Some of the best museums and other interesting places in Berlin

Raunak JhaApr 21 . 5 min read

As Germany is considered the cultural head of Europe, Berlin has many art galleries which are difficult to see in a single visit. The city of Berlin which has a population of around 4 million, has some museums of various kinds for example art. One of the best things to do in Berlin is to explore the Museum Island area. It is currently one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This place is very popular among tourists. There is a museum named Pergamon Museum situated here. It has been extremely popular among gallery-goers and enthusiasts. Some of the best museums in Berlin are also the best in the entire world.

In all, Berlin has around more than 150 galleries. Along with the art galleries count stands at around 280. These art galleries include both, expensive privately owned museums and even low budget and small galleries. Kindly before visiting, do perform a thorough check of their respective websites for their current functional hours as well entry fees. Now, let us take a look at some of the best galleries in Berlin.

Do take care that some of these places may be shut down currently because of the ongoing pandemic situation.

The Pergamon Museum

It is one of the most notorious galleries with more than a million visitors annually. It is one of the best museums in Berlin for history lovers. It is the main crowd-puller of the Museum Island in Berlin. It opened its doors to the general public for display in 1930. It has on display full-size models of some monuments. It has a collection of many galleries under one roof. There is a Middle East Museum, Agedness Collection, and a Museum of Islamic Art under one roof. But the main spotlight grabber is the Pergamon Altair. It is considered to be built as a tribute to Athena and Zeus and was constructed in the ancient part of Turkey called Pergamon.

Some other attractions are Samples of Hellenistic architecture. It is one of the best museums in Berlin for art lovers. It includes the gate of the Roman request and even a restored 3rd century BC mosaic bottom. There are also some other samples of Neo – Sumptuous architecture belonging to the time of Nebuchadnezzar II. It also includes the Ishar Gate along with the part of the façade of the Throne room from Babylon and also the professional way.

There are various restored furniture, crockery, pottery and fabrics on display. It is one of the best museums in Berlin for public. But guided tours are also available along with a café and shop for buying some interesting stuff and a road area for public use.

The best to see this gallery is with the help of Skip the line Pergamon and Stint of New Museum. Apart from this special access, you will also get an opportunity to see the galleries surrounding this special place.

The German Museum of Technology

It opened its door to the public in 1983. It has various things on display that show the rich technological dominance of Germany over the world. It also played an important part in the development of Europe. It is one of the best museums in Berlin for international tourists. There are also various bikes and cars on display. There is also a section for the display of the rail transport. It shows the different big mean machines right from 1843 and onwards.

If you want to experience something special, then do try out the Museum train. It is operational only on Sundays and its cost is included in the entry pass. There is also a section for air transport. It shows the evolution of travelling through air. It includes everything from air gliders to man-made giants.

The Old National Gallery

It was constructed in 1876 for being used as a hall for conventional occasions as well as receptions. It is one of the best museums in Berlin for travellers. It is designed based on a Corinthian Temple and is reached by a flight of stairs. It also houses a statue of the Fredrick Williams IV and the credit of its origin is to the year 1886. There are also various statues depicting woman like personalities in the amphitheatre of the building.

The main attraction of the gallery is the French imitators analogous to Manet and Monet. There are also some samples from the Romantic and Neoclassical movements. There is also various German work of art present in this place. One of the examples is Schadow’s double statue of the Prussian Goddess. It is one of the best museums in Berlin for architecture lovers.

So, these are some of the best museums to visit in Berlin. Now there are also some other museums which need special mention here. The first one of them is the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial. It is the best holocaust museum in Berlin. Then the Topography of Terror needs a special mention as it was one of the best museums in Berlin 2019. As mentioned earlier also Pergamon Museum is one of the best museums in Berlin 2022. On the hand, there is also a place which can be considered the best place to visit in Berlin besides the museum. That is The Academy of Arts. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book a flight to Berlin.       


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