Is Tourism of Pathankot worth it?

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Is Tourism of Pathankot worth it? Overview

Somewhere amid Punjab is the district of Pathankot, which is densely known for being the gateway of Chamba. The place is famous for the Kangra- Dalhousie foothills and the chakki river, apart from which you'll also have several other places to visit in Pathankot. 

The district has a powerful influence of the past concerning the state with forts providing a strong witness. And if you look into the map more thoroughly, you'll see that mandirs and temples are widespread in the district. Pathankot tourism is significant, to say in a nutshell, and this article will exactly tell you why.

How can you Reach Pathankot? 

Pathankot is situated in Punjab on the border with Kathua district in Jammu and Kashmir state and Chamba and Kangra districts in Himachal.

Tourists can travel via air, train, or drive the path to reach places to visit in Pathankot. Taking flights to Amritsar Airport- Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport is the fastest way to reach Pathankot if coming from faraway places. The number of flights connecting the city is endless.The distance from the airport shall approximately be 119 km. 

The next way to commute is the train, that'll drop you till Pathankot distance. It is suggested that you travel via train as the route in the way is entirely magical. Otherwise, a drive till Pathankot also makes sense, provided you reside somewhere near. 

Places To Visit Around Pathankot

When looking forward to things to do in Pathankot, often, it is neglected as a tourism-worthy place, and people would only stopover to take a break when traveling to parts of the Himalaya. Such a thing is a smart way of traveling, yet there are several places in Pathankot to check out. The district is of no less when it comes to serenity. Also, the place is much closer while the Himalayas need extra hours to reach. With that, here are a few places to visit in Pathankot and around the district: 

  • Ranjit Sagar Dam

Looking for a fun picnic spot near Pathankot? Ranjit Sagar Dam is an ideal crossover. The Ranjit Sagar Dam is a destination where you'll want to start a picnic with family or friends; the naturalistic view is as such. 

  • Mukteshwar Temple

In and around, there are several holy places to visit in Pathankot, and Mukteshwar is one of them. It is a Lord Shiva dedicated mandir and one of the most well-known temples and sacred Pathankot places to visit. 

Idols of Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Parvati, and Lord Brahma are also placed in the temple. From the center of Pathankot to mukteshwar Dham distance is 23 km, located at Shahpur Kandi Dam Road, and it'd take around 43 min at an adequate speed.

  • Dharamshala

A very popular hill station near Pathankot is Dharamshala, also known as a resting hub for spiritual pilgrims. Also, the area is known for growing different kinds of tea. 

Himalaya is a pleasant Destination to visit, giving another huge list of tourist places near Pathankot and Dharamshala from the Kangra District is one of them. Dharamshala is, in fact, the nearest hill station to Pathankot. The Pathankot near hill station hosts various holy pilgrimages like temples and churches and adventurous activities. 


  • Nurpur Fort 

To breathe in and experience the extremely beautiful architecture, you should visit Nurpur Fort, one of the best places to visit in Pathankot. The fort is present in the Nurpur area of the district, and you'd require at least 2 hours to go in-depth of the fort. It dates back to the 10th century Pathankot which has an enduring history, first destroyed in British India and secondly, during the 1905 earthquake. However, the remaining architecture makes it one of the nicest historical places to visit in Pathankot. 

  • Kali Mata Ka Mandir 

As it has already been mentioned, holy places to visit near Pathankot are endless. Another on the list is the Kali Mandir, dedicated to Kali Mata. The area is surrounded by devotees all time, with Tuesday having the biggest hike in-crowd. The place is located on the Dalhousie road, and to reach the temple, a trek of 2 km is required. Although it doesn't necessarily come under tourist places near Pathankot, visiting the temple is worth visiting.

  • Mansar Lake

If you are on a trip with your partner and searching for romantic places in Pathankot, mansar lake is the best. Also, it is a nice picnic spot so you can tag along with your friends and family, too. Most of the area is green and eloped by lush forests and mountains nearby. There are other lakes near Pathankot apart from Mansar, yet nothing is as popular as Mansar is. The only drawback is that mansar is located in Jammu and Kashmir, and the distance of mansar is around 89.6 KM.

What is the ideal time to explore Pathankot tourist places? 

If you visit Dilerkot or Pathankot, you'll be more than happy to know the area is visitable any time. Neither summers are killing hot, nor winters are intolerably chill. Regardless, October to March is an ideal period of exploring places to visit in Pathankot due to the perks given by the climate. 

As of now, tourism in Pathankot is open, and keeping covid pandemic in mind; you should carry a clean face mask and sanitizer. However, places to visit in Pathankot can wait and avoid unnecessary traveling, especially if you are yet to get the vaccination. 


Given that the Himalayas are just around the corner, Pathankot is never in mind right away when it comes to tourism. However, the green landscape is undoubtedly a great way to relax and forget about life. It is the best way of keeping yourself happy and fresh. If you are also looking for somewhere to take a break, Pathankot is it. There are historical places, picnic spots, lakes, and temples- every possible thing to suit any travel taste. The number of places to visit in Pathankot is endless, most of which are safe travel hubs.

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