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The Region is halfway situated in the valley of Kashmir. The economy of the Region primarily relies upon the Farming Area. The Region is well known for Rice creation. Other than Rice Creation Region Pulwama is well known for quality Saffron creation everywhere. The Locale is additionally renowned for the creation of Milk which is the biggest in the state and artist knew as "Anand of Kashmir".

Pulwama Location

Pulwama city according to evaluation 2011 comprises 327 statistics towns, out of which 08 are unpossessed. The towns have been gathered into 8 Tehsils viz, Pulwama, Awantipora, Tral, Pampore, Kakapora, Aripal, Rajpora and Litter, 11 Disc Blocks Viz Tral, Aripal, Dasara, Awantipora, Pampore, Kakapora, Pulwama.

Pulwama Location

Pulwama, Kashmir is known as Panwangam in old history, and later as Pulgam is a town and a told domain board in the Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir.

It is just around 40 km 25 mi from the pre-summer capital of Srinagar. Pulwama is consistently called the "Anand of Kashmir" or "Dudha-Kul of Kashmir" by ideals of its high channel creation. District Pulwama showed up in the year 1979 in the greater interests of upkeep of harmony, closer oversight, more effective control, or all the more to ensure changed headway of the zone.



·     Avantishwar Temple


Avantishwar Sanctuary is quite possibly of the main landmark and strict locales arranged in Jawbrari town of Pulwama region. This journey site is devoted to Vishnu, the Hindu lord of conservation, and Shiva, the Hindu divine force of obliteration. The sanctuary was built during the ninth 100 years by Raja Avantivarman, the main Utpala ruler, who additionally made this spot his capital. As of now, this sanctuary lies in ruins.

Sandstone was utilized during development. This site was covered underground and was subsequently uncovered by the English in the eighteenth 100 years. The English took a portion of the curios of the Avantishwar Sanctuary during the exhuming system. Vacationers can discover a few different relics of this sanctuary at Shri Pratap Singh Exhibition Hall in Srinagar. Albeit the sanctuary lies in ruins, explorers can in any case locate figures of divine beings and goddesses in various structures.

·     Jama Masjid Shopian


Jama Masjid Shopian is accepted to have been developed during the rule of the Mughals. The site was utilized by the Mughals as a significant visit while going to Kashmir.

·     Payer Temple


Payer Sanctuary has arranged 3 km from the region of Pulwama close to Budgam. This sanctuary got its name from the town of Payer, where it is found. The neighborhood individuals additionally call it Payech Sanctuary. It is accepted that this entire sanctuary is cut out of a solitary stone.

·     Asar Shareef Pinjoora


Asar Sharief Pinjoora is quite possibly of the most sacrosanct and well-known strict focus in the region of Pulwama. This altar contains the remaining parts of the Islamic master, Prophet Muhammad, and on extraordinary events, these are displayed to general society. Sightseers visiting here can likewise partake in the delightful cascades present nearby.

·     Tarsar and Marsar


Tarsar and Marsar are the two notable lakes in Pulwama, which are situated a way off of around 3 km and 5 km, separately, from Nagberan. The lakes are firmly connected with Kashmir's people.

·     Shikhargarh Jammu Menu


3 km from the principal municipality this is a place of interest. The last decision Lord Maharaja Hari Singh; of Jammu and Kashmir had made this spot to appreciate natural life. He used to come here to do some hunting of the Kashmiri stag, regularly tracked down in the locale. You can likewise walk around and experience the nature around you.

·     Hurpora


It is a place of interest from where the whole region should be visible in a single look. The spot can be reached via vehicle as it lies on the actual interstate. The valley around feels like a work of art by a fine craftsman.

·     Payech Temple


This sanctuary has been exceptionally hallowed and crowded by lovers all year. Tracing back to the tenth century it is a show-stopper of engineering of that time.

You can see the stonework so complicatedly that many will be unable to do it today without the utilization of apparatus. It has been cut out of a stone monument stone of enormous size. The work reflects devotion among the experts of that period.

·     Aharbal Waterfall


The water from stream Vishav makes a superb cascade near Pulwama. The cascade is encircled by fir backwoods and makes it lavish green over time. The spouting sound of water and the frothy white mists shaped by the falling water will hypnotize you.

You can stay there for quite a long time and simply be stunned by the craftsmanship of Mother Earth. It is a decent excursion place. Simply be mindful to keep kids at a protected distance as the speed of the cascade is wild and may take anything that comes in its manner alongside it.

·     Kungwattan


It is a little knoll for the most part immaculate by people, ready to be investigated. The spot feels like it has recently jumped out of a fantasy. There are wild bloom beds on the ground, encompassed by green trees on the sides. It is at the level of 8400 feet so you will get cool wind consistently. You can stay here for some time and contemplate the wizardry of nature.

The finesse of this spot will take you to a different universe through the quiet air pervasive. There are protected journeying choices close by that you can investigate. You can take a stroll in the forest nearby and feel the newness in the air.



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