The Salkantay Trek Guide

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The Salkantay Trek Guide: overview 

From thousands of available tourist spots worldwide, you chose to take the Salkantay trek. Probably, you made a good decision, and now without wasting much time, you should look for a tangible Salkantay trek guide. 

You need no more than five days to experience the true Salkantay. Also, this small tenure is adequate to pass different climates and multiple challenges. This article discusses the Salkantay trail guide, facts, tips, and tricks that you may easily take advantage of on your upcoming Salkantay trek. 

Things to know about the Salkantay trek 

It is best advised that you learn about Salkantay place (the base) first and only after that, start the Salkantay trek preparation. The trekking region is located in Peru. The starting point is from a place named Cusco and the average number of days needed to complete the track is five days. The end destination is Aguas Calientes, and the total trekking distance is 74 km. 

Salkantay trail guide in a nutshell

Salkantay trail guide mentors break down the trek this way- the first day is the starting point. This shall begin from Cusco. Keep the trek for 6 hours and within this period, try to reach 13 km further from Cusco. 

The 2nd day shall be a trek of 9 hours, where you complete 22 km. The route is via Soraypampa and Salkantay pass. The destination of the day is Chaullay. 

The 3rd day is from Chaullay to La Playa and ends in Santa Teresa. Total trekking time is 5 hours where you can cover up to 16 km. 

Day 4 will be a trek of 19 km in 6 hours. You will finally reach Aguas Calientes within this time passing through the Hidroelectryc. 

And on the 5th day, you go to Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo and then finally Cusco. You'll have a short trek of 4 km. And will only require 1½ hrs. 

About the accommodation part, the most common question is do you need to book Salkantay trek in advance? Well, if you have pre-planned your stay, you can enjoy an advantage. Even if not, the staying options are vast and will never run out; so relax. 

When is the best time for a Salkantay trek?  

Before traveling anywhere, travelers should research what the current weather is like. And even if your Salkantay trail guide, if any, will priorly inform you about the same, it's always good to know more. 

Cusco is easy to confuse people. Only two seasons are considered there- the rainy and dry seasons. April to October is called the dry season and November to March is the rainy season. Just how rain makes trekking difficult anywhere, Cusco isn't different regarding this. 

Therefore, the best time to trek there would be any time in the dry season, but try your best to visit in July and August. The two months see the most tourists and less rainfall with a soothing climate at any time. 

Salkantay trek on your own or group? 

Solo traveling without friends and no Salkantay trek guide is a fun game in itself; however, being in a group is more recommended. The route of the trek complicates many travelers and chances of being lost are not negligible. 

Whether you trek in a group or all by yourself, that's a decision only you can make. Both have perks and downfalls. If you are in a group, chances are that there are locals with you. And who can better know directions than the locals? Not only for directions, but you have less to worry about in a group.

Altitudes are high and such a height can make individuals sick. Most Salkantay trail guide leaders will help prevent that and even when they are not, you still have friends to look after you. 

Also, trekking alone in Salkantay trek is not very common and extremely rare, to be honest. But there are considerable advantages with the Salkantay solo trek. First, freedom is on your palms. You can wake up, sleep, and end the day up to yourself.

More than advantages, solo trekking has disadvantages. You have to carry all the essential kits alone, all while you already have plenty of other things. Specifically for women, solo trekking is not recommended as most areas are remote. 

Reasons to experience the Salkantay trek 

The Salkantay trek guide agencies are very friendly and help you live the best time there. Apart from that, the scenic views are why travelers should at least trek the route once in their lifetime. 

Five different days of trekking offer five different climates, each soothing on its own. Likewise, landscapes change themselves too. Ten steps up, and you have new scenery. 

As Salkantay trek has been gaining more and more popularity, the options of accommodation have been growing as well. There are plenty of options in homestays, apart from which you can also place your tents. Since Salkantay trek accommodation has become much more reliable and guaranteed than in the past, it gives a moment of relief to travelers. 

Choosing the correct tour agency to give Salkantay trail guide 

It isn't mandatory that you take a Salkantay trail guide along the trek and can be accomplished among your group only. But because the route is confusing, new travelers are suggested to have one with themselves. Also with them, your health and safety are monitored at each step and you need not take the burden of carrying camping gear, tents, and cooking kits. Everything will already be prepared for your ease. 

The Salkantay trek guide comes secondary. You can still carry on with or without it; that is if you have a little knowledge of the region. Rest things are easy. You can book tickets, places of accommodation, where to eat, and what to drink. 

Numerous availability options in the Salkantay trail guide give another perk to travelers as they can now look for the ones offering the best facilities at good prices. True that you'll need a bit of research, but everything's well and fine until the guide you choose knows responsibility. 

Be smart with researching and keep looking for authenticity. Let not the scammers loot you. You can also ask about options for the Salkantay trek guide from someone who's already been to the trail.  

Maintaining fitness: What does the Salkantay trek guide have to say? 

Because the trek is nearly 74 Kms and would require a couple of days, you must know how to train for Salkantay trek. Trek distance is divided into days, meaning you'll be able to give enough rest to your body. But that still doesn't mean the trek is easy. 

The key is to stay fit. If you don't go to the gym or have fewer physical activities, you better start your training about a month earlier. Your Salkantay trek guide will advise the same thing regarding fitness. 


The mountainous region is located just near a snowy region, which makes the trek completely unpredictable with climates. You might be fitted well in light clothing but within an hour, in need of a puffer jacket. The best way to help know more about what to expect during the trek is by consulting your Salkantay trek guide. Make each penny worth it! 

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