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Pulicat Bird Sanctuary is an asylum for birds near, 759 km2 in the region, situated in the Tirupati locale of Andhra Pradesh and a safeguarded region of the Thiruvallur Area of Tamil Nadu, India. Pulicat Lake is the second biggest saline water environment in India after Chilka lake in Orissa. The asylum's worldwide name is Pulicat Lake Natural life Safe-haven.

This bird sanctuary near Vijayawada has numerous more noteworthy flamingos. It likewise draws in numerous transient birds and is taking care of and settling ground for sea-going and earthly birds like pelicans, storks, and so on. The biodiversity of this lake draws in a huge number of guests each year.

Pulicat Lake might vanish in 100 years by being topped off with residue. Endeavors by government and confidential non-legislative associations are attempting to stop lake annihilation.

The Workmanship and Design Exploration, Advancement and Schooling (AARDE) Establishment does normal exercises at Pazhaverkadu to make mindfulness of the evaporating tidal pond. The nearest bird sanctuary to visit is Andhra Pradesh.


The Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary

Significant Untamed life Attractions: Pulicat Wildlife Sanctuary

In this Andhra Pradesh Bird Sanctuary, the main bird type of this lake is the Flamingo. Different birds found here are Pelicans, Painted Storks, Open Charged Storks, Dim Herons, Cormorants, White Ibis, Spoon Bills, Egrets, Reef Herons, Spot Charged Ducks, Shovellers, Pintails, Sand Flautists, Gills, and Waterway Tern and so forth.

Spineless creatures like prawns, tiny fish, and Mollusks and fishes of around 65 unique species like Sable Fish, Sargin Fish, White, Dark, Silver Prophets, and so forth can likewise be seen here in the Pulicat Lake Nellore. One can find reptiles like Screen Reptiles, reptiles, snakes including poisonous ones like the spectacled cobra, Russel's Snake, and Krait, and so on. The Andhra Pradesh National bird is an Indian Roller, so the Andhra Pradesh bird can be spotted easily over here.

The ends of the week at the lake are more lovely as there are various types of birds rushing in. The length of the lake is around 60 Km and the width shifts from 0.2 km to 17.5 km in the immense stretch of the haven. The rainstorm season is the best season to savor the magnificence of the lake as the lake is richly loaded up with new and nutritive water for the development of shifted widely varied vegetation. The development of plentiful verdure prompts fascination of wetland birds from fluctuated places towards the lake.

The Andhra Guide

Best Opportunity to Visit: Pulicat Lake Natural life Asylum

The period between October to Spring is the best time for visiting this beautiful Andhra Pradesh Lake.

The most effective method to Arrive:

Rail: Closest rail line station is at Sulurpet.

Street: By street, it is around 60 km from Chennai on the Andhra Pradesh line Sightseers can taxicabs and transport from Chennai.

General Data/Tips:


The mean yearly precipitation goes from 500mm to 1,000mm and the mean yearly temperature from 12oC to 42oC.


Pulicat isn't exactly a spot offering common luxury. There are Investigation Lodges accessible at Sulurpet and Tada.


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