Looking for fun in Jaipur? list of adventure and water park in Jaipur

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Jaipur is based in Rajasthan, having fantastic tales of the past, giving India a thoughtful history. Moreover, popular as the pink city of India, the royal palaces and forts are all that one could think of in a blink of an eye. However, the water park in Jaipur adds further attraction, which not all tourists realize. 

Well, yes, Jaipur is more about the forts and past; it's undeniable. But you still cannot skip the adventurous part of the city. Check out the given water park photo. Doesn't it seem fun? It does, so why not try out some themed adventure park in the city and tell what your thoughts are about it!

Adventure Park In Jaipur  

Since you are in Jaipur for a fun holiday, nothing can make it more fun than the Jaipur park of adventures. Just try letting your stress go off, wear the most comfortable outfit and drench into some chillness in the water. Let there be no inhibition and scream your lungs out. 

If you think water and adventurous parks are meant to be for kids only, it is supposedly the worst opinion you have within your mind. Water parks are for everyone, and any amusement park in Jaipur will tell you the same. With that, here is a list of water park in Jaipur that you ought to try:

  • Appu Ghar Jaipur

Along the Delhi-Ajmer bypass road, you have Appu Ghar Jaipur, open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The 8-acre big water park of Jaipur, Appu Ghar, is amongst the oldest destinations of the city. Area-wise, the spread of the park is amazing, and you get to taste some bits of the Aravalli ranges. The ticket pricing is anywhere from Rs 449 to Rs 1349. 

  • Pink Pearl 

Pink pearl water park Jaipur is not simply dedicated to water adventures, but other activities like go-karting, rain disco, laser games, ice skating, etc. Even a beach in the pink pearl water park gives an outlook of a real beach, although artificial. The authorities have implicated a good job in making it appear authentic, with the umbrellas and sheds adding another bonus. During weekdays, the pricing for adults is Rs 500 only, Rs 600 on Sundays, and Rs 350 for children. About the location of pink pearl Jaipur, it is located in the 10th mile of Jaipur Ajmer expressway.

  • Mauj Mahal 

Another great water park in Jaipur is the Mauj Mahal, located on the city's outskirts. Mauj Mahal is nearby 14 Number Puliya Jaipur road and charges less than Rs 500 for adults Rs 300 for children. 

  • Angel Resort Jaipur

A much more affordable Water Park In Jaipur is Angel resort. Starting from Rs 150, angel resort Jaipur offers a splendid experience to one and all. The most popular activities in the resort are Rain dance and lazy river rides. The location is Sikar Highway in Eden Garden. 

  • Great Escape  

The great escape is truly an escape to a whole new arena; however, a little towards the pricier side, but completely worth the penny. Also, the resort is completely bounded by high-speed wifi available to use by visitors. Even the staff members are extremely polite, ensuring the overall hospitality is up to the mark. Great escape ticket price 2020 and presently is somewhere starting from Rs 4,000 with no discount options. 

  • The Heaven Water Park 

The heaven water park is only an hour's ride from the Rajkot airport. The prices start from Rs 2500, and within the compound, you'll have good options in food apart from only being a nice option for a water park in Jaipur.

  • Fun Kingdom Jaipur

In the Jagatpura region of Jaipur, the fun kingdom Jaipur park is popular for its fun rides and cozy resort rooms. Moreover, the fun kingdom Jaipur ticket price is nominal, starting from Rs 400 for senior citizens, Rs 550 for children with 132 cm height or below, and Rs 650 for adults. 

  • Golden Water Park 

If you search for something like Puri Water Park in Odisha at Jaipur, this is the best alternative. You can start your day in Golden Water Park from 8 AM, open till 6 PM. Here, you can enjoy water slides, rain dances, a picnic, and more. The discount options are reliable, with educational groups getting the most of it.

  • Krishna Water Park

Yet another option in a great water park in Jaipur is the Krishna water park, with only Rs 500 for children and Rs 650 for adults as the entry price. It's suggested that you book the tickets beforehand to avail 15% discount on the total. There are also lockers available to keep your stuff safe when you go towards the swimming pool in Jaipur Krishna water park.

  • The South Aqua Park

As the name itself suggests, the south aqua park is abundant with options like huge water slides, a separate kids section, a dance floor in the pool, and usual swimming pools. Overall, the place is a nice family water park in Jaipur, with discounts on pre-bookings and school students. The park is open between 8 AM to 6 PM. However, the ticket counter is only open till 4 PM.

  • Sunshine Resort Jaipur

Another good option for a resort and water park in Jaipur is the sunshine resort, with a good range of adventurous options. This is a couple-friendly spot and family-friendly too. The water park is not very big area-wise, yet nothing lacks in whatever it already has. Moreover, it has some amazing room options to stay apart from only being a good water park in Jaipur alone.


All posted 'park ke photo' is more than enough to convince anyone why you should visit water parks. The summer heat is another reason why themed parks are a good getaway. You'll be able to openly feel the air and be yourself, enjoying the day that's much needed. However, the only concern is the crowd, which is obvious to be huge given the hype. But it's much recommended that you visit the adventurous water park in Jaipur.

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