Top 5 places to see in Goa: beaches, cruise and what's more?

Stilchi MarakFeb 19 . 8 min read

Places to see in Goa

Goa is such a place that offers unlimited tourist destinations- be it the beaches, entertainment activities, music festivals, and romantic dates. The list shall be limitless if you ask about all the fun places to see in Goa. For the namesake only, here are 5 top places to see in Goa summarized for you: 


When Indians hear the word 'beach,' the first thing that comes to mind is goa backwaters and its mesmerizing beaches. Calangute beach, Baga beach, and butterfly beach are some of the top goa beach hot existing at an average temp. of 25 degrees Celsius. Although entering is free of cost, you will have to pay for changing rooms, sun bedding, sports activities, etc. 

In Baga beach, the sun bedding charge is around 200 Indian rupees. In comparison, the cost of Jetski in butterfly beach is 300 rupees only provided you don't book a professional rider, 1000 rupees for parasailing, and 450 rupees for the banana ride. Baga beach is also known as the home of nightlife, with its name 'Baga' coming from the Baga Greek meaning flow of the Arabian sea. 

You can reach Baga beach after walking 2 km towards the south direction of Calangute beach. Additionally, several designer stores are located in and around the street side markets, some must-visit places to see in Goa. When you are done enjoying Baga beach, you can further extend your trip for sightseeing at Casa de Retiros. 

Next is the butterfly page, one of the best places to see in Goa. To explore butterfly beach to the fullest, you will approximately need 2 hours. The time to visit is from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m but if you want to spot dolphins, visit early in the morning. 

For those who want to experience what hidden beaches in Goa refer to? Butterfly beach shall be it. Not many tourists know about the butterfly beach, a perfect destination for couples and, therefore, tagged as the honeymoon beach. Options to reach butterfly beaches are abundant, with ferry rides being the most fun. Moreover, it is said that butterfly beach is named after the environment captivated by butterflies during the peak season. Even the overall shape of the geographical location is like a butterfly. There are a lot of trees and forests in and around the butterfly beach, so you can also go on a forest trek with your group. Although an elegant beach, it remains an unexplored places in Goa. 

Following is the Calangute beach, hardly 15 km away from Panjim. The coast is the longest one in North Goa and most popular as the first choice from the Goa tourist map. Calangute beach is relatively more expensive than other substitutes, costing approximately 2000 rupees per head in a day. 

Fort Aguada

The next amazing places to see in Goa are the lighthouse and Fort Aguada, formed in the 17th century during Portuguese rule. From the top, you can take an astonishing view of the Mandovi river along with the Arabian sea. Located in Sinquerim Beach, there is no entry fee in Fort Aguada.

If you examine the exterior and interior of the fort thoroughly, you'll come to know that it is completely Portuguese style. The Material used is found locally- the laterite stone- which has proved its capability of withstanding rough and toughs. The history of Fort Aguada is quite fascinating and was assembled to safeguard the Portuguese from Marathas and the Dutch. 

The phrase Aguada comes from the word Agua, referring to the freshwater used by sailors. The fort also has a sense of patriotism (another reason the destination is one the best places to see in Goa), witnessed from the statue in front of the jail saluting the freedom fighter. In fact, after a while, Fort Aguada converted a part of itself into a jail which is unfortunately not open to commoners today. When touring Fort Aguada, definitely visit the lighthouse, a four-storeyed tower built in the 19th century that presents an incredible sundown time. The lighthouse still comes under hidden places in Goa as not many visitors know about it. 

Cruise in Goa

Apart from its magnificent seas, Goa is also known for entertaining activities in Goa, such as the ideal cruise life. The price range for a cruise holiday is anywhere from 500 to 100,000 INR, depending on the package you select. Most cruises begin from Panjim with categories that include evening cruise, romantic dinner cruise, casino cruise, and backwater cruise, among others. 

Casino cruises are the most offbeat places in Goa. For example, the Deltin Royale is a casino cruise that comes with a lot of fun, extravagant food from Vegas restaurants, activities, shows, concerts, and games of luck. Anyone eligible can try the casino, the fees of which start from 2500 rupees between Monday to Thursday and 3400 rupees between Friday to Sunday. 

Depending on the type of your vacation, specify the cruise category. If you are there to spend quality time with your better half, a full moon cruise shall be what you proceed with, as it has been outlined to be one of the best places in Goa for couples. The cruise will only deploy on a full moon night, between millions of stars. Therefore, the title of the cruise works well for the theme it has set. The entry fee is 200 per head for an exploration of 2 hours starting from 8:30 p.m.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

In the list of places to see in Goa, the fourth is for the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Basilica of Bom Jesus was built in 1594, with all of its construction being completed by 1605- the same period when Christianity commenced circulating in the province. Located in Bainguinim, it is one of the places to visit in old Goa with free of cost entry fee. The church is 61 feet high, with the facade holding the roof made out of pure black granite. 

The name of Basilica of Bom Jesus translates to 'Holy Jesus'. Its main highlights are the architecture, Statue of St Francis Xavier, Chapel of St Francis Xavier, and the Modern art gallery. The architecture doesn't need a single plaster outdoors to hold itself, with roofing having a triangular appearance- the typical way of building any church. The floors are luxurious, built with mosaic marble having stones worth millions. 

Even UNESCO has recognized the destination, giving you another reason to include it in your trip of old goa places to visit. 

Anjuna Market

In such a Goa hot yet soothing climate, how can tourists miss out on shopping? 

Anjuna market has been standing strong in the era of commercialization for half a century now. Indeed, there are many options in street markets to offer shopping sprees, but none match the level of Anjuna market as the best shopping places to see in Goa. 

You'll find the market at st. Michael's Vaddo in Anjuna, where vendors sell varieties of handwoven two pieces, bikinis, tiny statues of deities, psychedelic tees, handcrafted decors jewelry, and much more accessories. The flea market is a whole mood in itself. You can shop from it, but still, visit even if you think you have nothing to buy. 


All destinations tagged above offer a splendid experience and are the best places to visit in Goa in 3 days, that is- if you are limited on time. Goa, when it is said to be an all-rounder, it is because it truly is. 

Regardless of who the trip is with- friends, family, life-partners- it just blends in all ways. Also, it doesn't matter whatever time you pay the visit. Goa is open all year long and still as enthusiastic as it is throughout, just that the crowd is more during peak season. So, plan your dates accordingly to the extravagant places to see in Goa. 

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