Souvenirs to buy in Georgia

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Georgia and what Souvenirs to buy in Georgia 

Vardzia is what echoes on hearing the former soviet's name, Georgio. It offers a great tourist experience apart from Vardzia also. Starting with its capital city of Tbilisi, ancient architecture is just amazing. 

Because the entire region is extremely rich in history, you ought to gather things to buy in Tbilisi as a symbol of memory. There are vast options for Souvenirs from all of Georgia and here are a few of what you get: 

Traditional Blue Tablecloths-

Buying a souvenir can get confusing most of the time. So to break it down for you, start looking for cultural pieces such as the Georgian Blue Tablecloth often called Supra within the locals. 

A cultural tablecloth has to be one of the best things to buy in Tbilisi. If not the blue tablecloth, you can go forth with red and green ones having the same traditional feel and structure. 

There's a really interesting tale about Georgian Blue Tablecloth and if you have ever wondered if those were true; yes those are true. They are not just a piece of cloth and more of it symbolizes the cultures of Georgia. 


Georgians have a unique way of winemaking with UNESCO keeping it in the list of humanity's intangible cultural heritage. Therefore, it shall not be incorrect to say that Georgian wine is one of the greatest things you can only get in Georgia. And if asked about the taste, nothing is comparable to the spicy delight. 

The Georgian Winemaking process begins when the liquid is sent in a 'qvevri' for it to be aged. Qvevri is quite an interesting subject on its own. They are containers made of clay and have a classy egg shape. The makers then seal the clay container and keep them buried under the ground for almost 6 months. 


As much as Georgia is famous for its wine, it is also well known for its spices. Therefore, consider spices whenever you are looking for things to buy in Georgia Tbilisi. Deserter Bazaar is where you should go to get spices. Some of the most popular spices to check out include Blue Fenugreek, called 'utskho suneli' in Georgia, Dried marigold, and 'patula tagetes'. 


Moving forward after spices, unique sweets that are only found in Georgia can be a great option too. Named 'Churchkhela', the walnut derivative sweet is taken with a pomegranate liquid and is very chewable. The next popular sweet is 'tklapi' with sour fruits as the main ingredient. Other than that, try for 'baklava' and Georgian chocolates. 


With the word socks, included as a suggestion on things to buy in Tbilisi, you might quite be questioning what's the purpose. Well, Georgian socks that are being referred to aren't ordinary pairs of socks. They are known as 'Khinkali' socks and have inscriptions of the traditional dumplings. 

Wine horn-

The whole of Georgia lives in wine. If you aren't someone who drinks, the Georgian Wine horn can be a great alternative as Georgia souvenirs for someone who drinks. 

Georgian wine horn, known as 'khantsi' is where Georgians love to take their wine sip from. It is made from goat horns with silver cuffing for a final touch. Most Wine Horn comes with a pack of wooden stands also, that adapts to any kind of ambiance. 


Forgetting fast fashion gives time to traditional art. To dive into further traditional feels, you can start shopping for clothes. There are numerous clothing centers you'll get that are selling vintage. Even if you aren't favorable to what's being already sold, customization does well. 


Georgian cheese is great and must be one of the things to buy in Tbilisi. The only problem is that it is highly doubted that you can carry cheese back to your home safely. That'd be fine if your traveling time is shorter than 10 hours at max. But in other cases, your luck will play a bigger role.

Variations in cheese with assured pleasant taste are a praiseworthy aspect of the state. You might not be a cheese freak, but do check out the options. Who knows your opinion on cheese may reform after trying out the Georgian style? 

Tip: If the cheese has extremely favored your taste buds and still craves it after you reach your homeplace, look for options like "Georgian souvenirs online cheese" on shopping websites to purchase them. 


Jewelry is already common as a gift worldwide. So you don't have any reason to say 'no' to getting jewelry for Souvenir. However, there's a catch. 

The catch is that if you buy jewelry from Georgia, get those Enamel ones. You'll have the chills of ancient Georgia with Georgian Enamel Jewelry in your hands. The trend was high until the establishment of a new law against Enamel jewelry in the 1400's. 

The comeback happened only recently in the 20th century from makers when they decided to mix the practice in their modern jewelry making. For people having an interest in history, Georgian Enamel Jewelry has to be one of the foremost things to buy in Tbilisi. 

Home décor-

Think of the leisure days when you'll have the least amount of activities to do at home. Boring and chilling, both going hand in hand. Suddenly, you find that décor piece you have bought from Georgia and now, you are reminiscing about the good times. 

How cool would that be, wouldn't it? 

Home décor options widen with a budget and cheap Georgia souvenirs you'll find around. If you have plenty of money to spend, you can buy the costliest home décor but even if not, smaller prices still have great collections. 


Tea lover friends and relatives will love nothing more than tea as their gift. The best option for tea is 'Gurueli'. 

Ceramics and handicrafts-  

The creativity of Georgian handicrafts is next level. If not them, then your list of things to buy in Tbilisi is incomplete. 

An unfortunate part is that due to its popularity, the originality has come down, and not everything you see as a handicraft might be a factory product. So be smart about that. 

Best hubs to check for things to buy in Tbilisi:

  • Mtskheta 

One of the great tourist hubs around Georgia is its ancient city of Mtskheta. There is a Cathedral in Scetitskhoveli around which you'll find varieties of stalls selling unique souvenirs, crafts, sweets, and more. Almost all of the gift lists mentioned above can be found in the area.  

  • Gallery 27 – N3 Betlemi Street 

Betlemi street is focused on tablecloths. If you have finally made the decision on what exclusive or cheap things to buy in Georgia and have come down to tablecloths- nothing will be better than Betlemi street. 

  • Tbilisi History Museum – 8 Sioni Street, Tbilisi 

Tablecloths, ceramic pots, crafts, and spices are what's sold in the Sioni street neighboring Sioni Cathedral. Around that, you also have a museum to stroll around. 


The city has no limit to what things to buy in Tbilisi as Souvenirs. Every traveler must bring back a memory with them from their journey. This memory-holding stuff is the Souvenir. Georgia is known for many things and is already mentioned in this article. You can find more than what's written in the article in Georgia only alongside the beauty of historic realms. 

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