Roads less travelled in Singapore

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Road trips are a boon in disguise. They can relieve your stress and anxiety. A trip with your loved ones and close people can be a memorable moment of your life. Long and beautiful surroundings will help you in relaxing and give your mind some much-needed comfort in difficult times.

Ocean Drive

A smooth trip to Sentosa is accompanied by good-looking skyscrapers. You will also get to see the beautiful sea through your window. So, the Ocean Drive road will take you to the Ocean Way. This road will display you one of the finest forms of nature. It is one of the finest Singapore city roads. Especially during the sunset the sky will change its appearance and will leave you mesmerised.

Lim Chung Kang Road

It is considered one of the heritage roads in Singapore. It is accompanied in its entire length along with other roads like Mandai road, Arcadia Road, South Vista Road and Mount Pleasant Road. Many important trees are also planted on its sideways, like Broad Leaf Mahogany, thick shrubs of Common Sendudok and many more.

Mount Faber

It is the place where you will be able to find the best view as in the case of a mountain road. It is one of the most popular and noteworthy Singapore city roads. You will be able to experience the lush green surroundings. The green plants and trees will provide you with the excellent opportunity to witness the aura of a winding road like Mount Faber Road.

Mandai Road

As mentioned earlier, it is one of the best heritage roads in Singapore. It is lined by lots of trees and plants. Its existence and importance date back to 1855. It connected the agricultural fields of Singapore.

Do not forget to explore the tower named Seletar rocket.

Bayfront Avenue

It is stretched along the city skyline. It will give you a nice view of the historic as well as new buildings of the city all along. It is one of the best Singapore city roads. But during the evening time when the lights come on, the skyline becomes more alluring. It is one of the best places for photography.

There are also some different roads in Singapore which can have some fancy stories attached to them.

1.      Dhoby Ghaut

It is the area which has been connected to the washermen. They used to wash clothes in the area. They were generally from Bengal and Chennai backgrounds or at least connected to those roots.

2.      Jalan Hajijah

It is a street, the history of which is connected to a woman. The name is after the name of the woman. It is one of the most beautiful Singapore city roads. The woman had purchased land in the area and had built a mosque. Today the mosque is not there, but the street keeps her legacy alive.

3.      Kerris Estate Road

This area is connected to a movie studio. The name of the studio is Cathy-Kris Studio. It used to make Malay movies. It was very popular before it shut down because of competition.

4.      Waterloo Street

It is named so because it is a tribute to the victory of the Duke of Wellington in the battle of Waterloo. But the name was difficult for some people to pronounce. It is one of the most talked-about Singapore city roads. So, it was called the fourth street based on its location.

5.      Thomson Road

This road was built by JT Thompson. He played an important role in the development of Singapore. He helped in the establishment of the water supply chain in Singapore.

6.      Duxton Hill

It is named so because of the presence of Duxton Hill in the area. It had a huge quantity of drugs in the area during the 19th and 20th centuries. So, this place was crime cantered as there were many groups in this area.

7.      Short street

It is named so because of the length of the road. It is one of the most popular Singapore city roads because of its tiny length of just 350 meters in length.

8.      Club Street

Once upon a time, it had various clubs present in the area. Many rich people used to come to this area to relax and have a good time.

9.      Novena

It is named so because of the presence of the Church in this place. it is named after the Novena Church. Here various activities were held and were very popular among the tourists.

10.  Mount Pleasant

It was named by its owner G.H.Brown. He found this place very pleasant, so he named it such. He also attempted to grow some useful crops here but failed ultimately. It is one of the most discussed Singapore city roads among the locals.

11.  Orchard Street

It has various orchards consisting of plantations of nutmeg and fruits. That is the reason, this place is named as such.

So, these are some of the streets which need some special attention from the people who love interesting places. Some other places in Singapore which can be listed are as follows: -

  • 10 Coleman Street Singapore
  • 23 church street
  • Fraser street
  • Albert street Singapore
  • Aqueen hotel lavender street Singapore
  • Orchard Road Singapore street view
  • Philip street Singapore
  • Singapore main street

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