Jammu and Kashmir the land of many temples

Srishti GuptaApr 23 . 5 min read

Jammu and Kashmir is known for its enchanting and picturesque features. It is surrounded by many mountain ranges, lush green valleys and spectacular temples. Jammu and Kashmir are known for their enchanting and picturesque features. It is surrounded by many mountain ranges, lush green valleys, and spectacular temples. Over the years Jammu and Kashmir have been a hub for devotees as it is a hub of many temples, not just famous for their holiness but also for their beauty, architecture, and history. Here are some famous temples in Jammu and Kashmir:

1.  Peer Kho cave temple

A temple that is positioned near the Tawi River’s bank is a temple made for Lord Shiva. It is known to be one of the oldest temples in Jammu that witnessed a huge turn of pilgrims from all corners of the country. Some historical pieces of evidence suggest that the temple was built under the sovereignty of Dogra rulers. This was significantly observed due to the Ligman lower position showing a resemblance with the Purmandel temple that was built in the Dogra regime. It is also suggested that the Temple which is 3.5km approximately away from the Jammu city was built during the 15th century A.D. This brings forth more reasons to visit the Shiv temple in Jammu. 


2. Sudh Mahadev Temple, Patnitop.

Patnitop 108km away from the Jammu city has a Sudh Mahadev temple that is built thousands of years ago and it is still admired by most. It is another Lord Shiva temple and an attraction for all Shiva devotees is a famous Jammu temple. The temple is situated near a holy river that has been said to wash off the sins of anyone who takes a dip in the river. The river is called Pap Nashni Bowli. This Jammu famous temple is also well known for its excellent cultural programs that include traditional music and dance festivities. It also arranges a 3-day celebration in June every year for the Asad Purnima festival. 


3. Baboor temple

The beautiful temple of Jammu and Kashmir Baboor temple is located 72 km distance from the Jammu Srinagar road. It has a destruction site of six different temples that were located 1km distance from each other and it remains one of the greatest archaeological sites in Jammu and Kashmir. The Baboor site consists of many temples that are well equipped with statues of sacred dancers, musicians, gods, and goddesses. This is Jammu’s famous site that shows the 10 or 11th-century architecture influenced by the Greek and Roman influence. This famous Jammu temple was built by Maharaja Babharavan. This temple in Jammu is a delight for historians.


4. Ranbireshwar Temple in Jammu

This temple has a history as it was built by Raja Ranbir Singh who was a Lord Shiva devotee in 1883. This shiv temple has a solid past and even a beautiful present. The temple is known for its peaceful beauty and aesthetic surrounding. The temple has enshrined 12 Shiva Lingams which are made out of crystal and measure anything between 38 cm to 15 cm. This Shiv temple in Jammu is only 3.8km away from the Jammu city. It is a famous Jammu temple that is a prime attraction for tourists that visit the Shiv temple for its holiness or the ancient architecture of the Dogra rulers. 


5. Amarnath Temple

Every pilgrim in India is aware of this famous Jammu and Kashmir temple as it is one of the four pilgrimages in India and every year huge amount of people visit the holy cave. The temple is only open from July to August as only during summers it is safe to visit the cave. This temple is to worship Shiva as the image of Lord Shiva’s lingam is seen to be formed inside the cave and every day about 1500 pilgrims from age 14 to 74 are allowed to visit the temple. The shiv lingam is formed naturally from ice which makes the temple more holy. The temple is not just known for its holiness but also for its location. It is located at a height of about 12,760 feet. It is a journey of about 36 to 48 km that takes 3 to 5 days to complete one way. The Amarnath Mountain is the holy mountain and as the mountain is only accessible for such a short period of time it makes this temple in Jammu and Kashmir more sacred. This famous Jammu and Kashmir temple is 145 km east of Srinagar. The trek from Srinagar begins in the bright half of the month and the first half of the trek comes nine miles away at Pampur. The next halt comes at Avantipur, Martand, and Brijbihari which are some other famous temples in Jammu known for their ancient archaeology, and these temples are dedicated to the Hindu god of the sun. Then pishu Ghati is another halt that is the place where demons were killed by the gods in the journey. Then the beautiful Seshanag Lake. Then after the Panchatarni the Amarnath cave is finally reached. A famous shiv temple made naturally by ice. 


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