Things to do in Glencoe

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Glencoe in Scotland is a must-visit destination ready to offer you a never forgetting experience. On top of that, there are innumerable things to do in Glencoe, starting from the unique landscapes, to the rich wildlife. 

The formation of Glencoe is derived from the volcanic eruptions that occurred many years ago. Today, the population has Lochaber Geopark and Glencoe in the deep valley located in its highlands. Here are the things to do in Glencoe on your next visit:

Things to do in Glencoe 

The words 'mountaineering' and 'wildlife tracking' make each travel lover remember something- Glencoe and Crafts and things glencoe. With that, it comes to every person as a perfect spot for quality time. 

Glencoe activities 

You will find a company named 'Glencoe activates', that offers you a list of outdoor activities, most of which are family-oriented. Among all in the list, the most popular ones are golf, gorge walking, gold, Segway tours, Glencoe jet boat, white water rafting, etc. 

Glencoe Photography

You can capture safaris with a guide to help out. Karl will be your mentor and teach you the correct way of landscape photography. Missing out on photography means missing out on prime things to do in Glencoe. 


SeaXplorer has breathtaking wildlife tours along Scotland's West Coast. There will be sea birds, Eagles, seals, and deer on the way. This tour ensures to give you an experience on most of Glencoe. If you are curious about knowing Whats on in Glencoe wildlife, the seaxplorer shall end your search. 

Dragons tooth golf course

There's a clubhouse bistro to check for, where servings are popular for coffee and bakery. You'll also get free wifi there. Other activities there are paintball, archery arenas and bike hire too. Cycle track has to be one of the main activities you look forward to with things to do in Glencoe. 

What is the best time for visiting Glencoe? 

From April till September is the peak season of visit and citing that, maybe you should try visiting in between the said months. But that surely shouldn't restrict you from visiting in other months. From April until September, hiking opportunities are better and much safer. You also have more sunshine, an energetic climate, and a clearer view. 

Also, Canyoning Glencoe and other tourist activities boost up. One reason is that even students and a lot of working people receive their holiday period during this time. If you are a person who prefers fewer people around and less sunshine, plan your trip during the off-season. 

While in the winter season, there are many more unique things to do in Glencoe with the snow. The weather might be a little bit to handle occasionally yet definitely would provide a magical trip. 

How many days should you spend in Glencoe? 

The number of days for the trip can be anywhere from a day to a month. The exact answer cannot be certain as it varies for every traveler. 

Road trips with friends are awesome and the entire worth visiting areas could be covered in a while, if you do that- well and nice, but you can still plan things to do in Glencoe for weeks and still be missing out on much more things. That is why you would need more than a day or a 'full day' at least to say. 

Car or by foot? 

The geographical area is known for its mainstream activities, and one thing that sets it apart from many other tourist hubs is the magical walking experience. For road trips, cars are obvious, but as far as the suggestions go, use your foot. Walking can deliver you a better experience. 

Try your best possible chance to take time as well as a bigger budget so you can travel and accompany with exciting things to do in Glencoe. Start the day with energetic hikes, breath in the fresh air, and conclude the day with trippy music at pubs. 

Options of staying in Glencoe

For a smooth experience in Glencoe, you'll need two things. Planning on what Outdoor activities Glencoe to do should come first and secondly, sorting place to sleep. You can also simply go and come back in a day, but it's highly recommended you stay and explore further. 

Options for staying are vast. You will have choices for guesthouses, Airbnb, hotels, cottages, camps, hostels, and more. To get a clearer idea of the same, check out online booking sites. 

Hostel and campsite 

  • Red Squirrel Campsite Glencoe: This place offers a wide range of climbing options, river sightseeing, and many interesting things to do in Glencoe and can be a perfect accommodation for your family trip.
  • Kingshouse Bunkhouse: A little minimalistic in ambiance compared to the one mentioned above rest that would follow, but worth the price. It has a very hygienic guest kitchen, friendly host, and a traditional feel. 
  • Glencoe hostel: Not very up to the mark with the ambiance, but do not doubt its hygiene and experienced team of hosts. 
  • Glencoe Camping and Caravanning Club Site: This accommodation option will be great if you are a woodland and scenic lover. 
  • Caolasnacon Caravan and Camping Park: One of the best-staying options where you can also get your pet, specifically a dog entry.


  • Glencoe house: One of the luxurious hotels in Glencoe is Glencoe house, a five-star hotel filled with top-notch facilities including activities and fun things to do in Glencoe. 
  • Clachaig Inn: Another fancy establishment is Clachaig Inn where rooms are equally comfy and stylish looking. 


  • Beechwood Cottage B&B: Hospitality is the best here with cozy rooms. 
  • Allanbreck Studio: Made up of good reviews and decent-sized guesthouses. 
  • Strathassynt Guesthouse: Rooms are basic, but are extremely hygienic and have all the amenities one will need. 

Villages of Glencoe

Glencoe is quite confusing yet interesting at the same time. Especially for the visitors going for the first time, they'll have mixed feelings of both confusion and excitement. Even the villages have their beauty and offer a wide variation in Glencoe outdoor centre for activities and rides. 

Just keep in mind not to pay attention to the villages as they are the ones offering real travel gems. Plan more days so you can keep Glencoe as your base and visit other highlands surrounding it. 

History of Glencoe 

To learn more about its history, try including a visit to museums in your list of things to do in Glencoe. Glencoe Folk Museum and Glencoe Visitor center can be your two go-to destinations where tickets will not cost more than 5£.  

Glencoe used to be slim with happiness in the past. The unfortunate highlights begin with the murder story of MacDonald clan members- about 38 of them in February of 1692. There was a betrayal from the inner members themselves, the soldiers who were supposed to protect. 

The bloodstream mainly flowed due to politics. Extreme politics was seen between MacDonald's and Campbells, Lowlanders and Highlanders, Protestantism and Catholicism, English and Scottish, and in between were more groups fighting. 

Final thoughts 

Glencoe has moved on well from its past. Now what tourists see is beauty, and teaches each to forget past tragedies for good. Villages are pretty and should be included along with other things to do in Glencoe. 

So waste no more time and plan your next spring-summer holiday trip to none other but Glencoe, Switzerland. 

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