Starting Ashram life? Check out the Best Ashrams In India For Permanent Stay

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Best Ashrams In India For Permanent Stay: Overview

Ashrams are a nice way to settle accounts with a busy lifestyle. Especially for those who have a hectic life, have anxiety issues, or are depressed, there are some of the best ashrams in India for permanent stay. The opportunities to volunteer at the Ashram can be life-changing to the participants. 

Mostly, ashrams are filled with spirituality that boosts mental health. Also, there are plenty of free ashrams in India that serve the purpose. Even when they aren't free of cost, they charge a very minimal rate, making it a budget stay as well. 

How To Join Ashram Permanently?

There are some best ashrams in India for permanent stay; before taking admission, a person should know the life that revolves around it. Firstly, there's no such thing as 'payment' that exists in ashram life. It's mostly charity and giving out what you know. 

Ashram for free stay is not an easy life, however, and there aren't any reasons why one should take it for granted. You won't be charged for wanting to live in an Ashram, yet you would require permission from the Ashram head. 

There are several free ashrams in India to consider, with questions to ask yourself before putting yourself in. Usually, there are two reasons why people want Ashram's life. First, a spiritual gain, and second, as a getaway from the hustle and bustle. 

You must realize that Ashram's life is somewhat difficult, so before looking for How to join an ashram in India, you must rather know why Ashram? 

Why Ashram to stay permanently? 

'Ashram' word has been derived from the Sanskrit term srama, meaning opening doors of liberation. Deciding the best ashrams in India for permanent stay only needs one motif. First, uplifting physical and mental health, and secondly, experiencing complete serenity. 

An ashram is truly a place where you can be the most spiritual and thank almighty for whatever you are blessed with. Here are some of the nicest options for free ashrams in India:

Isha Yoga Center

One of the best ashrams in India for permanent stay, it is situated over the Velliangiri Foothills of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The people that help out other ashram visitors are also ordinary people enjoying the calmness in the Ashram. You can also join the Ashram as a volunteer and make friends from around the world at Isha Yoga Center. 

If you search for some free ashrams in India, Isha is one of the options but has rules that can get tough sometimes. Entering is simple, while keeping up with the norms is bewildering. Here, you'd at least have to stay 60 days, without which the authorities won't be allowing you for the stay. 

The Art of Living

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of one of the best ashrams in India for permanent stay, has rooted it since 1981. He was a spiritual leader and keen on yoga practices. Moreover, he organized several fellowship programs in the past. 

The foundation is laid in Udaypura, Karnataka, where volunteers are expected to give 5 hours for the Ashram. It is also one of the free ashrams in India, and although you have to pay for the first entry, the following ones are usually free of cost. 

Amritapuri Ashram

Amritapuri is an ideal ashram to stay permanently in Kerala. It is situated in the Kollam city of the state. The hostings are mostly for charitable outcomes, healthcare help, feminist moves, disaster help, spiritual values, nature campaigns, etc. 

Geeta Bhawan

Another great option for an ashram to stay permanently in Rishikesh is the Geeta Bhawan, in Swarg Ashram road. The building is so huge that at least 1000 volunteers can accommodate themselves at one time. 

There is no less availability of ashrams in India for becoming a sanyasi, and Geeta Bhawan is just one of them. Also, the place holds a good history and is counted among the attractions of Rishikesh. 

There are no free ashrams in India like Geeta Bhawan, where you can also get ease with shopping for ayurvedic Products and books relating to spirituality. However, there are specific periods when authorities organize such programs for stalls, so look into that if you want to participate. 


Yet another nice free stay ashrams in Kerala is Anandashram, which has been standing still since British India. The good thing is that the Samitis of Anandashram is also present in several areas in South India, including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Trivandrum. 

Both volunteering and homestay options are available, meaning you can either choose to volunteer or stay there as a visitor for two days. Anandashram's options in volunteering are also vast, and this list is what makes it one of the best ashrams in India for permanent stay. 

Bharat Heritage Services

Free ashrams in Himalayas are known to provide a great volunteering experience, and Bharat Heritage services are the right choice you'll make. You can volunteer in Yoga courses, spa, detoxing, rejuvenating practice, etc., in Bharat Heritage Services- one of the best spiritual ashrams in India. 

Bharat Heritage Services also helps children under poverty, underprivileged, disabled, and mentally challenged children, making it one of the nicest ashrams in Himalayas for permanent stay. By volunteering, you'll be able to help the children, stay free of cost and receive a certificate at the end. Such specificity of the place counts as some best ashrams in India. 

Brahma Kumaris 

An ashram to stay permanently for ladies in specific is the Brahma Kumari's, which is functional with the help of women entirely. The group of Brahma Kumari's has flourished so largely that presently it has 8500 centers spread across 110 countries around the world. 

And Brahma Kumari centers come as the best free ashrams in India, not just for staying but leading courses and event participation, at minimal to no cost. 

Ashram Stay: Summary

Even though there are innumerable free ashrams in India, ashram life is supposedly tough. Not everyone can permanently establish themselves at an ashram, and it requires rigorous hard work. Despite that, life in an Ashram is completely peaceful, no doubt about that. 

The only thing that comes as doubt is the toughness with it. Regardless of how great and best ashrams in India for permanent stay you go to, the crisis of difficulty remains. 

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