushkodi from Rameswaram and Chennai, so use that to your advantage. 

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