Chilling Russian beaches to visit

Srishti GuptaApr 28 . 5 min read

Russia is a country that is partly in Asia and in Eastern Europe. This country is at the borders of the Arctic Ocean and very near to the North Pole. Although the country is known in the world for its cold weather, bears, and vodka that is not all that it has to offer. Russia has amazing beaches that are widely famous among the country's population as well as for the tourists that visit there. Here are some of the Russian beaches that one must visit to enjoy the Arctic Ocean thoroughly. 

1.    Olympic Beach

The Olympic beach is known for the beautiful pebble beach as it is scattered on the beach for about 5 km distance. This beach is also situated in the Sochi lowlands. This beach starts from the Psou River which is situated at the end of Abkhazia to the Olympic Park. This beach has a well-functioning cycling track and some other activities that can be enjoyed with friends and family. The shoreline of this Russian beach is filled with fast food cafes, restaurants, and pubs. Here people can enjoy the local snack, beverages, and drinks. This beach also has many amusement rides that kids can enjoy making it best to visit with your friends and family. 

2.  Khalaktyrsky Beach

This is one of the most beguiling beaches in the country as the beach has black sand. The black sand is the main attraction of the beach. The beach gets this unique color of sand due to volcanic eruptions that have formed the sand centuries before in the peninsula. People visit the place from all around the world just to enjoy the long stretches of these black volcanic sands. This beach has fewer distractions and is less crowded making it a perfect spot for a quiet picnic with a special one. This beach is located on the east coast of Kamchatka in Russia. Kamchatka beach is safe to visit although tourists must have a local guide to help them with navigation and let them be more cautious concerning wild animals. 


3.  Riviera Beach 

Riviera Beach is located in the easternmost area of the black sea. It is in Yegorova Sochi, Russia. This beach is well known for its black stone that covers the area and it is perfect to hang out with friends. This beach is filled with fun activities that include a banana boat ride, hydro cycle ride, parachute flights, and other exciting water sports. This Russian beach has many seaside cafes and a varied range of eateries that make me more appropriate for a visit. 


4.  Promenade Beach

The Promenade Beach which is located in Becker’s Park, Russia is one of the most popular beaches in the country as it is known for its striking white sand, sparkling blue water, and local foods. This beach consists of ropeway rides, fishing, and a picnic spot for your family to just sit and enjoy. The panoramic view of the ocean and thousands of people gathering to enjoy it is surely the best trip to Russian beach. 


5.   Laskovy Beach

A perfect getaway from the city rush this quiet and peaceful beach is located in the unconventional town of Repino. This beach is surrounded by the aesthetic beauty of sparkling blue water of the sea on one side and dense pine forest on the other. The local vendors here bring the flavor of Russia as they serve the local drink known as Kvass with cold drinks and snacks. This beach is perfect for recreational activities and kite surfing. The seashore is filled with chic restaurants and local cafés making it one of the more preferred Russian beaches to visit. 

6.  Rosa Beach

This beach unlike the other beaches on the list is not located on the shore of the sea, it is contrasted on the banks of a river that brings out the beauty of nature in Russia. This beach is filled with luxury hotels and restaurants and the lush Green Mountains where one can get lost in the beauty of their surroundings and its quaint environment. The activities that are famous on the Rosa beach in Russia are sunbathing, zip-lining and swimming. The beach is covered with mountains which makes it the perfect place for hiking and rock climbing. Rosa beach is located in the Krasnodar Krai, Sochi in Russia. 


Although Russia is filled with many beaches still many Russian visits other parts of the world for its beaches and food. One such place is Morjim Beach in Goa which is also known as “little Russia” where every year thousands of Russian tourist visits and enjoy the carefree life of the state. This beach is located in North Goa has also adapted to the wide range of Russian tourists and the local restaurants and pubs have edited some of the menus and signs in Russian


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