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Grand, tranquil, brilliant - the slogan of Odisha Tourism says everything. Liberally honored by Mother Nature with miles of ceaseless shore leading to endless sea shores; the wealth of thickly forested land; magnificently rising high countries sending brilliant cascades down to meet their predetermination in the whirling streams and oceans - Odisha is a sonnet composed by the pens of an almighty God.

Desolated by devil rulers and spoiled by strong rulers; Odisha has gone through a wild time throughout its rich history. But, the abundance of nature lies untainted, similar to a gala for your faculties. Wide stretches of perfect, pristine sea shores.

Thick, green woods. Pleasant mountains, valleys, and lakes. Odisha is likely one of a handful of the spots in the country with an immense scope of scene that is as yet pristine and is shining in the entirety of its normal magnificence.

Here we going to explore some of the best water parks in Odisha. But before Odisha water parks let’s know some more about Odisha.





Odias are foodaholics. Enough said. We love our Dalma, pithas, chenapodas, and Dahi-bara however much we love puri-aloo dum, parathas, and idli-dosas with chutney. We take care of a wide range of taste buds, be it fiery, tart, or sweet. An excursion to Odisha is a treat to the range. One can't get enough of our Dhenkanal bara, Nimapara's chenna jhili, Baripada's mudhi-Mansa, Bhadrak's paalua laddu, Saalepur, and Pahala's rasagolla, Rajasunakhela's Sukua (dried and salted fish), Kendrapada's rasabali, Nayagarh's Chenapoda, Cuttack's Dahi bara-aloo dum… and the rundown is unending.



From the popular Konark Dance Festival to the Raja Rani Music Festival, the rich dance and music culture of Odisha draws in dance and music epicureans from across the world. Odisha is the origin of Odissi dance and Odissi vocal traditional music. Gotipua, Mahari, and Nartaki dance structures have additionally started here; so has Jaydev's Gita Gobinda.



Odisha is one of only a handful of exceptional states in India that can flaunt backwoods, sea shores, slopes, and cascades: across the board. Slopes in Deomali, Niyamgiri, Satkosia, timberlands with an overflow of untamed life and sanctuaries in Bhitarkanika, Similipal, Kuldiha (Mayurbhanj), Chandaka, Sunabedha, and cascades in Badaghagra and Sanaghara (Keonjhar), Duduma (Koraput), Harishankar (Bolangir), Khandadhar (Keonjhar), Joranda (Dhenkanal).



Odisha has a rich legacy of the Kalinga design clear from the sanctuaries across the whole state. The capital city, Bhubaneswar otherwise known as Temple City alone has protected around 500 sanctuaries: from the eleventh-century Lingaraj sanctuary, the sanctuary of tantric faction Chausathi Jogini, and any semblance of Mukteshwar, Bhaskareswar, Yameshwar, and Raja Rani in the middle between.



Our sea shores can put any Baga, Anjuna, and Morjim ocean side to disgrace. Our Puri-Konark marine drive is one of the most incredible stretches to loosen up, race your vehicle, or for those heartfelt lengthy drives to kill for. Chandrabhaga and Puri sea shores have been the focus of fascination for any vacationer that goes to Odisha.



Consideration all customers! Odisha is a shelter if you are a workmanship addict who prefers gathering gifts. We have a whole town (Raghurajpur) devoted to pattachitra craftsmen. Applique work, dhokla projecting, silver filigree works, and handloom winding around Sambalpuri and Berhampuri silk sarees are the masterpiece of the rich social legacy of Odisha.



Odias are quite possibly of the most lenient individual in the nation and have cut a specialty for themselves on a worldwide stage too. We are perhaps the most inviting individual. We are the land that changed Chandashoka to Dharmashoka. Master Jagannath is fundamental to our way of life and presence in the state as are the celebrations related to Him. Celebrations in Odisha like Dola Yatra, Danda, Rath Jatra, Dhanu Jatra, Nuakhai, and even Dussehra, Holi, and Diwali are the best times to absorb the Odia culture and customs.




This water park in Odisha is one of the most famous vacation spots offered in the pratyush ocean world puri in Puri covering an area of 4 sections of land. When you go through an early evening time zooming down the water slides, you'll find a generally excellent justification for that. Your faculties get actuated by the chlorine smell when you enter the water park. Chlorine-scented clammy air fills your nose. You are encircled by splendid, beautiful characters or kid's shows in our park.

