Is Bungee Jumping and base jumping in India worth it? Top places in India

Stilchi MarakFeb 19 . 7 min read

Who doesn't love skies and adventure? Everyone wants to experience the sky from close, but the scarceness is what limits us from doing so. Courage is important for adventures like base jumping and bungee jumping. If you have geared up what's needed already, look at some of the best destinations for bungee jumping and base jumping in India.

Hyderabad, Telangana

India's biotechnology hub and pharmaceutical capital have created something adventurous- Tandem jumping, which few people know of. The Hyderabad base jumping in India location supervises its clients with professionals who have been trained and licenses provided by the United States Parachute Association. It is a fun experience here, with prices much lower than other alternatives- 19,500 rupees. You can also choose to record your adventure here, only at an extra cost of 1000 rupees. 

St Mary's Island, Karnataka

Karnataka, which has some of the best beaches in the southern part of India, also has options for base jumping in India. You can go forth with the cliff diving from the Island's lava cliffs.

Deesa, Gujarat

Deesa in Gujarat is a world-renowned destination for accelerated freefall skydiving in India. While you are skydiving, you will see the bluish beauty and the lakeside city. There are also several skydiving camping events organized in Deesa; the most popular ones are from IPF (Indian Parachuting Federation) and the Sports Authority of Gujarat. Prices are nominal, with tandem jumps starting from 33,500 rupees and static line jumps at 16,500 rupees. 

Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

If you are staying anywhere near Mumbai, Pune, or Goa and seeking to experience the life of base jumping in India, drive to Aamby Valley in Maharashtra. As of now, Aamby valley only offers tandem jumps but will roll out more options soon. Price rates differ depending on the day you go, 20,000 rupees from Monday till Thursday, while 25,000 between Friday and Sunday. 

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Pondicherry, the erstwhile colony of the French before the independence, excites people with its base jumping in India. Apart from its cheap alcohol, the area is popular for static and tandem jumps. When it comes to nature and its beauty, Pondicherry is incomparable. Prices for static jumps start from 18,000 rupees while 27,000 rupees for the tandem jump.  

Mysore, Karnataka

Chamundi hills in Mysore has the Tandem Jump, which costs around 35,000 for 3 hours of adventure. Activity times are fixed from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Amidst the beautiful hills of Mysore, the tourism sector has invested big for the Tandem jump. It will be best to look for base jumping training in India before turning into tandem directly. Do basic/beginners training at least. 

Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

Dhana, which lies near its capital Bhopal, offers base jumping in India from a height of 4000 feet above sea levels. Dhana skydiving and base jumping are organized throughout the year so that you can find one according to your convenience. There's nothing like a 'better month' to carry on the adventure; just that monsoon months are not very favorable. 

Tandem jumps cost 35,000 rupees from Monday to Friday, 37,000 rupees otherwise, and 24,000 rupees for static jumps. If you are trying the static line jump, you will need pre-training for at least two days. For tandem jumps, there is no training. 

Narnaul, Haryana

Narnaul in Haryana is not much of a chosen option for base jumping in India, yet it is one of the best nearby Delhi. If you select Narnaul for base jumping, Bachhor Airstrip is where you have to reach. The prices are much less for static line jumps- 18,500 rupees and 27,500 rupees for tandem jumps. Also, Narnaul is open in two slots- from 10 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm. 

Bir Billing & Rishikesh, Himachal Pradesh

To discuss Himachal Pradesh, it'd take further ten articles, and more or less, some of it will still be left. So, keeping it to only base jumping, Bir Billing and Rishikesh has to offer some of the best jumps between the mountains. You can also experience the snowy Himalayas when flying from high above the sky. Himachal Pradesh is also the best place for Bungee jumping in India, that is if you wish to take a jump beside a green landscape. 

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 

Aligarh is another base jumping destination situated nearby the capital of Delhi- around 4 hours of road time. You can experience not only base jumping but skydiving and paragliding also. There is also a much difference in the time, which is open almost the entire day until dusk from dawn. Base jumping in India price at Aligarh UP is 27,000 for Tandem Jump.

Best Bungee Jumping In India

Bungee jumping in India is a recent concept and has recently gained popularity. Such activities are predicted to gain a much bigger flourishment in the next couple of years. Bungee jumping prices in India are mostly under 5,000 rupees, way affordable compared to other countries.  

Bungee jumping is equally fun as base jumping; the only dissimilarities are in height and the way of jumps. In bungee jumping, the person is tied to a fixed location, while base jumping is jumping from high above the sky without being tied. There are many places to experience it; however, try Bungee jumping Dehradun before anything as the landscape is extremely captivating. 

Moreover, reaching Rishikesh has become much easier due to the development of roads and the presence of Dehradun airport. Rishikesh also has special offers in Bungee jumping for couples, a discounted package to enjoy with your loved one.

The capital and its neighbor- Gurgaon, also home some of such experiences, with Bungee jumping in Delhi price and Gurgaon price being 2500 rupees only. Likewise, there are numerous options for buggy jumping in all of India. 

You can also find several bungee jumping places in south India, with Coimbatore taking the spotlight. Prices are likewise or only have little difference with the rest. 


The options for Bungee jumping and base jumping in India are not less. There are plenty of options to it. Both of them are much alike and differ at the same time. 

Likeness includes the jumps and meeting with the fear, while differences are heights and the prime equipment. Everyone fears taking the first step. The concept is that you get to collide adventure, fear, courageousness, and fun all together. Therefore, you too initiate with the first and brace up to base jumping and reach the best places for Bungee jumping in India ASAP. 


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