Vancouver Itinerary for 3 days

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For a dazzling experience in a city with an enclosure by mighty mountains, Vancouver shall be your next go-to spot. Whether your trip is for one, two, or ten days in Vancouver; no length is enough to grab it all. Therefore, most travelers would brief up their trip in three days. 

Reaching Vancouver city is through various Vancouver routes, in the midst of which is a scenic neighborhood and enormous mountains. There are several activities to try out, such as trekking, biking, snowshoeing, and exploring the city. 

As most tourists know Vancouver is a 3-day short trip destination, this guide will mainly focus on activities that you can execute to the fullest only in three days. 

What to expect in 3 days in Vancouver Canada trip: breakdown


Downtown Vancouver, situated at a right distance from Vancouver city is just the right place to rest and begin the trip from. There are all kinds of hotels, luxurious and affordable, each suitable for all budgets. Summer days in Vancouver are the peak season when tourism is at the highest, resulting in the skyrocket of accommodation prices. 

Distribute your days with activities that you like. For example, Stanley Park and the city area are great starters to begin your trip with. Day 2 has to be boosted with Capilano bridge, followed by Grouse Mountain. Day 3 has to have the most wished activity and shall vary for each person. 

Day 1 

A new day and you find yourself in a new city. You might still be having trouble digesting the fact, but this is your first day in Vancouver. So, where should you spend your initial phase of the trip? 

Maybe, enjoy the new city. 

Your legs are sufficient for exploring the city. In case you do not relish walking, try hiring a bike or assisting yourself in a public conveyance. You can finish the whole day sightseeing and visiting places all on a bicycle and it wouldn't cost more than 5 hours of duration. 

Proceed your day fresh in the daylight and start your trip of three days in Vancouver cycling to Stanley Park. It is not about modernity but what further do you desire than some extraordinary scenic views. Good thing is that you'll only be shedding cash on your hired bike or transportation , while entry to Stanley park is free. 

The park is guarded by a tall seawall which can turn into a pretty good trek of nearly 2 hours and 1 hour on the bike. From there you can watch the breathtaking beauty of Vancouver city. After the tour is done, just go for snacks somewhere nearby. The nearest you'll find is The Teahouse Stanley and prospect point. The availability of the food stands here and there in the park's surroundings is also a delicate eating hub. 

Reaching Stanley part is easy and located at a walkable distance or you may have a bike ride or public transportation. You can also download maps online for easier navigation. 

 If felt right by you, you can also choose to finish off the first day out of three days in Vancouver at Stanley park alone. It is big inside with views that your eyes can never unsee after seeing. Thus, spending the entire day there is not something impossible but only suggested during the summer season. 

As the day approaches the night, Downtown Vancouver should be where you reach. Most tourists visit the area for another cycle ride and a pleasant walk. To reach, you can also take a walk from Stanley park or ride a bike. 

Get ready and get going to Gastown when it's finally dark in the evening. By chance, if you are visiting during a weekend in Vancouver itinerary, kudos to you because the nightlife there is supposed to be lived. 

There are numerous options in Bars, some of which you can enter are Six Acres and Tacofina. Tacofina serves tacos at affordable rates and a vibe that no other matches with. Other than the bars, you'll be amused by the water Street and old buildings with lights adding another layer of glare. 

Day 2 

Dedicate the second day to nature. Most touristy spots are located adjacent to each other, making it easier for tourists to visit maximum areas in a limited time. So for the second day, you try for the Suspension Bridge Park and Grouse Mountain; and both will be guiding you through the dense forest.  

Start your dawn from the Suspension Bridge and the ticket price will cost roughly 50£. Although it receives a big footprint on peak season, paying a visit is a must. If you take a bus from Downtown, the ride shall last for 20 mins with free-of-cost shuttle buses. 

However, the 2nd day of your Vancouver 3 day itinerary trip will cost you energy and time. The bridge is 137m rising 70m above the river and will offer glamour in nature that is incomparable to anything on earth. 

Almost two hours is required to step down on all the trails with breaks included at intervals. Once you are over with Vancouver, slowly move to Grouse Mountain to breathe an appealing landscape. 

You can hike in groups and watch the bird show in Grouse Mountain. However, the area will be covered in snow during winter which allows visitors to try skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. Around 3-4 hours is more than enough for one to explore Grouse Mountain. 

Evening time on the 2nd day of your short three days in Vancouver trip should be peaceful, unlike the first day. But again, that's up to you. You can again visit some bar or go forth with dinner at cafes with options to it being vast. 

Day 3

Day 3 shall mainly focus on walking. You ought to trek at least 10 km. But if it doesn't suit you, you can still keep your hired bike to roam around and conclude the trip. It's up to each individual how they wish to be over with the trip of three days in Vancouver bc. 

Queen Elizabeth Park, which is the highest point of the city, can be a great starting point. Reserve morning hours for Queen Elizabeth Park, then feed your tummy and continue the day towards Mount Pleasant. Both are situated quite close to each other; thus, do not miss out on the opportunity. 

Then shift your tour to Granville Island. It is mostly a touristy area and also local at the same time. From food stalls to the market to shops showcasing the creativity of shops, Granville Island has a lot of realistic aspects to offer. So if you do not visit the area on any of the days in Vancouver, you will miss out on much. 

Final thoughts

Reaching there has become easier these days and transportation within the city has also become more convenient. If you genuinely ask how many days do you need to visit Vancouver, the answer would vary and no number of days is enough. But as so many travelers are tight on time, three days of planning will be great. Again, because of how most tourists reach a day before starting their three days in Vancouver, you have almost three and a half days for exploration. 

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