Competing with an unending hum of water, there is a constant circle of pop tunes. You will encounter unloading, showering, sprinkling, hurrying, and sputtering. Settings giving diversion and tomfoolery need to blow away in our current reality where visitors reliably request a greater amount of their recreation time.

This will offer paramount encounters to your visitors and get them back in the saddle. We are one of such tomfoolery places. To the networks they serve, Waterparks add an exceptional component. Our water park is carefully and completely amended as well as wanted to serve our visitors in the most ideal manner. Our visitors incorporate individuals of any age going from a youngster to old-matured individuals.

This is one of the best Odisha water parks in Puri. Puri water park entry fees are Rs 350 per person. Puri water park price is 50 Rs less for kids aged 5-12 years that is Rs 300 each.



This water park, Odisha has clean sands, turquoise waters, sun, and cool breeze are typical of Konark Beach, Konark. It is seen as one of the most amazing Beaches in Konark and is similarly well known the world over. It is arranged at a partition of 3 km from the extraordinary Sun safe-haven.

This acclaimed coastline draws lots of explorers reliably from India as well as from wherever all through the world. If you are on a Tour to Konark then you shouldn't miss an extraordinary chance for Konark Beach, Konark, as a visit to this splendid getaway destination will fascinate you and provide you with the joy that could only be described as epic.

The greatness and persona of this spot are essentially shocking. The extended stretch of forestry sands and lightening blue sea rushing in, in undulating waves impact the Konark to the coastline in Orissa a champion among the most impeccable spots to relax after a disturbed visiting plan.



The wonderworld water park is a well-known Malatipatpur water park in Odisha. Striking Water Quality, Superior Rides and Structures, Cleaning and Inspection on Daily premise, Multipurpose Water Play System, Supervision from Lifeguard, Large Parking space, Dedicated Pool and Play Area for Kids From twisting around the Crazy River, lapping up the waves or plunging down the upward drops, Wonder World Water Park offers various rushes.

Wonder World Water Park is a constant diversion for the entire family. Set amid the city, the design has a few waterslides and water highlights and attractions. We are pleased to offer what we accept as India's head, Water Park. The striking new highlights are passed, ending up a wellspring of unending diversion. It is an ideal retreat to get away from the late spring heat and is a one-stop good time for companions and family. This awesome water park additionally has some heavenly finishing of the region pleasing the visitors.

The Water Park runs from 10 am to 6 pm, with Water Park tickets accessible at the ticket counter. Wonder World is one of the cleanest and all-around kept-up with Water Park that the nation brings to the table. It complies with the standard pH and chlorine levels. The help group gives a security examination of all water slide parts and access regions. This is the best water park in Puri with a jungle friends water park location.




Nicco Park is a carnival favored for the most part for a speedy escape in the city. It was made in India in a relationship with Nicco Japan. The spot has flawlessly finished nurseries and regions assigned for various fascinating rides and stands to suit the client's inclination. Nicco park water rides are the most enjoyable.

This water park in Odisha is an entertainment mecca situated in Jheel Meel, Sector - IV of Bidhannagar, West Bengal, India. The recreation area was made to draw in vacationers to the state by giving family-accommodating amusement as well as educative diversion. Nicco Park opened on 13 October 1991[2] and has since been alluded to as the Disneyland of West Bengal.[5] Presently, the 40 section of the land park is home to more than 35 distinct attractions and has served north of 24 million customers.[2] Nicco Park likewise gives a "green" climate.



Aqua Island Water Park is the main Water Park in the World which has rides for the Youth, offices for youngsters as little as 1-year-old enough, and for the regarded senior residents who can partake in the water park with no impulse of swimming ensembles. Arranged in the laps of nature, Aqualand Water Park is a crate loaded with water thrills, discover a residence of elating happiness, away from the city in a contamination-free zone, where nature is shining. Enchant yourself in euphoric rapture with a variety of happy water rides for all.

Water Island is a gigantic "drifting jungle gym" with impediments sitting tight for you to overcome with your loved ones. Open occasionally (ordinarily, December too, not entirely set in stone by climate) we welcome you to partake in our adrenaline fascination.

Meetings run for 3 hours and cost $25 per member going to the recreation area. No charge for Spectators. We suggest pre-booking using the BOOK ONLINE button above to try not to pass up a major opportunity as numbers are restricted for every meeting. On the off chance that you haven't booked you can turn up any time during the meeting and we will get you on the straightaway. If you intend to shake up without a booking if it's not too much trouble, look at our site to guarantee we are open.

