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Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. This place is known for its hot and humid weather. Having a good time in the water when you are feeling hot and sweaty is the best feeling. You can search for ‘water theme park near me’ and choose any one of the water parks in Chennai to visit. 

Here are a few of the best choices for the Water theme park in Chennai to visit:

1) KishKinta Theme Park:

The Kishkinta, one of the top water park in Chennai, provides all visitors with some of the most wonderful and enjoyable water activities and rides. When you want to unwind with your loved ones, head to this water that was specially created with families in mind.

 The Kishkinda water park bears a name derived from the mythical kingdom of monkeys mentioned in the Ramayana. The water slides are the most well-liked of the spectacular rides. There are plenty of parking spots and well-equipped restrooms in the Kishkindha park. After swimming around in the water, you may fill up at the park's snack shops and cafes. This is the reason why Kishkinta theme park is one of the best water theme park in Chennai.

The Kishkinta theme park is at Darkas Ward ii, which is near Tambaram, Chennai. If you are looking for a water theme park near me, then Kishkinta amusement park is most likely to be the nearest park.

Kishkinta ticket price: The Kishkinta theme park ticket price is quite reasonable which is INR 650 for adults and INR 490 for children.

You can search ‘Kishkinta Chennai’ for more information on Google.

Kishkinta Contact number: 08533200700 / M - 9591158639 / M – 9448335755

2) Queensland Theme Park:

The Queensland park can be considered a dream park since it has more than 50 rides stretched over 70acres of land. There are slides, a water disco, artificial wave pools, waterfalls, and much more. You can also unwind in the quiet pool.

There are quite a few restaurants in this area where you may have fun. Given that it is cleaned every day, you don't need to worry about the water being clean.

People who visit Chennai will definitely feel that Queensland amusement park Chennai Tamil Nadu is the best amusement park in Chennai.

The Queensland theme park location is Chennai-Bengaluru Highway Palanjur Sembarambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Queensland ticket price: Queensland Chennai ticket price is INR 450 for Kids and INR 550 for adults.

3) MGM Theme Park:

It is one of the best water theme park in Chennai. It is true that this park will make you feel giddy with delight, and the water MGM rides are among the greatest in Chennai. The park is on par with theme parks and water parks you see overseas thanks to its design, which was inspired by international concepts. 

Children frequently come to the park with their parents during the summer break, when foot traffic is very strong, and it is a fantastic area to have themed parties. The wave pool can be used for splashing around or you can play water volleyball and water frisbee. 

Because of how much both the kids as well as the adults enjoy it, this park is considered as one of the best theme park in Chennai as well as the best water park in Chennai.

Location: MGM Dizzee World State Highway 49 Muthukadu Tamil Nadu.

MGM ticket price: INR 699 for adults and INR 499 for kids.

4) VGP Aqua Kingdom Water Park:

Another popular destination for city people is the Aqua Kingdom by VGP Group, which is situated in a segment of the VGP Universal Kingdom. This water park has some of the most exhilarating rides in all of Chennai. It is high-tech, clean, and completely aquatic in feel. 

And to fit the atmosphere, there is a fantastical man-made beach as well. However, some extremely risky rides will undoubtedly make you feel like a stuntman. You can say that it is also one of the must-visit it parks in Chennai.

The location of this water theme park in Chennai is State Highway 49 Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

VGP Aqua Kingdom ticket price is 550 INR for Adults and 450 INR for kids.

Hope you have an enjoyable as well as a memorable trip to the water park in Chennai. 

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