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Bokaro, in full Bokaro Steel City, city and metropolitan region, eastern Jharkhand state, northeastern India. It lies along the Damodar Waterway. Bokaro is famous for being only west of one of India's biggest iron and steel plants. Bokaro, formally known as Bokaro Steel City is a significant city in Jharkhand, India. It is the fourth biggest and most crowded city in the state.

 It is one of the arranged urban communities of India. Bokaro is the regulatory central command of the Bokaro district. The city is situated on the banks of Garga Stream and the edges of Bokaro waterway and is encircled by slope ranges in Giridih and Ramgarh districts. It is one of the most serene urban areas in India. According to 2011 registration, the city's populace was 563,417, and 1,100,000 in its metropolitan area. The city length across 183 km in the geographic region.




Arranged around 12 km from the downtown area established during the 1980s and is arranged 2km from the downtown area. The zoological park became popular for its uncommon assortment of enormous felines, for example, White Tigers and Asiatic Lions. This Bokaro place comes under essential places to visit near Bokaro.

The zoo houses many astounding types of creatures and plants and is a really interesting spot to visit for grown-ups and youngsters the same. It likewise has a toy train and sailing office accessible in its counterfeit lake. It is the biggest Zoological Nursery in the State. The zoo has assortments of creatures and birds which have been brought from various pieces of the world.



Among the most visited Bokaro tourist places. Luguburu Ghantabari arranged close to TTPS Lalpania a little town of "Santhalis" a gathering of Ancestral, around 16 kilometers a long way from Gomia Block is the pride of Santhal people group since the time of civilization called Sosnok Container in Hor-Dishoom. Luguburu Ghantabari Dharamgarh was restored in the year 2000.

Then, at that point, the consistently strict get-together is held at Darbar Chatani on the ground slope of Luguburu in the lap of the renowned Lugu slope series (The second most elevated slope series of Jharkhand) and encompassed Jharkhand's well-known stream Damodar and little uneven waterways Katail and Sadabahar, arranged in the north side of Tenughat Dam.

On Kartik Purnima, a popular Mela of Santhalies is coordinated here and Santhal ancestors from all over India use to come here to offer supplication to their ruler LUGU BABA. "Pahan" use to play out the puja. Shyamali a visitor place of T.T.P.S is a delightful structure, developed on the street side slope top. A common scene of the Tenughat water repository,

Luguburu slopes and snake-like streets can be seen from its roof. In the lower part of Shyamali, what's more, the Lalpania Gomia street an extremely appealing sculpture of "Birsa Bhagwan' is made.

A little however exceptionally charming waterfall including the magnificence of Lalpania, here water is tumbling from a level of approx. 15meters and at the lower part of the fall a major cantilever stone makes a cave-like scene, a shiva linga has been put inside thereby well-known neighborhood holy man Shri Slam Sharan Giri adding otherworldly air. Best places to visit in Bokaro.



City Park is a delightful spot arranged inside the city’s furthest reaches of Bokaro, Jharkhand. It was opened to general society on the first of January, 2007.

The significant attractions in the City Park are the 3 fake Japanese-styled islands and a monster lake that offers drifting offices. The lavish greenery around the recreation area amounts to its excellence, making it an ideal outing spot.

It likewise has a toy train that runs inside the recreation area for a limited period consistently. City Park of Bokaro has Basant Mela in the long stretch of February each year, which attracts guests.

 It is additionally utilized for commending the much-known Chhatt Puja, in the long stretch of October or November. The City Park has a little visitor house and a café close to the lake. The excellence of City Park should be visible from the outside. Guests normally burn through 2 to 3 hours here. The best opportunity to visit City Park is between 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM. The recreation area likewise a has storage office accessible.

Access to City Park for the guests is free. City Park can be visited during timings 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM. For arriving at the recreation area; there are taxis and automobiles accessible.



Parasnath Slopes contain a scope of slopes that are spread in a piece of the Giridih locale (Jharkhand, India). These slopes are known as the most worshipped strict spot for Jains, as twenty out of 24 Jain Tirthankaras including Parasnath, accomplished moksha here on the Parasnath slopes.

The famous Jain journey for example Shikharji likewise lies at the pinnacle of Parasnath Slopes, which is around 1350 meters high. This is also one of the most famous Bokaro tourist places.

It Is Popular For:-

1) Certain sanctuaries on the slopes date back to 2000 BC, however, a greater part of sanctuaries have a place with the new times.

2) Explorers and guests come to encounter the heavenly emanation of this slope, which is accepted to acquire harmony and serenity in one's life.

3) Aside from a heavenly encounter, one can likewise savor the genuine pleasure of food sources served in the close by region, which improves your experience significantly more.

4) The slope is a nature darling's heaven as well, as one can get to see different intriguing vegetation while scaling the slope.

Best Chance To Visit:-

Months beginning from October to Spring thought about best to check to land at the blessed site. The weather conditions stay relieving and it's neither burning nor pouring during the period.

Closest Railroad Station - Parasnath Rail route Station

Closest Air terminal - Dhanbad Air terminal/Bokaro Air terminal/Birsa Munda Air terminal



This Bokaro place has a special mention in the lists associated with What is Bokaro famous for? Best places to visit in Bokaro? Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park was inherent in the memory of Bhagat Singh (an Indian patriot viewed as one of the most compelling progressives of the Indian freedom development) at Bokaro Ispat Vidyalaya Area - 12 E, Area 12B, Area 12 inside the restrictions of city Bokaro.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park is an area of regular, semi-normal, and established space put away for human pleasure and entertainment. It comprises verdant regions, shakes, soil and trees, wellsprings, and jungle gym structures. Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park is a piece of the metropolitan foundation for actual work, for families and networks to assemble and mingle, or for a basic reprieve.

Components in the actual plan of the recreation area, like an open and inviting passage, great permeability (sight lines), and suitable lighting and signage make it not the same as different parks. Because of the setting up of the processing plant and industrialization of the city, Bokaro's populace has constantly expanded from what it was not many years back.

The recreation area has expansive running tracks, and a lavish green atmosphere ideal for early daytime running as well as evening strolls. It is sufficiently open. At the end of the week, it remains very swarmed because it is currently an affectionate outing spot as well as a place of interest as well.

You can visit Shaheed Bhagat Singh Park on any weekday. There are no particular times for the park. It stays open the entire day. Be that as it may, the best time for visiting would be in the morning for running and at night for an outing. There are no passage charges for the recreation area.

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