The best way to guarantee your meeting is to BOOK ONLINE because they don't take appointments via telephone or save places for you to simply turn up.

All members of the recreation area should have the option to swim and wear a day-to-day existence coat. You can bring your life coat or wear one that we supply. The least age is 3 and children somewhere in the range of 3 and 7 require a paying grown-up in the recreation area with them. 1 grown-up can regulate 3 children. Kids somewhere in the range of 8 and 12 need a grown-up administering either in the recreation area or as an observer.

They have lifeguards working consistently the recreation area is open and each member should have a marked waiver as a feature of passage to the recreation area. Save yourself at some point and complete your waiver preceding check-in - you can DOWNLOAD YOUR WAIVER from the button above.

Assuming you get peckish we have food and beverages available to be purchased from our stand, conceal sails and outdoor tables are accessible for observers and visitors. This is one of the best water parks in Odisha.



This is the biggest water park in Odisha. Ocean World Water Park is arranged in Kurang Sasan close to Phulnakhra. It is unparalleled of its sort in the State. It is in activity since April 2008. It is a finished family diversion and entertainment spot. This park is arranged like the Water Kingdom in Mumbai and Aquatica in Kolkata.

Come and find the unseen heaven that is hanging tight for you. An enchanted spot loaded with tomfoolery and experiences. Come over with loved ones and partake in this heaven.

This Cuttack water park offers a major determination of slides for all ages. Kids Pool, Wave Pool, Rain Dance, and Landing Pool are oy not many that can be capable. Situated a good way off of 22 km from Bhubaneswar in Kurang Sasan, Ocean World Water Park is one of the best and the most well-known water parks in the city.

Aside from the enormous water rides and exciting rides, Ocean World additionally has an entertainment mecca worked with umpteen standard rides and fun exercises.

The experience of the biggest water park in Odisha is waiting for you.



This water park in Odisha is spread over more than eight sections of the land region, Blue Splash Water Park brags north seven enormous water rides spread over an assortment of pools. Other than it has a contiguous carnival, play region for kids, snacks office, changing and storage spaces, and so on.

It's exceptionally normal to spend the mid-year ends of the week in the shopping centers, films, and cafés. Fundamentally, anyplace away from the bursting Sun, however, shouldn't something be said about spending the late spring ends of the week under the Sun by ameliorating the faculties and by getting free from the intensity? Indeed, today we are discussing the most astonishing Blue-sprinkle water park in Puri

Blue Splash Water Park is the greatest day-party objective around Odisha, where you can partake in the adventures of water rides, and it offers the absolute best previously unheard-of satisfying water rides. Here you can ride your method for loosening up in the Lazy River or essentially you can hop in with your companions and family into a remarkable body water slide called Splash.



Berhampur, otherwise called Brahmapur is known as the home of Lord Brahma and is normally known as the silk city-the city which is renowned for the shiny ikkat silk sarees in various varieties and examples.

Bomokei patta, named after the town Bomokei where great work out of metal and metal is made additionally is a fascination with the sightseers here. Other than these wonderful painstaking work, handlooms, and jewelry this city offers probably the best Papads (popadum), pickles, basis, and organic products uniquely mangoes.

Individuals here are no place behind the line with regards to theater, as show and theater is a typical method for engaging and instructing. Ganjam Kala Parishad and Prakasam Hall are probably the most established lobbies of the city. What's more, for theists there and sanctuaries, and celebrations are coordinated nearby. This city has much more than can be drilled down. You can decide to flounder around sea shores and let those sands kowtow to you as the breeze tenderly enters your spirit to murmur the serenades of rapture.

Gopalpur-on-ocean is the nearest vacation spot for individuals coming to Berhampur. This remote ocean resort, an old ocean port of a former time, this spot packed with every one of the requirements of current knowing explorer, is only 16 km from Berhampur. A hot sulfur spring Taptapani is likewise a ways off of 50 km from Berhampur. It is an ideal Health Resort and cookout spots. One of the best water parks in Odisha.



Rourkela steel town is a very much planned city with numerous regular varieties, 'Mrig vihar' is one among them. It is in Sector - 9 of Rourkela municipality. Steel City executives have attempted their best to safeguard regular woodland conditions for 150 odd quantities of Spotted Deer.

This was created in 1989 with a plan to bring the untamed life near the core of city tenants. Since the woods are first evaporating to the backwood lives, such endeavors will cheer the approaching age youngster. It is open for all guests from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

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