Helsinki nightlife ! Where to visit

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Finland is a country located in Northern Europe and it is one of the world’s most remote places. It is known for its severe cold climates and picturesque beauty. This does not stop Finland to have a vibrant and comfortable nightlife. So if you are visiting this country you will be shocked to find so many different options available to choose the best nightclub that meets all your needs. If you are traveling alone or with friends, the nightlife of Finland will suit your needs nonetheless. Here are six such nightclubs you can visit. 

1.   Kuudes Linja

Kuudes Linja is a well-known club in Finland as it is famous for its dance and drink around culture. The club has a beautiful ambiance and groovy music that everyone eventually falls in love with. This place has a wide range of cocktails and if you are visiting with a group of friends this is the best place for you to let loose and just enjoy your night out. A lone traveler has nothing to fear as Finland streets are very safe and one can enjoy the nightlife truly. It is located in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki, Hameentie 13 B. 

2. Apollo Live club

This club is situated in the heart of the city and it was formerly a movie theatre that was later renovated to be a club. It is known for its live music performances and karaoke nights. The crowd of the club is extremely friendly too. The karaoke takes place in the basement whereas the live performances are on the main stage. The clubs also have a stand-up comedy session on weeknights that adds to the club’s charm. It is located in Mannerheiminte 16, the city center and it brings the best of Finland nightlife. 

3. Hotel Clarion 

These are the new clubs in Finland that portrays the country’s modernity at an affordable price. It is located near Jatkasaari. It is a 16-floor hotel that consists of a sky room and a perfect experience of Finland nightlife. This is also one of the best places to stay and enjoy the décor of Nordic chic interior design, reminiscent of international artists and Finnish arts. The club is also known for its innovative drinks and affordable food. This hotel is placed in Helsinki the capital city of Finland and it is a good place to enjoy Helsinki nightlife. The hotel also consists of a rooftop pool and saunas. This place is safe for lone travelers and women as the hotel provides a relaxed and comfortable environment for all. 

4. Club capital 

The club capital has its reputation to play hip hop music and EDM in their clubs so if you are someone who loves to groove at those beats this would be the best place for you. It also has the largest dance floor in Helsinki finland nightlife girls which brings out the party mood right out. The club is mostly filled and it is suggested to book the seats beforehand to avoid standing in the long queue. This is known for its Helsinki nightlife as it is located at Fredrikinta 51, city center, and attracts a good crowd for drinks and dancing. 

5. Marks Rock Club

The Marks Rock club is an amazing place to be if one is trying to enjoy the nightlife of Finland city at night. It has rock music and metallic music played. It is situated right at the Joensuu pedestrian street and it has a relaxed atmosphere. People who want to groove on the rock music and have a great time in Finland can sure visit this place and be entertained. The club is open for the whole night and the gigs and live music make the place appropriate for a set of people trying to let loose and just have fun. This place brings the best of Finland at Night. 

6. Maxine

Lastly, we have Maxine club which is known for its amazing dance floor and an incredible view of the capital city of Finland. The club provides a wide range of drinks on its heated terrace place or under the stars. The cool breezy summer night in the city is the best time to enjoy the starry light of the club and its food and drinks. The club also consists of a lounge area where people can sit and drink and enjoy the beauty of the city. This club also consists of a karaoke room that you and your friends can use to play a wide range of songs and enjoy the nightlife of Finland. The club’s dance floor is mostly filled with a good amount of crowd and if you are looking for a loud, dance-filled night out alone or with your friends, this is the right place for you. This club is situated beside the Kamppi Shopping center in the city center.


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