Tips And Tricks To Save Money and Travel The World

Geetika AnandAug 6 . 6 min read

While planning a trip we all think about the expenses and the budget for the trip. But when it comes to the traveling part, booking budget-friendly air tickets is a big hassle. Everyone wants to save money and travel. If we tell you that you can book flight tickets at a cheap rate, you are surely gonna get astonished!

Many of us just drop the idea of going for a vacation just because the flight tickets are very expensive. There are various offers and discounts nowadays on travel expenses. So, why not take the benefit of it. Let's read up further to know more about budget-friendly air tickets and travel hacks.

Tips And Tricks To Save Money And Travel

  • Use Skyscanner for cheap details

When booking air tickets use Skyscanner so that you get cheap tickets. You can also find cheap hotels and cars on rent for a budget-friendly trip. Using Skyscanner you get the option to choose dates loosely and also you will find the recommended month in which you can travel to the chosen destination. And to be shocked, all these cheap booking services are free of cost. This will be the best way to save money.

  • Be flexible with your dates

Do not be fixed with your dates. Try to make them flexible as you never know when you find a cheap flight ticket. So it is more beneficial to be flexible so that you change your dates accordingly. This way you can save money and travel without any hassles.

  • Flights are cheaper on Tuesday midnight

It is believed that booking flights on Tuesday at midnight are cheaper than any other day of the week because most businessmen travel on weekends and people going to the office also prefer not to travel on weekdays. So flights are cheaper on Tuesday at midnight and you get to save money and enjoy the fun of travel. But it will be better if you book your tickets before and not almost a week before traveling.

  • Expensive on Friday night

Flight tickets get expensive on Friday night as the weekends are very busy and this is a benefit for the company to profit. On weekends many people do not have any office work and are free as compared to the weekdays. So Friday night is a day where you will find air tickets to be costly.

  • Book in advance

Booking tickets in advance is the best option as flight tickets are cheaper if you do advance booking. The closer the booking dates, the higher would be the flight tickets. Try to book your tickets around 30-40 days before your trip. This will help you save a handful of money and travel easily without any worries.

  • Avoid weekends

The busiest days for traveling are Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. So, just try to avoid these days for travel purposes. Also, the flight tickets on these days would be very expensive. Doing so will help you to save money and travel.

  • Always compare flight tickets before booking

Comparing flight tickets before booking is very essential as there is tough competition between various companies. Comparing prices is the best tip one will suggest you if you ask how to save money on travel.

  • Let your seat be chosen by the Airline

If you choose your seat, then this affects the fare of your flight. If you choose a window seat or a middle seat as per your choice, then some airlines charge for that. So it is better to reach on time and choose your seat from the empty seats as you onboard the aircraft. This will be a good travel hack that you must remember every time you book flight tickets.

  • Always look for non-refundable tickets

Look for non-refundable tickets as they are cheaper than refundable tickets. This is a save money tip if you want your trip to be easy on the pocket.

  • Use VPN from another country

Many people think that airlines use dynamic profiling. So to get a solution for this, you can use VPN from another country to find cheaper tickets. Many people have found a difference in rates of flight of tickets as they change the VPN. You must keep in mind that you have to change your location using a VPN to find the best rates.

  • The cheapest day to depart is Wednesday

Departing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the cheapest as Monday and Friday are close to weekends and this time the fare of air tickets gets expensive due to the rush timing. Just adjusting as per these days will help you enjoy your trip with more fun as you get to save money and travel

  • Keep flight alerts ON

  Now because of technology various phones have a feature where you can keep flight alerts ON. These apps are very helpful as they tell you about the price drop and price increased of various flights for different destinations. Keeping flight alert ON is one of the great travel tips and tricks on saving money on flights.

  • Carry your own food

Buying food from the airport is very costly. Try to take your food along or you can also try to use your credit card as there are various deals for credit card users at the airport. So you can take the benefit of having a credit card. This travel hack is a very simple one, but many of us forget about it.

Are you aware on how much to save to travel for a year? If you have no idea, then I am sure the above travel hacks would help you. Finding cheap air tickets is a big hassle but you have to keep on looking for notifications or check out the discounts on the websites. If you find air tickets in your price range, then it's a cherry on top. You can enjoy your trip without anything to worry about by saving money for your trip by using the suggested travel tips and tricks. Always do a comparison of various airlines and websites and then only book your flight tickets. 

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