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Tura, India is the settlement of the West Garo Slopes in Meghalaya, the habitation of mists. In the present high-speed universe of innovation, it is very impossible that a couple of spots on the globe to stay immaculate. Although there is Tura in Meghalaya and one is Tura Assam.

Tura India

Tura India

Tura Peak

Tura Meghalaya

 The Garo Slopes of the Meghalaya is one of only a handful of exceptional spots where life is as yet basic and for the most part inside the caring consideration of Nature. Concealed toward the west of Upper east India's Meghalaya, the Garo slopes are possessed by a gathering of native individuals who call themselves A•chik - all the more famously known as Garos.

Very much like other native societies, the Garos have their practices and customs. They generally follow animistic ceremonies that remember conviction for spirits decorated by profoundly misrepresented stories pulled from a genuine money box of legends passed down from one age to another.

Indeed, even after the appearance of Christian ministers in these parts, the Garo Slopes has figured out how to hold quite a bit of its unblemished magnificence.

The spot is additionally honored with regular magnificence that is unrivaled. The Garo Slopes is likewise one of the puts on the earth that is the home to a critical number of Hoolock Gibbons.

Tura is home to the attractive untamed life; Nokrek Public Park is a well-known fascination, where you can detect panthers, brilliant felines, and different creatures right at home.

 Your schedule should have Siju caves and Rongbang Dar Tumbles to end your outing with ecstatic recollections. While at Tura, you can wonder about the regular miracles as well as experience the matrilineal society of the Garo clans.

Top 5 places to visit in Tura

·     Balpakram Public Park

 This spot is around 167 km from Tura. There is a profound crevasse in Balpakram that is prominently known as the Great Gorge of the northeast. It is accepted that the spirits of the dead harp briefly before setting out on the last excursion.

·     Rongbang Dare

 These cascades in East Garo slopes are just fantastic and make a superb cookout spot with an extraordinary swimming pool.

·     Siju Caverns

Siju caves are around 132 km from Tura and are renowned for Dobakkol or the bat cave. The cavern additionally has noteworthy underground rock formations and stalagmites. It is perhaps the longest cavern in the Indian subcontinent and contains truly lovely waterway sections. The Siju Bird Asylum is additionally nearby that is possessed by safeguarded birds and other interesting natural life.

·     Imilchang Dare

 This is a stunning cascade arranged Tura-Chokpot Street in the West Garo Slopes region. It has a profound, wide pool in the lower part of the fall, loaded with fish of fluctuated size and variety. The spot is likewise a delightful outing spot.

·     Williamnagar

 The spot is named after the first Boss Pastor of Meghalaya, Capt. Williamson Sangma. A riverine town based on the bend of Simsang waterway, it is likewise the Central command of East Garo slopes.

Best time to visit Tura

The best opportunity to visit is from October to April. The principal celebration of the Garos, the Wangala celebration, be that as it may, is held in November. The Wangala celebration is a terrific undertaking of the Garos. At this celebration, 300 Garos dance to the beat of hundred drums being played.

How to reach Tura Meghalaya, Tura town

The closest Global air terminal is the Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Worldwide Air terminal at Borjhar, Guwahati. The closest railhead is Guwahati.

From Guwahati, there are for the time being transports to Tura. Sumo (jeep) shared administrations are accessible two times per day (7 am and 2 pm) from Baralumukh in Guwahati.

You can likewise arrive at Tura from Shillong. There are for the time being transports and Sumo administrations from Shillong also.

The Pawan Hans helicopter administration show to the state-claimed Meghalaya Transport Company flies on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from Guwahati and Shillong.

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