Magic of Srivilliputhur: Why should you visit?

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Srivilliputhur: overview

Out of all the hubs of India's tourism, Tamil Nadu completely stands out. And if you ask why; the lush forests and richness of wildlife shall provide you with a perfect answer.

India is full of nature's beauty and if you start the voyage to each one of them, it'd take centuries. Well, if you anyway have begun your journey, make sure your next destination is Srivilliputhur and its ranging falls. 

Where is Srivilliputhur located? 

Virudhunagar District in Tamil Nadu has a very beautiful town, named Srivilliputhur. Situated at the Western Ghats in Shenbaga Thoppu Meenvetti Parai walls, the area is cornered by dense forest and complete greenery. The neighborhood is also home to several tribal communities. 

Most tourists visit the place during winter and in the monsoon. Nevertheless, the spot is open all year throughout. The richness of flora and fauna can also be well distinguished. Due to this diversity of nature, Shenbaga Thoppu became a wildlife sanctuary in 1989. There are several waterfalls with Srivilliputhur as one of the most popular ones. 

Reaching the falls has become easier as of now since road connectivity is developed. There are buses you can get that'll directly drop at the location. If coming from faraway places, you should know that the Virudhunagar and Madurai International Airport are the nearest railway station and airport respectively. 

Srivilliputhur sanctuary

The Srivilliputhur sanctuary thrives with wildlife and now has a secured place along with peace. If coming by train, that would only take a night from Chennai which is situated around 560 km further from it. 

Even though the facilities there are almost 5/5, the regulators are looking forward to extended development. Sanctuary is very huge area-wise. Three locations- Ayyanar Koil, Sastha Koiil, and Sundara Mahalingam temple make up the best of it. And soon there will be eco huts to stay, and not only in one but three different locations. 

Per head fees are Rs 40 for Sastha Koil while it's Rs 50 for Ayyanar Koil. 

Some locals live within Srivilliputhur sanctuary areas and have been assigned to assist tourists. As of now, only a few visitors are permitted in a day.


Popular Srivilliputhur falls to visit 

  • Suruli Falls 

The Suruli Srivilliputhur falls drop from 150 feet height with its water supplied by the Meghamalai range. 

A lot of worth visiting Srivilliputhur near falls lying in proximity remains undiscovered. Luckily, Suruli falls is already discovered and lie around 10 km from Cumcum and 56 km from Theni. 

  • Ayyanar falls 

Around 10 km towards the west of Rajapalayam, Virudhunagar, in Ayyanar Koil is a mesmerizing Ayyanar Srivilliputhur falls. The waterfall received its name from the famous Ayyanar temple located nearby with more information given going forward in the article.

Rest given, the hill is very suitable for mountaineers, too, as it offers just perfect woodland scenery and a pleasant experience. During the entire trek, you meet beauty. However, the chance of getting to pass through the magnificent Ayyanar Srivilliputhur falls is more than enough why you certainly need to pay a visit. 

The purity of the water is in nowhere position for questions. The water is as sacred as a diamond. The proof of its freshness is the fact that localities use it for drinking purposes. The real delusion remains with where the water is coming from. Well, monsoon rains are the primary source. And this water content of Ayyanar Srivilliputhur falls turns out to be of great help to farmers who use it for irrigation at their crops. 

However, the catch is that you cannot start the trek as you wish. There must be proper permission you get from the Department of Forest. And only after a trek of three hours can you reach the falls; that is if you don't get lost on the way. Most Water falls near Srivilliputhur including Ayyanar are being regulated by the municipality and the Forest Department in Tamil Nadu together. 

You will also be able to meet with friendly wildlife of Ayyanar Srivilliputhur falls; such as Varayadu Goats and Grizzled Squirrels. There is least to no dangerous wildlife since the area is completely protected. However, there are wild elephants but everything's safe and sound if you return from the Srivilliputhur falls trek before it's dark. 

  • Other touristy waterfall spots to experience a bit of Srivilliputhur falls include Kottamalai Falls, Shenbaga Thoppu, waterfalls of the center mountain, Kuruvi Parai Waterfalls, Sathuragiri falls and Sastha kovil falls among others.

Temples near Srivilliputhur 

  • Sanjeevi hills

Sanjeevi hills are known for the famous tale it holds about Hanuman carrying the hills to Sri Lanka to save Lord Lakshmana. You'll find Sanjeevi hills right on the way towards Chatrapati at Rajapalayam. The spot is a complete package for peacefulness. 

  • Ayyanar Koil  

Ayyanar Koil covers the sloppy regions of Western Ghats with temples to protect the area. By chance visiting Ayyanar Koil? Also, do visit the Ayyanar Fall and the dam that supplies safe drinking water to the locals living nearby. 

  • Andal temple 

Andal Temple is a popular attraction of Srivilliputhur. The temple has been dedicated to Vishnu and followers from around the world visit andal to receive blessings. 

It is located around 80 km from Madurai. The area was the birthplace of not one, but two Alvars- Periyalvar and Andal, the foster kid. Godha Devi temple also lies in proximity, therefore do check that out also. 

For better easement for tourists, keep a track of the Srivilliputhur Andal temple website that'll help you out during the trip. 

More about Srivilliputhur Andal Temple

Srivilliputhur Andal Temple is richly focused on Andal, Periyalvar's foster child found inside Periyalvar temple. She was near a Tulsi plant on the garden premises and is believed that the garden is her birthplace. 

About the temple, it is well guarded by a tall granite wall and has two divisions. One is located in the southwest and the second is on the northeast side of the ghats. There are several paintings you'll see on the Andal temple's wall which were ordered by king Vijayanagar and Nayak. The paintings add another spark to the rich history of Srivilliputhur India.  

The hills were formerly known by the name Varaha kshetra. Bhrgu and Markandeya used Champaka forest for penance who were sages of that time and had a common demon, Kalanerai. Kalanerai disturbed both the sages so much that they decided to seek help from Vishnu. 

To know further about the past, you can google and you shall find out more on any Srivilliputhur temple website, both official and non-official. 


The mighty life stories of Pandyas, Pallavas, and Cholas have been scripted in this state. Additionally, the geographical area is completely an all-rounder when it comes to tourism. 

You get to experience almost everything in just one state. There are water parks for water lovers, temples for spirituality, beaches for a bikini day, hill stations for height lovers, sanctuaries to experience wildlife, and historic monuments for some lessons of the past.

Visitors can take back a lot with them, the first one of which is new memories. Tamil Nadu, specifically Srivilliputhur whole heartily welcomes each of you to pay a visit at least once. 

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