How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Bali | Step by Step Guide [2021]

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 How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Bali | Step by Step Guide [2021]

Bali is known as the "Island of the Gods" and the "Island of Weddings." It's no surprise that many couples decided to have a destination wedding in Bali because of the island's gorgeous beauty and genuinely great environment. There are a few things you should know about having a destination wedding in Bali:

1. Selecting a Location

Bali is a stunning location with a wide range of activities. Whether you want to marry in a beautiful villa or on the beach, you'll need to make a final decision, and the venue is one of the most crucial aspects of planning a Bali wedding.

A wedding in a private villa is one of the most popular and convenient options because many villas are located in a complex with dozens of guests. This location provides all of the privacy and space you require.

Hotels and resorts are also viable possibilities, with some offering commercial wedding chapels.

It's worth noting that Catholic priests are prohibited from marrying couples outside of a Catholic church. To put it another way, if you want to have a Catholic wedding ceremony in Bali, you must hold it in a Catholic church rather than a villa, hotel, or chapel.

What are the best Wedding venues in Bali:

These are some of the top wedding venues in Bali, including Senggigi Lombok, Gianyar, Canggu, Gili Islands, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, Lombok, Nusa Dua, Nusa Lembongan, Sanur, Seminyak, Tabanan, Tanjung Benoa, Tuban, Ubud, Uluwatu, and many others. You may learn more about these wedding venues in bali by visiting this site.

2. Selecting the Appropriate Season

Bali is a tropical island with a distinct rainy season, considering while organizing your Bali wedding. Most couples would want to marry on a bright sunny day, avoiding the dreaded rainy season (October-March). During the rainy season, though, downpours in Bali rarely last more than an hour or two.

When planning your wedding budget in Bali, keep in mind that prices for accommodations, celebration locations, and services, in general, are higher during the high season (June-August, Christmas, and New Year). Many hotel rooms and wedding villa rentals are 30% to 50% less expensive than during peak season.

3. Making the Banjar Fee Payment

The Banjar charge is undoubtedly one of the most perplexing aspects of your Bali wedding. You must pay a fee to the local village community or Banjar if you host your wedding in a Bali villa, and this is typical practice in all Bali villas.

The money effectively "buys" you permission to hold your event within the village, indicating that the Banjar will be aware of the increased noise and traffic. The Banjar determines the actual charge in your area, so double-check when renting your wedding villa. In addition to the Banjar price, almost all villas charge an event fee, which varies from venue to location.

4. Day of Stay

When organizing a destination wedding in Bali and selecting a villa as a venue, keep in mind that most villas need a minimum stay with wedding bookings. So, this implies that even if your wedding celebrations are only a one-night affair, you must reserve the villa for a minimum of three nights.

The length of the needed minimum stay varies from villa to villa and by season: the required minimum stay is more extended during peak season.

5. Plan ahead of time and bring your alcohol!

If you're planning a destination wedding in Bali and like to drink, consider that alcohol is slightly pricey. Many couples buy wine and other alcoholic beverages in their native country and have each guest bring a bottle. According to Indonesian legislation, each traveler is allowed to bring one liter of alcohol with them. 

Duty fees apply to everything over one liter that must be declared at customs. As you can see, "Bring Your Own Bottle" is sound advice for all Bali wedding guests.

6. Begin planning ahead of time.

We should begin by reserving a date and location, as Bali is widespread and likely fills up quickly. At least 12 months before the wedding day is the best time to accomplish this. It is also necessary to inform your guests and allow them enough time to plan financially for their trip to your wedding. 

7. Hire a wedding coordinator or wedding planner.

After deciding to have a destination wedding in Bali, you'll need assistance because you won't be able to spend all of your time in Bali organizing things. Hire a Bali wedding planner to handle all of the details and make your every fantasy come true. Plan your wedding with a professional and delegate the paperwork to them.

Wedding planners also know the best venues, musicians, chefs, and performers to hire, so you won't have to worry about that. And there are several outstanding and experienced wedding planners on the island of Bali to select from.

8. Decide on the type of wedding you want.

After settling on a destination wedding in Bali, we should be aware that there is a level of authority involved, so you'll need to think about filling out some papers. When getting married in Bali, you have two options: a legal ceremony or a symbolic one. Even if you choose to have a formal ceremony and become legally married in Bali, you must fulfill specific steps.

The religious and civil ceremonies are included in the legal tradition, though the details may differ. The religious ceremony is required and must adhere to one of Bali's official faiths.

9. Bali wedding package 2021 versus do-it-yourself weddings

While an all-inclusive wedding package may entice some couples, Bali offers many options and the ability to build something unique if desired. We suggest using a package as a starting point and then customizing everything from the flower arrangements to the hair and make-up stylists to the food and beverage package to the entertainment. Consider what aspects of your wedding day are most important to you: the location, the joy, or the food, and organize your day accordingly.

10. Bali wedding cost 

After deciding on a destination wedding in Bali, people's most common question is how much a Bali destination wedding costs. The answer to this question is difficult to give because there are so many variables to consider. Destination weddings in Bali can range from extremely inexpensive to ultra-luxurious. We've heard of Bali weddings costing up to $4 million, but we've also witnessed gorgeous budget Bali weddings for less than $10,000.  

Most resort hotels in Bali need wedding packages, which include a variety of décor. The cost of a package is determined by the features included by the client. The Bali wedding cost ranges from $500 to $6,000.00 or more.

Many couples who have a destination wedding in Bali prefer to book a Bali wedding package because these packages are already crafted with the wedding planner and a venue. It provides an accurate price projection, which you can always adjust with changes if necessary.

However, if you like to design a wedding from the ground up, you can do it with the help of a wedding planner based on your desires and needs. Although a wedding in a villa can be more expensive, it is a very appealing alternative for various reasons. 

A Bali beach wedding is typically advertised on television or in luxury wedding magazines. Many brides fantasize about gliding down a pristine white sand path lined with vividly colored flowers, ready to exchange their eternal vows of love. You can learn more about Bali beach weddings, Bali villa wedding packages prices, Bali destination wedding package, or about the Bali wedding package in 2021 by visiting this website and then plan a lovely wedding according to your budget.

How many guests should you invite?

The most challenging task is to convince your guests to visit Bali.

Food and beverages and the wedding venue are some of the most expensive aspects of a wedding.

The cost of a western buffet with nonalcoholic beverages can range from $42 to $85 per person.

Things to do while you are planning a destination wedding in Bali: 

  1. Visit the Venues
  2. With the help of your wedding planner, schedule an inspection visit.
  3. If you are unable to visit the place, make sure you conduct thorough web research. 
  4. Look for reviews, blog posts, or YouTube videos.
  5. Inquire about the wedding venue's regulations.
  6. An inspection is performed at no cost to the forum.
  7. A Catering Company's Food Tasting
  8. With the help of your wedding planner, organize a day of food tastings.

Getting married in Bali may be difficult, but it will be well worth it in the end. Choose the proper season to avoid the rainy season and engage a wedding planner to help you realize your dreams. Now, you can easily plan a destination wedding in Bali after knowing about Bali destination wedding packages, Bali beach weddings, Bali villa weddings packages, and many more.

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