The Frozen River - Trekking In Ladakh

Archi DubeyJun 23 . 3 min read

If you love trekking, then there is a trek you should experience once in your life and that is Chadar Trek.

Chadar Trek or you can say the Zanskar Gorge is a winter string over the Frozen Zanskar River; and also which lies in the Indian Union Territory of Ladakh. Yes, you guessed that right, those who love to travel or hobby of traveling for them, it is traditionally the only means of travel in the area during the harsh winter months.

Chadar Trek is the best place to visit on holidays or in winters, especially in January to February. The string becomes popular with international adventurous tourists.

  • About Chadar Trek or Frozen River Trek

The route of the Ladakh trek is starting from Chiling Sumda. It is a village in the Leh district of Ladakh, India. The approx length of Chadar Trek is 65 miles(105 km) one way. But also the trail difficulty seems extreme.

This place is mostly used or famous for hiking. And here, people living their ice age dream. It is also termed as the delicious cake of this cold party or the icing on the cake.

According to the news reporters, it might be closed for tourists to rescue the existing peace and blessedness of the region, well the decision is not final yet. For some and bad reasons, the Chadar trek will be closing soon. But there is no official announcement yet.

Shocking but it's true that, the ice or the frozen river is indeed melting very fast due to heavy human intervention. So, many people are walking on it that's why it's not even getting time to freeze.

Many visitors and tourists will miss hiking and adventure in their life after it gets close. As people say that Chadar trek will not be everyone's cup of tea now. When it gets close, many people will be going to miss various things about Chadar Trek, the fun, moments, hiking, adventure, the me-time, etc. Amazing scenery, trekking, wild gorges, thrilling walk over the frozen river, and much more.

  • Main Attraction of Chadar Trek

Zanskar is home to ancient monasteries from which Phuktal Monastery and Karsha Gompa are the most popular attractions like the rest of Ladakh.

Some of the locations which have a popular attraction like the rest of Ladakh are-

  1. Nimu Ladakh:- It is popular for its spectacular site of the confluence, it is also called Sangam of Indus.
  2. Sani Gompa:- It is believed to be the oldest religious site in the entire Ladakh and Zanskar region.
  3. Drang Drung Glacier:- This 23 km long glacier is the largest in Ladakh, that is accessible to tourists.
  4. Phuktal Monastery:- It is known for being built along with the natural caves.
  5. Zangla:- It is an offbeat destination that makes for a pit-stop or your Padenn and Karsha tour.
  6. Zongkhul:- It is an important attraction in the Zanskar region, located on the southwestern end of Bardur river in stod valley.

Here is the video link of the Chadar Frozen river trek documentary video by trekking the Himalayas.

Chadar trek is also considered as the "Switzerland of Asia"

CONCLUSION:- Ladakh is famed for its high passes, water lakes, lunar-like landscape, a Buddhist culture wrapped in time, deep blue endless skies, and a landscape that is larger than life. It is an adventure seekers paradise.

Let us know, What good and bad things you think about the Chadar trek. Leave a comment.

Stay safe and stay connected with the mountains!

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