Rent a Bike in Kasol

Piyush Kumar ShrivastavaOct 30 . 7 min read

Be in solo or group, traveling on a bike is always a new and refreshing experience. Kasol tourism is more about wandering than staying at a place. Hence, most suggestions for traveling here are of renting a bike for traveling and easily available also. Various agents/ tour operators/workshops/ mechanics are there and some local people also who provide bikes on rent for some days. 

Bike rent in Kasol specially made for mountainous areas and rough terrains is available here for as low as 1100 rupees a day. Bikes like Royal Enfield Himalayan 500, Royal Enfield Classic 350, Bajaj Avenger are mostly available for renting. Some things that you need to make sure of while taking any bike on rent is don’t take a bike which is very old and not in a good condition. Also, check for valid RC, Insurance, and PUC for the bike you are taking on rent.

Having a carrier attached to your bike can be a good advantage for a Kasol trip. So, do ask your renter to provide a carrier also with the bike. Booking a ride online can be sometimes problematic, so suggestions are to be cautious while booking online and check for everything deeply. 

Kasol Trip Package

Various kinds of packages are there for a trip to Kasol like Kasol trip package from Delhi, Kasol Kheerganga package, Manali Kasol tour package, and others. All the packages are very cost-effective and have an abundance of things to offer. Family tour packages are there nowadays. You can reach Kasol and then rent a bike onwards. Renting a bike needs to show up your documents including your Driver’s License and Adhar card. 

Talking about the stays in Kasol, there are many beautiful places and restaurants here to make your trip memorable with beautiful locations and delicious food items.

Kasol Tour Itinerary

You can reach here by bus most easily. You can take Bus from Bhuntar going towards Kasol. The approximate expenditure here for 2 days would be around 5000 INR. The famous cuisines of this place including the maximum suggestions are Israeli, Italian, Cheesecakes, Croissants, apple pie, etc. Also, you must visit the famous Chalal village for trekking. Kheerganga trek is one of the major attractions for Kasol.

The trek is worldwide famous and you get the beautiful Parvati valley around when going for the Kheerganga trek. Some famous places that you should add up to your list are Tosh, Manikaran, Malana, Chalal, Rasol, Kheerganga, Kalga. Time for visiting Kasol would be good around the year except November end to March as the winters here are extremely chilled. 

Homestay in Kasol

There are many stay points in Kasol which are famous as Homestays and offer great comfort. Some of the famous places near Kasol to stay are Fusion Homestay, Natural Hill View, Breathe Inn, Little Hamlet café and Guest House, Dream Valley Home Stay, Himalayan Moppets, Villa By Off Limits, Natural Hill View, and many others. The suggestions for homestays are very high because these are cheaper comparatively and have no hidden taxes or extra payments. 

The food you get here is much more hygienic than the other places to stay. Free Wi-Fi and parking are some of the services offered only in homestays. These places are considered very safe also for staying in Kasol.

Treks near Kasol

Most famous is the Kheerganga trek, located in the Parvati valley and important from the Historical and mythological point of view. The major attraction is the bath in hot spring water when every other thing is covered in snow. Some other well-known treks are Sar Pass Trek, Pin Parvati Pass, Tosh, Malana, Rasol, and Chalal with views of snowcapped mountains and Pine trees.

The best thing is that the treks are of a moderate type and not limited to people who are experts in trekking. People with normal trekking skills can complete the lap very well. So, including the facts and suggestions, Kasol trekking is one of the must-have experiences for anybody visiting Kasol.

Tents in Kasol

This is also a very good and peaceful option to stay making you feel relaxed and far from the city noise. Tailored as per your need and best for hiking and trekking, tents can be locomoted easily to some other location. You can enjoy with a bonfire by the side of your tent or have a freshening walk with beautiful views of Nature. Some of the famous camps here are the Mahadev riverside, Kasol riverside, Orchard and Aman, North Deodar camps.

Parvati camp, Tosh valley camp, and Jalpa camp are some of the best known for camping and tent stays. These tents are considered safe for anyone as the staff present there ensures the safety of the tourists staying in the tents. Pets are also allowed for stays in the tent. The camp staff depending on your suggestions can provide you with food and also you can enjoy yourself made dishes also in the tent stays in the camp. 

Trip to Manali and Kasol

Manali is around 75kms. from Kasol but never a place to miss when visiting Kasol. All three means of traveling, road, rail, and air can be used to reach these places. The villagers in Manali and Kasol are very friendly and welcoming in nature. The hot water spring in vashisht, paragliding above the sliding valley, enjoy famous delicious dishes like thukpa, red rice, and siddhu. 

Different types of Kasol packages along with a trip to Manali are there which make the trip more affordable for anyone. Both the villages have eye-capturing sites and greenery all around. You can also visit the famous Café Miraki to try Momos best in the area. Rafting on river Beas can be a good adventure for you with all your adventure skills tested as suggestions tell it and the memory of a lifetime.

Kasol trip from Delhi

Distance of 530 km. is there between the two places but packages are available including sight-seeing, stays, and food. The bike ride is also a great option to reach Kasol and other nearby things on a bike only. Some packages include trekking also to Kheerganga or Tosh with a guide available optionally. 

Kasol is an habitant of the well-known community called the ‘Sikhs’. The very famous ‘ Gurudwara Sikh Manikaran Sahib’ is present here and it is well known for the hot water springs. Moreover, the roads in and to Kasol are in good condition and loved by bikers especially for Kasol travel. 

 One more interesting thing about this place is you may find it as a Bob Marley country. You can find his face printed on almost everything like Menu, Graffiti, T-Shirts, Flags, Mugs, and many other things.

 Some of the major suggestions for Kasol include carrying a water bottle and keep refilling it again and again. Lord Shiva’s son Karthikey had meditated here so this also makes Kheerganga in Kasol a very known place. BSNL network is the best working here among others. 

With such a wide range of experiences, adventure sports, historical places, mythological places, and stories, great stay points, good food, loving and warm nature local people, good commute and connectivity, the mix of different cultures, bike riding facilities, Kasol is truly a place to visit and enjoy yourself at any time of the year. The experience is always rich and heavenly and takes you one step closer to Mother Nature.

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