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River rafting in Kullu Manali India is one of the best ways to explore its natural beauty and trout the confluence of the Beas and Ravi rivers. The beautiful valleys and glacial lakes of the region offer diverse sports adventures like river rafting, skiing, paragliding, and mountaineering to name a few.


The river rafting in Kullu Manali has enticed millions of adventure lovers from across the globe. River rafting in Kullu Manali is enjoyed by both experts and amateurs alike.


·      Rules for river rafting in Kullu Manali.


The Manali river rafting rules are strictly enforced by the local authority to ensure a fun and safe voyage along with protecting the nature and wildlife of the region. It is very important to follow these rules during your river rafting on the Kullu Manali trip.


Kullu is a town located in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a popular tourist destination for adventure lovers and adventure tourists alike. The river rafting trips in Kullu are very popular among tourists because of their scenic beauty, exciting activities, and good weather conditions during winters.

Kullu Manali Rafting Point:

The Kullu River starts from its origin at Gompa pass near Manali and flows through different valleys before merging with the Bhagirathi River at Jispa Bridge near Bilaspur. This stretch of land has beautiful mountains along with scenic beauty that attracts tourists from all over the world during the summer months (October-March). The best time to visit this place is during winters when temperatures are low but not too cold as well as it doesn’t rain frequently here which makes it even more enjoyable for travelers who love adventure sports like rafting or kayaking etc.


River rafting in Kullu Manali is the best way to enjoy the beauty of rivers, glaciers, and snow-clad peaks of Himachal Pradesh. With a wide range of packages available at different prices, you can explore the river by yourself or with friends and family.

The most popular rivers are:

  • Alaknanda/Naharsar - This is a beautiful Himalayan river that flows through Kullu Valley before merging with its sister tributary, Satluj. It has been declared as one of India’s 8 Wild Rivers based on its pristine nature and scenic beauty! You can experience this exhilarating adventure by booking your package online today!
  • Hanuman Chatti - Located near Rohtang Pass in Solan district, this beautiful Himalayan river offers outstanding views from its banks during the summer months between June and September when water levels rise due to monsoon rains. You don't need an expert guide or any special equipment - all you need is just yourself along with your camera for a true adventure experience!


The Kullu River is the most popular destination for rafting in Kullu Manali. The river flows through the beautiful valley of Kullu, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. This river rafting adventure gives you an opportunity to explore this beautiful area and enjoy some exhilarating fun activities like kayaking, tubing, and other exciting water sports at your own pace. While you are on this tour with us, we take care of all your needs so that it becomes an unforgettable experience for all those who choose to travel with us. Temperate in kullu goes real low, the current temperature in kullu in winters go upto 6°C.

Rafting in Kullu Manali is an exciting adventure that everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime. The river of Manali and its tributaries provide a perfect setting for this activity. You can choose from the following packages:

  • Family Package – Rs. 5000 per person including all taxes
  • Single Person Rafting – Rs. 2500 per person including all taxes

River rafting kullu manali cost :

The cost of rafting in Kullu depends on the number of people and the time of the year. For example, if you want to go on a 2-day trip with an experienced guide then it will cost you around Rs 1,300 per person (excluding taxes). If you are planning a solo trip or just want to explore different parts of Bhagsu valley then it would be cheaper than this price set by us.

There are two types of rafting; one is called “Laxmi Puja” which means Goddess Laxmi's Festival and another type is called “Bhagsu Rajput Festival” a festival where they worship their gods during this period each year.


River rafting in Kullu is one of the best adventures for people of all age groups. Kullu is one of the best destinations for people of all age groups and it has a lot to offer as well. The river Rafting in Kullu has been gaining popularity among tourists because it offers an exhilarating experience with breathtaking views, beautiful landscapes, and wildlife that you would love to explore at your leisure.

Kullu has many places where you can have fun with your friends or family members such as trekking trails, climbing mountains, and other activities which are available within easy reach from this beautiful place.

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