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·     Kashid Beach


An Oceanside town, famous for its white sand and blue oceans arranged in the Konkan district of Maharashtra, Kashid is the ideal objective for a peaceful end-of-the-week escape from Mumbai. A relieving and quiet spot in nature's lap, Kashid is somewhat captivating with its calm climate and pleasant area. It takes 48 minutes to reach Mumbai to Kashid beach.

·     Places to visit near Kashid beach


1.      KASHID BEACH: One of the most well-known and charming sea shores of Maharashtra, the Kashid beach Alibaug, accompanies a commitment to an ideal and loosened ocean-side occasion. The sun-kissed, white, clean sandy ocean side with glasslike water is loaded with normal excellence that offers a fantasy objective for water lovers. The Casuarinas forests, which influence the tune of the delicate ocean breeze are additionally in a lot here.

Found very nearly 30 km from Alibaug and 125 km from Mumbai, the Kashid Ocean side is arranged on the shores of the Bedouin Ocean. Renowned for its lovely white variety sand, the Kashid beach location is one of the cleanest sea shores in north Konkan. The ocean side is extended across 3 km and encompassed by bushes and trees called Casuarina.

At Kashid Alibaug, one can enjoy watersports, go evening setting up camp and partake in the lovely night sky or only go for horseriding around the ocean. Visit Murud Janjira Stronghold situated a good way off of 20 km from Kashid for a cut of history. Transcending up from a gigantic stone amid the extending sky blue of the Middle Eastern Ocean, this stronghold has endured for the long haul as well as the trial of strength before. The ends of the week at Kashid beach Maharashtra are very packed so visiting on weekdays would be ideal.

2.      MURUD JANJIRA FORT: Murud Janjira Kashid beach is a powerful fortress situated on an island off of the waterfront town of Murud, 55 km from Alibaug in Maharashtra. Transcending up from an enormous stone amid the extending purplish blue of the Bedouin Ocean, this stronghold has endured over the extremely long haul as well as the trial of flexibility previously. This post is a should-visit on the off chance that you are going along the Kashid Konkan coast in Maharashtra.

Nineteen of the stronghold's strongholds stand to this date, mirroring their radiant past with satisfaction. Simply a short boat ride away from the sandy coast, the top of the heavenly post offers a brief look into the past as well as a terrific perspective on the Bedouin Ocean all around. The distance between Kashi to Murud Janjira is  60 km.

3.      KORLAI FORT: The Korlai Stronghold is a broad military fortress principally involved by the Portuguese during the 1500s. Presently, in ruins, the powerful post remains steadfast neglecting the immense blue of the Bedouin Ocean. Implicit 1521, on an expansion of land (fundamentally an island) protecting the Revdanda brook channel, the island was once considered Morro De Chaul, in which 'Morro' means a little slope, and 'Chaul' alludes to a close by Portuguese-Creole (a vernacular called Kristi) talking town. An extraordinary development of now is the ideal time, this stronghold currently remains in ruins yet is a marvelous piece of history regardless. The magnificence of the encompassing slope slants is one more motivation to visit this objective.

The Korlai Stronghold is tremendous, and it is expressed that in its prime, the fenced-in area could fit more than 7,000 ponies and as numerous men! The essential meaning of the stronghold was uncovered during intrusions, as it is situated on the inclines of a slope, lodging a transcending beacon and eleven huge entryways, making it hard to penetrate. Extending over a length of 2828 feet and broadness of 89 feet, the encasement ignores a little fishing local area and gives ordering perspectives on the brook.

Seeing ocean waves crashing onto the stone appearances from the post top is pleasant. Korlai Stronghold is presently a well-known fascination charming guests inferable from its captivating environment loaded up with noteworthy remains and serene vistas. This spot is the ideal objective for photographic artists and nature sweethearts, and nights are the best chance to visit assuming that you wish to partake in the bright dusk. The field of the stronghold region is very immense, and you can likewise partake in an outing to the beacon close by. An enchanting and charming objective, this spot is a should visit for all!

4.      PHANSAD BIRD SANCTUARY: However, alluded to as a bird safe-haven, the Phansad Bird Safe-haven likewise houses numerous creatures of land and water, bugs, and vertebrates. This one isn't rushed with individuals and consequently, is a peaceful and quiet spot to visit.

The lavish vegetation and different fauna restore one's psyche. A stroll through the recreation area, breathing in the scent of the spotless and rich foliage, and hearing the hints of nature ensure that the experience is exceptional.

The Prakruti Resort Kashid.

Settled on the broad sandy ocean side of the Bedouin ocean in the North Konkan locale of Maharashtra, Prakruti Resorts is a family-accommodating and comprehensive hotel with more than 30 years of custom.

From experience to serenity, our hotel incorporates all that you want to partake in your time. We convey an extraordinary science and ideal equilibrium of extravagance, tomfoolery, and genuineness.

Prakruti Resorts has an assortment of restrictive excursion manors in Kashid, for rich occasions a position of security that supports an ideal feeling of equilibrium, truly necessary in the furious existences of today.

 Set on a seafront to give you the best quality of solace and administration, the manors are a mix of engineering, plan, and office with an additional dash of remarkable to energize your faculties. The Prakruti Resort Kashid distance from Mumbai is 134 km.


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