Nagaland Famous Food: Are you willing to try?

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In Nagaland and Northeast India, food habits are much different from the mainland. Locals thrive in Nagaland famous food and love to cook specials every day, including when it is not a special day. People here enhance the taste of boiled foods and are less worried about the spiciness. The habit of consuming spiciness comes from Nagaland growing King chili, the spiciest chili in India, in abundance. The best thing about King chilies is that they are spicy, have some flavor, and do not result in stomach aches. 

Nagaland Famous Food

It is out of mind to think how different it is, both appearance and taste-wise. Although very exotic, most dishes are simple and need less effort to make. You Might not have heard about Nagaland tourism, but you must have most certainly heard about Nagaland famous food. 

If you go through all tourism in India, Nagaland is extremely backward. It is also a lesser-known place in India for tourism and has been less focused on the subject. However, the place is not behind anybody regarding natural beauty and exotic foods. 

Let's start the article with the most famous and important ingredients of the Nagaland famous food, and as we approach further, you'll notice how the state is obsessed with fermentation. 

The most common ingredients in Nagaland Famous Food

A few items are heavily used (almost in every dish sometimes) in the cuisine, such as the fermented dry fish and king chilies. They taste well with every other kind of Naga food. Here are some of them, including a few Nagaland food images of popular ingredients: 


The movie ' Axone,' which took a hit on Netflix a couple of years back, is dedicated to this popular ingredient, better understood as fermented soybean. There are numerous ways of the Axone naga recipe, with its cake form used as a side dish- the most famous one. While the rest of India loves onions and cabbages as a side thing to have, it is the Axone for Nagaland people. Apart from that, there are several Axone Nagaland food recipes such as stews with smoked pork, dried beef, and dried fish made with Axone beloved to Nagaland. 

Bamboo shoot

Bamboo shoots are extremely favorite veggies in the Northeast, with every household loving it. The taste is very simple; if you have been growing up taking in the bamboo shoot, it comes under as a 'favorite.' If not, the bamboo shoot fragrance shall be the most disgusting. 

The most popular dish used with bamboo shoots is the Assamese pork dry fry style and the naga pork recipe. 

Fermented dry fish

No matter which Nagaland food market you take a visit to, you'll find at least one vendor selling varieties of fermented dry fish. Northeast loves fermented food, and dry fish is one of them. Most famous Nagaland food includes dry fish, a much-loved delicacy in the state. They are used both as a chutney and to prepare curry stews out of it. 


The colocasia stems are better known by the local term 'anishi' throughout the state. Although most stews work well enough without anishi, it simply adds additional delight and flavor to the stew. The most common practice of anishi is its addition to pork stews. 

List of Nagaland famous food dishes


Samathu is prepared with Axone, smoked pork, and king chilies (powder or as it is), made into a thick curry. Initially, the curry is cooked above a high flame, but right after the mixings are down, the flame is lowered so that curry becomes more flavorful. 


Mustard leaves and colocasia are the most-loved Nagaland vegetables and certainly grown in house gardens if any, and giant pots otherwise. Aikibeye needs nothing, no spices, no oil, nothing- just some pinch of light salting and water for it to boil. Preparation begins with the chopping of veggies; it is cooked in water until it's readily soft to be consumed. To be more specific, aikibeye is the most popular amongst the state as Angami tribe food from all other 16 main tribes.

Akini (perilla seeds) Chokibo (snails)

Chokibo, the paddy field snails, is one of the most exotic naga food products all over the state. Akini Chokibo is a dish referring to perilla seeds in combination with Chokibo. First, the perilla seeds are roasted, and then some quantity of chokibo is cooked with it. 

Veg boil 

Veg mix, popular in other parts of the nation, has a different concept in Nagaland. While the entire nation prefers veggies cooked in oil, northeast India loves anything boiled. Boiled vegetables such as spinach leaves, beans, colocasia, carrots, cabbages, and mejenga leaves are simply flavorful here. 

Fish Cooked in Bamboo 

Fish Cooked in Bamboo is a delicacy not just practiced here but naga delicacy Dibrugarh, Assam, Mizoram, and the rest of the northeastern states. No utensils are used to prepare the food. Rather, bamboo tubes are taken, cleaned, and filled with fish to be smoked above a fire. There are fewer or no spices used in Bamboo dishes, yet they are extremely delicious. Other popular bamboo dishes are bamboo rice, pork, and beef.  

Dog meat

Sometimes, the Nagaland famous food gets intensely wild, including dog meat. It is popular meat to be consumed like other countries in South Asia. You can find dogs being sold in the local markets for cheap. Although it might be offensive to hear in both ways, such a thing can be a Nagaland dog vomit food for animal or dog lovers.  


Zutho is a rice beer, the most chosen form of drink. Also known as Apong, the struggle is real while making this. It also is a much-needed hornbill festival food, without which the celebration remains incomplete. Coming from Nagaland, apong has gained much importance in Northeast India. 


To provide Nagaland food names in Hindi is quite difficult as localities prefer to call them in their language only. The diversity is so humongous in the state that the Naga people constitute several local tribes within such a small area. Among all sixteen of them are the most common and considered superior. 

The Nagaland famous food may also alter with different tribes, yet the ingredients usually stay the same. The only big difference you can see is the language they speak. Rest assured, if you someday visit Nagaland, English will be your savior as most localities already know fluent English. Also, be prepared to try out the Nagaland famous food, entirely prepared with simplicity and less spice but only the king chilies. 

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