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A region with a wealth of normal excellence, basically tea ranches and profound timberlands overflowing with natural life, is arranged in the lower regions of the lower Himalayas in North Bengal lining Bangladesh, Bhutan, and the North Eastern Provinces of India. The bigger piece of the Dooars valley goes under the Jalpaiguri area of the state. Countless waterways and their feeders improve the picturesque magnificence of the spot.

The undulating slants covered with rich green tea gardens and woodlands isolated by wandering streams and little ethnic towns have carried Jalpaiguri, in which state? The rundown of the most preferred traveler places in North Bengal.

The principal fascination in Jalpaiguri lay in countless significant backwoods. Gorumara Public Park and Chapramari Natural life Asylum present rich biodiversity for certain impeccable and interesting types of botanical and faunal living things.

Jalpaiguri has a complete area of 3386 sq. km. Other than natural life safari, Jalpaiguri has a decent degree in tea the travel industry, and ethnic the travel industry. A decent spot for harmony, regular excellence, and strict concordance – Jalpaiguri is one of the main vacationer locations in North East India.

Jalpaiguri is all around associated by streets and rail. Siliguri, the main city in the district is 45km from Jalpaiguri.

The closest railhead Jalpaiguri Station is in the actual town and New Jalpaiguri Station is 40Kms from the Area base camp.




Among the most talked about Jalpaiguri places to visit, this medium estimated Public Park is arranged in the Dooars district of Jalpaiguri. It is in the Terai area of the Himalayan lower regions. Arranged on the floodplain of the stream Murti and Jaldhaka, Gorumara Public Park is wealthy in widely varied vegetation. It is 15 km from Lataguri, 10 km from Chalsa, and 52 km from Jalpaiguri town.


The recreation area has recorded 193 types of birds, 7 types of turtles, 22 types of reptiles, 27 types of fish, and other miniature and large-scale fauna. The fundamental attractions here are the elephants, one-horned rhinos, panthers, hornbills, and so on, and the beautiful scenery here. The Public Park stays shut during the blustery season (from sixteenth June-fifteenth September). Don’t forget to visit this Jalpaiguri park while on your trip.




This amazing place tops the list of new Jalpaiguri tourist places. Jalpesh is the sanctuary of the local god, Master Shiva. From the word ‘Jalpesh’ the name, Jalpaiguri is inferred. It is arranged around 25 km away from Jalpaiguri town and 8 km from Mainguri. The sanctuary bears a long history.

The sanctuary was first settled by the last replacement of Ruler Baghadatta, lord Jalpesh in and around 800 Promotion. In any case, later numerous different lords attacked and obliterated the sanctuary and numerous rulers took a stab at reestablishing it.


 Ultimately in 1665 the lord Pranannarayan of Koch tradition exhumed the sanctuary site and restored the sanctuary. In any case, the doomed sanctuary was nearly annihilated by the 1897 quake. In any case, later on by raising support, the sanctuary was laid out once more. An immense fair is held here In the long stretch of January which draws in many individuals from different spots.


This Jalpaiguri tourist spot being a position of regular magnificence and various assortment of verdure alongside a few imperial follows, Jalpaiguri is unquestionably a vacationer’s and explorers’ heaven in India. With the rushes and experience of visiting the woods and valuing the imperial marvels of yesteryears, Jalpaiguri turns into a should-visit place in the territory of West Bengal.




Jalpaiguri Rajbari remains the most famous tour for every one of the sightseers visiting Jalpaiguri according to the data and analysis from Jalpaiguri tourism. Rajbari implies the castle, was the previous home of the nearby leaders of Baikunthapur domains, the Raikes. It is a notable design magnificence.


 The Rajbari comprises the castle building, patio, two sanctuaries, and the gigantic royal residence garden encompassed by the royal residence lake, the ‘Rajbari Dighi’. The reason Rajbari stays open from 9 is to 4 pm ordinary. So on your list of places near Jalpaiguri don’t miss out on the Jalpaiguri Rajbari park.


·     MURTI


This is one of the peaceful Jalpaiguri tourist places. Murti has been arranged 8km away from Chalsa and 60 km away from Jalpaiguri town, next to the stream Murti. This spot is known for its grand excellence. It is arranged among Chapramari and Gorumara.

  In the center of the thick woods, one could recognize elephant, deer, panthers, and so on who comes to the waterway to extinguish their thirst. The waterway Murti streaming amidst the woods is the genuine magnificence of the spot. Definitely should be on your list of places to visit in new Jalpaiguri.




Amongst the places near Jalpaiguri, Jaldapara Untamed life Safe-haven is arranged in the lower regions of the Eastern Himalayas, on the bank of the Torsa Waterway. It covers an immense span of Terai prairie met by wet woods, waterway backwoods, and dry-blended timberlands.


It has the biggest populace of one-horned rhinos in the province of West Bengal. It additionally upholds a phenomenal territory for the Imperial Bengal Tiger and different creatures like a panther, hoard deer, yapping deer, sambar and chital, and so on.


It gives asylum to different transient birds during the winters. Jeep and elephant safaris are accessible here. The primary passage point of it is Madarihat, 22 km from Falakata Rail line Station. The haven stays shut during the stormy season (sixteenth June-fifteenth September). If you are looking for places in the new Jalpaiguri city no need to search, you got your destination.




One of the most popular and must-visit places and a Falakata tourist spot. The well-known Neora Public Park is situated in Kalimpong and was laid out in the year 1986. Considering quite possibly of the richest organic zone, this park spreads over a district of around 88 Sq. km. furthermore, is arranged close to Magma at thick timberland in the lower region of the lofty Himalayan Mountains.


This park is lined by the woods of the Sikkim area on one side and by Bhutan on the other. The verdure of this park makes it more lovely. Normal timberlands which contain various assortments of trees advance this spot. Enormous quantities of Orchids as well as Bamboo forests stay as the unique component of the Neora Public Park.


Natural life fans can appreciate visiting this spot as it houses various assortments of creatures and birds. Vacationers can without much of a stretch sight the dark finch, blind snake, and ruler cobra right at home. This valley is likewise thought to be a radiant cookout place where kids and grown-ups can have fun. This place comes under top choices on the north Bengal tourist places list.




One of the most peaceful places to visit in Jalpaiguri. A good way off of 11 km from Jodhpur Post and 10 km from Jodhpur Intersection, Siddhanth Shiv sanctuary is arranged between Takhat Sagar slopes and Kalyana Lake on Jodhpur-Chopasani Street in Jodhpur.


The Siddhanth Shiv sanctuary is devoted to Ruler Shiva. The ongoing area of the sanctuary was an abandoned place before its development and this detachment and peacefulness pulled in the recluse Veetragi Narain Master who took cover there. He was subsequently proclaimed as an exceptionally respected holy person, regarded and revered by individuals dwelling in adjoining regions. Again this gem is a Falakata tourist spot.


Eventually of time, an impaired holy person named Gaurishanker, later known as Nepali Baba, likewise came to this spot. He had just four fingers in every one of his hands and feet. Nepali Baba, himself, made a major sanctuary by cutting stones. This sanctuary is currently known as Siddhanth Shiv Sanctuary. Must north Bengal tourist place to visit.


The sanctuary is decisively situated between Takhat Sagar slopes of Rajasthan which makes it somewhat hard to arrive at it. One can arrive at the sanctuary solely after crossing 1000 steps made by cutting rocks.

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