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Tarkarli is a town in Malvan taluka in Sindhudurg locale in the Indian territory of Maharashtra. It is an ocean-side objective and remote spot in southern Maharashtra. Not many a long time back, Tarkarli ocean side is pronounced as a Queen Beach of Konkan district.

A large number of sightseers are visiting this spot to restore and appreciate the rush of water sports exercises. All Watersports exercises in Tarkarli, Maharashtra are happening according to worldwide security of principles and under the direction of an expert instructor (Dive Master) with current wellbeing hardware. Numerous scuba diving administrators running these exercises close to Tsunami Island, Devbagh due to shallow water and miscreant risk.


Searching for a tranquil ocean side where you can invest energy with your friends and family? All things considered, Tarkarli ocean side is the best spot for you. It is a delightful ocean side, spread across the Konkan Ocean coast investigating the Arabian Sea situated in the province of Maharashtra. It is a good way of 550 km from Mumbai. You can find some of the best places to visit near Tarkarli.

On the off chance that you stay in Mumbai or Pune, you can visit this put throughout the end of the week. The most effective way to reach this spot is via vehicle. Only a couple of hours' drive and you will arrive at your objective. It is an ideal spot to invest some significant energy with your family at the end of the week.




Sarjekot Fort is located at a distance of 3 Km from the Sindhudurg Fort and Malvan jetty at the entrance of Talashil Estuary. This fort is one of the must places to visit in Tarkarli. The fort was built in the year 1668 by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It is one of the apt places to enjoy the spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset.



Amongst the places near Tarkarli, Dhamapur lake is one of the greatest pools of Sindhudurg locale in the territory of Maharashtra in India. It is built in 1530 by the ruler Nagesh Desai and the locals. The lake is interesting for its picturesque excellence, as it is encircled by many trees like mango trees and coconut trees.

 Areca palm on the different sides. It gets water and stays full consistently. Presently the public authority has coordinated the sailing offices in the lake, with the goal that one can partake in the perspective on the lake.

 You can likewise stroll around the banks of the dam and partake in the astonishing perspective by remaining in the delightful cabins made by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). The entry is free.


Tarkarli Malvan tourism involves, The Malvan Marine Sanctuary is situated close to the Sindhudurg stronghold and is declared as a Marine Sanctuary on the thirteenth of April 1987. The region submerged is stacked with lovely corals, uncommon water plants, fascinating and brilliant fishes, and considerably more.

Among the places to visit in Malvan and Tarkarli, the water will be clear and submerged exercises will be overseen by the guaranteed individuals. It is arranged in a space of 29.22 square kilometers. You can see different verdures in the safe-haven.

 Toward the east of the safe-haven, you can see the semi-roundabout sandy ocean side and toward the western and southern side of the asylum, you can encounter the Malvan and Mandel rocks individually. The evergreen Malvan Picnic Spot is one to spend time and chill.



Shiv Chhatrapati Temple in Tarkarli Maharashtra was worked by the more youthful child of Shivaji Maharaj "Rajaram" in the year 1695 and is committed to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the ruler of the Maratha Empire. It is situated inside the Sindhudurg Fort and consequently, you need to arrive here by boat.

 It is one of the should visit places with loved ones. There is no particular expense for the section. You just need to pay for the ship. Most spiritual Tarkarli places to visit.



This fort comes under must-visit Tarkarli Tourist places. Sindhudurg Fort is a four centuries old noteworthy post worked by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The development of the post was started on the tenth, of November 1664 and was finished on 1667.

To give a guard to this principal post, more modest fortresses were worked close to it in Rajkot, Sarjekot, Bharatgad, Bhagwant stray, Nivati, and different spots. These ocean posts hindered the foes and made them impervious inside the principal stronghold.

The post is additionally used to investigate the intercession of the outer maritime powers like the British, the Portuguese, and the Abyssinians. The Sindhudurg Picnic spot is a very offbeat space to spend time with your family.

These are the fun and tourist places in Sindhudurg. Tarkarli to Sindhudurg fort will be a remarkable journey of your trip for sure.



Tarkarli Tourism brings to you Devbagh Beach situated a good way off of 8 km from the Tarkarli, Maharashtra ocean side. Tarkarli beach information - Since it is situated on an island, there won't be many vehicle offices true to form. However, you can see many boats cruising forward and backward by the neighborhood anglers.

The most ideal way to investigate the ocean side is to meander there on foot and take part in an assortment of water sports.

Devbagh Sangam is only the conjunction of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. This Sangam makes the ocean side more exquisite and delightful. The ocean-side sand will be white and encircled by water from three sides.

The unmistakable blue ocean water, the mangrove trees, and fascinating bird species make the ocean side seriously alluring.



Padmagarh Fort is worked close to Tarkarli in the seventeenth 100 years by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. However it is built to reinforce external protection, it is utilized as the fundamental boat-building base for Shivaji’s naval force.

You can visit the stronghold by taking on a boat ride. However the boat ride appears to be unnerving, but it is worth and amazing. The post is notable for its extraordinary engineering as it is encircled by water on every one of the sides.

