Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them On Your Next Trip

Vanshika MahajanAug 26 . 7 min read

Who doesn’t like to travel. Well, everyone does. But have you ever regretted something while you are on a trip like “OH My God I forgot to pack this”, “Why I brought this, it’s of no use”, etc. Arranging or going on a trip is not that easy. You have to check everything before making a trip. There are many problems of tourism. These are what we call Travel Mistakes, which we often make mostly unknowingly.

When you decide to go on a tour, what do you do first? Obviously, pack your stuff, like what kind of clothes you want there, check your passports, etc. Let’s talk about some travel mistakes to avoid.

But is your suitcase or bag too heavy for a few day trip?. If Yes, then there is your first travel mistake.

  • Over-Packing - If your bag barely shuts then you are doing it the wrong way. Don’t take too much of stuff that you hardly use. Only pack things that you need the most so that your bag isn’t too light or too heavy. This is important when you want to travel solo. When you travel solo you just take your luggage with you everywhere you go. So, it’s good if you pack only the necessary things that you can take anywhere with you and it would also not be bothersome.
  • Have you ever forgotten your phone charger and realized it while you were at the airport. Well, many do. This is one of the biggest travel problems. So to suggest always keep an extra phone charger in your bag. Don’t take it out except in an emergency. 
  • Arriving at the airport on time - Not at all suggested. Arrive a little early at the airport because the plane may take off early if everyone checks in early. So, arriving early is a good idea. 
  • The next biggest travel problems can be, not packing the right pair of shoes. If you don’t have the right pair of shoes then your whole trip will be uncomfortable. Also, you should pack at least 2-3 pairs of shoes just in case.
  • The common problem of tourism is that you don’t search about the place. Imagine you are visiting a beautiful place but you don’t know what it is. It’s not exciting. So instead search beforehand the places you want to go see and check some of their histories too.
  • Not checking the weather beforehand and operation hours and holidays - You arrive at your place and it’s raining :(. That is not a good start to your trip. So, before you decide on a trip, check the place’s weather. Also, checking the operations hours or timings of the places you want to visit is a good thought. This travel mistake should be avoided at all costs because it can ruin your whole trip.
  • Nowadays when everything goes with credit cards, no one thinks of having cash while traveling. But, NO, this is the most common travel mistake that most people make. You should always carry some cash in hand with you while you are traveling. Sometimes, if you are taking a taxi, taxi drivers don’t accept credit cards, if you don’t have cash, then imagine how the situation can be. So, it is good to have some cash with you.
  • If you love to travel solo, you should carry a lock with you to pack your stuff. If you have to keep your luggage outside a place like a temple or something to be on the safe side, it is good to lock your stuff.
  • The next travel mistake that people often make is buying a black bag. DON’T BUY A BLACK BAG while traveling. Literally, every person has a black bag, and when you pick up your luggage from the airport sometimes, you don’t know if it’s your bag or someone else and it becomes an awkward kind of situation. So, buy any color bag except black.
  • The common travel mistake that people generally make is not comparing traveling sites before booking the tickets. This way you may end up paying more than the original price. Instead of quickly booking tickets, compare two or three sites to get the best deal out of it and to save money. The same goes when booking a hotel. Check for reviews and room photos for more satisfaction. They are also the main problems in traveling. So, it’s always better not to book your hotels or tickets hurriedly from anywhere.

These were some of the Travel Mistakes that people often tend to make. Keeping these little things in mind can make your next trip more enjoyable and comfortable. These travel mistakes should be avoided whether you are traveling by plane, bus, or train. These problems in traveling happen with everyone at one time on their trip, but they get to learn and not repeat the same travel mistake again on the next trip.

Sometimes, when we travel with family or friends and don’t know much about the place we get a tour guide. But can there be problems with the tour guide?. Yes, there can be. Let’s see tour guide problems and solutions to avoid them.

  • Sometimes, your tour guide themselves don’t know much about the place. So, to avoid this before having a tour guide look at their experiences or how long they have worked there.
  • If you are in a large group and you give directions to your guide they might get a little distracted from their thing. Because they have already planned your trip and made sure no place is left unvisited from your list. But if you are on a tour that is manageable in size, then it’s okay to share your thoughts with the guide. Because guides also want to satisfy their clients the most.
  • Finding a good tour guide and a great tour guide are two different things. Good tour guides will introduce themselves and will give you an introduction of what to expect from the tour. The great tour guide will take time to know you, your places of interest, what you are expecting from the tour, etc. So, always choose a great tour guide.

These were some of the Travel Mistakes and tour guide problems that should be avoided or at least taken care of for a memorable and enjoyable trip :).

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