There will be standard ship administration from the Malvan port besides during the rainstorm seasons from the long periods of June to September.

You can see a sanctuary devoted to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at the entry and the swords utilized by him inside the post. Go for a little stroll around the post wall to partake in the stunning perspective of the ocean. There will likewise be little shops inside the stronghold to give a few beverages and diners.

Passage: Paid

Boat ride: Rs.70 per individual (forward and backward)



It is quiet, and spotless, and should visit the island, which was framed only one night after the Tsunami. It is 1 Km long. You can find numerous food slows down there serving an assortment of mouth-watering food sources like "poha and chutney".

The seats in the slows down are minimally lowered in the water. It will be a novel encounter eating the food there. Torrent island is packed, as there are many water sports and different exercises. Every one of the game exercises will cost you around Rs.200 - Rs.500 per ride.



Indian Institute Of Scuba Diving And Aquatic Sports is the best spot, where you can learn essential and high-level scuba plunging. The educators are guaranteed and great at preparing the guests.

 As Tarkarli is a scuba objective of Maharashtra, you can see heaps of offers for scuba plunging. It is ideal to realize the fundamental scuba jumping, with the goal that you can investigate numerous things under the ocean. The charges might be limited if you visit there for a gathering.

Preparing Cost:

Shallow Pool: Rs. 2000

Profound Dive in Pool: Rs. 4000

Vast Sea Diving: Rs. 5000



This is an old sanctuary of ruler Mahapurush in Tarkarli. It is situated a ways off of 1.2 km from Tarkarli Beach. Here the Ramanavami is praised excellently by local people and sightseers consistently. Preceding the festival there will be a few dramatizations and plays coordinated in Marathi.



The nursery is found only 8 Kms from the Tarkarli ocean side. However, it is a little home base spot, it is perfect and very much kept up with. It is an ideal spot for unwinding, particularly at night time you can likewise partake in the dusk.

 The beautiful perspective on the sunrise and sunset are the visual treats here. There are additionally a few slows down that sell food and beverages close to the nursery, here you can taste the nearby treats.

Timings: Open 24 hours

Passage: Free



Ganesh Temple is closer to the stone nursery, which is a ways off of 7.2 Kms from the Tarkarli ocean side. The sanctuary is planned and worked in a run-of-the-mill Maharashtrian style, considering the total Vastu shastra and crystal gazing standards by a stargazer Jayant Salgoankar.

The principal symbol gives off an impression of being with the consorts (Riddhi and Siddhi) and is made of gold. Inside the premises, there will be 8 unique mudras of master Ganesh. There will be a little lake inside, where you can sit and unwind for some time.

Arthi timings: At night between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Section: Free



Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra is an astonishing spot to visit in Tarkarli, wherein the excellence of the ocean side views you to invest some greater quality energy around there. The town has an ocean side with completely clear water aside and Karli River with palm trees on the opposite side. Tarkarli beach is said to be one of the major beach locations.

The magnificence of the ocean side is immaculate and subsequently, it holds heaps of the travel industry potential. The ocean side finishes where the Karli River converges into the ocean, which is known as Mobar point, Devbagh. Tarkarli beach activities you can do here, are surfing, boating, spa, beach volleyball, etc.

The Tarkarli Beach where it is? It is huge, spotless, very much kept up with, and has a long shoreline. Furthermore, subsequently, it is appropriate for long night strolls on the sand. During the strolls, you can watch the delightful dusk across the ocean side while tasting a few neighborhood bites or tea/espresso.

There is an eatery on the oceanfront begun by MTDC to serve you a few bites. The ocean side is less jam-packed making it ideal for the guests to invest their quality energy by respecting its excellence.



Situated a good way off of 22 km from Malvan, Maharashtra in Tarkarli, Achra Beach is a heaven for experience devotees, recreation sweethearts, nature searchers, and birdwatchers the same. The ocean side has plenty of exercises for the sightseers to browse.

It is likewise famous for standard sightings of delightful dolphins from the shore. It comes among some best Tarkarli beach locations in Maharashtra. One of the best Picnic spots in Konkan.









Best time to visit Tarkarli

October to March

Going here during November and February is agreeable as the temperature is moderate. This time is ideally suited for scuba jumping, swimming, and different exercises. Numerous social projects are additionally coordinated as of now.

July to September

These months are reasonable for voyaging provided that you partake in the storms as Tarkarli encounters weighty precipitation. Make sure to convey an umbrella and proper footwear for the downpours.

Nearest Railway Station to Tarkarli

Searching for the closest rail line station to Tarkarli? The closest railhead is the Kudal rail line station which is around 45 km away from Tarkarli. Furthermore, it will take around 50 to 55 minutes in arriving utilizing the street, utilizing a confidential taxi or an auto, or somewhere in the vicinity. Tarkarli is a town that comes in the Sindhudurg region in the Maharashtra state of India. It is a popular coral ocean side, as well as a vacationer location, and voyagers, stop by here in ideally huge numbers. You can easily travel from Aurangabad to Tarkarli by railway if you reside there.

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