Waterfall near Raipur Chhattisgarh: defining the beauty of India

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There are countless rivers and waterfall near Raipur Chhattisgarh, which is a blessing to the entire nation. Chhattisgarh waterfalls are an ideal way to relax and have a chilling holiday. The state is not limited to waterfalls alone and extends to treks, forests, historical destinations, and holy pilgrimages. But since the focus is on the waterfall near Raipur Chhattisgarh, here are some of where you'd get a perfect holiday from:

Ghatarani Waterfall

The biggest waterfall of the State, Ghatarani, has been derived its name from the Goddess Ghatarani. Goddess Ghatarani is believed to exist here, and the devotees are much more likely to tour the waterfall, which is only an hour away from Raipur. Around the ghatarani waterfall are the dense forest and a perfect destination to spend time with your family. The best period for a visit is during monsoons when the area experiences heavy rainfalls. 

Mandawa Waterfall

Mandawa waterfall is also known as the Mungabar falls and is one of the best waterfall near Raipur Chhattisgarh. The water passes down through the rocks in a zigzag motion, which is extremely satisfying to view. You can view the zigzag water lines for hours and still not be done. 


Chitrakoot Waterfall

Coming from the Vindhya mountains, the Chitrakoot waterfall is 29 meters tall and becomes magnificent in monsoon time. Chitrakoot falls on the Indravati river is a wide waterfall known as Niagara Falls of India. Most of the time, the waterfall is accompanied by a rainbow with dense woods behind the falls.

Because Chitrakoot Chhattisgarh has become a significant part of tourism, the department has developed a nearby resort for tourists. Moreover, visiting the Chitrakoot Jalprapat area has become more convenient after the proposal of buses for tourists. And if you need anything, there are always little shops looking to do business. 

Mandra Waterfall

Another breathtaking waterfall near Raipur Chhattisgarh is the Mandra waterfall. Its sounds can be heard from far away, making tourists much more excited about meeting Mandra in reality. To reach, you can book a jeep privately or go on a sharing basis with some other tourists. After Chitrakoot, the tourism sector is focused on making Mandra for tourism and soon establishing more amenities for the extra comforts. 

Tamda Waterfall

The following waterfall near Raipur Chhattisgarh is the Tamda waterfall and alternatively called Tamra Ghoomar waterfalls. The area is a recently discovered hub, but regardless, it has soon caught the attention of passers-by and tourists. The only reason why Tambda rose to much popularity in such a short period is due to its beauty, which isn't backed by dense forest, but Rocky terrains.

Charre-Marre Waterfall

Towards south Chattisgarh, in the district of Kanker, is charre marre waterfall. Interesting name, isn't it? Well, to reach the falls is even more interesting. First, you have to drive to Matla valley, but the real catch is jiggly roads. There are several U and V turns on the way that'll end up giving your entire group a good time. 

Going to Matla Valley is a trip in itself, throughout which you can explore nature and its beauty. Also, do take frequent stops if possible. The good part about traveling to charre marre waterfall is that there are numerous homestays for a sleepover, that too- within a good price. 

Malajkudum Waterfall

Malajkudum waterfall is another example of pretty waterfalls within the Southern part of the state. However, it is located a few km further from Kanker in the next mountain, most probably. In Malajkudum, there are three waterfalls, with 15 meters being the tallest, followed by ten meters, and lastly, nine meters. The origination of Malajkudum waterfall is from the River Dudh, which is only 7 km away from Kanker. Other than River Dudh, the other five rivers lying here are the Hatkul river, Mahanadi river, Sindur river, and Mahanadi river. 

This waterfall near Raipur Chhattisgarh specifically calls for photographers and artists who are willing to capture some greatness of nature using their talents. Everything you see there is unrealistic and gives a feel of paintings. 

Pawai waterfall

Towards the northeastern part of Chattisgarh are the enchanting Pawai waterfalls that lie close to Jharkhand, MP, and UP border. However, one cannot take a trip to pawai as they wish. It is located within the Semarsot wildlife sanctuary, and only when the sanctuary opens for visitors can they tour the pawai. To reach powai, one has to reach the sanctuary by trekking. No vehicles are allowed after some point, but trekking is also a fun part of the journey. 

The nearest railway station to the Semarsot sanctuary is the Ambikapur railway station, about 80 km away, from where you can book a taxi to the nearest point available for vehicles. Not many tourists desire to tour pawai due to the toughness one needs while reaching the place. Regardless, the place and its beauty receive enough footprint given that the visit period is not large. But certainly, pawai deserves more tourists compared to the weightage today. 

Chitradhara Waterfall

In Potanar village, a remote area, Chitradhara is a nice waterfall near Raipur Chhattisgarh. This waterfall has something unique that makes it different from the other waterfalls around the state. The river Indravati also adds further serenity, which flows past nearby Chitradhara. Although remote, you can reach the place via vehicles as the roadways are transformed adequately. Also, you can choose to trek the place, which is only 19 km from Jalandhar. Once you reach Chitradhara, you'll anyway forget any tiredness you catch on the way. 

Amrit Dhara Waterfall

There are limited options for a waterfall near Nagpur, with amritdhara as one of them. The correct location of the place is Koriya District along the Hasdo river. The best time of visit is the monsoon period, yet Amrit Dhara waterfall has no records of drying out even in the roughest times.

Amrit Dhara waterfall is undoubtedly a magnificent getaway. Its height is measured at 90 ft, and its width is somewhere around 10 - 15 ft. You will be lost in the dense greenery and natural woods throughout the waterfall. After a tour of Amrit Dhara waterfall, visit the Shiva temple, which is barely any km further. If you don't know the proper address, seek guidance from locals. 


Chattisgarh is a land of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and forests. The number of waterfall near Raipur Chhattisgarh is long, and this article points out only a few of them. Visiting the gushing falls is one of the best ways to free oneself from city tensions and work burdens. Moreover, the state is so rich that several waterfall near Raipur Chhattisgarh are still unexplored, unnamed, or haven't been discovered. But for now, there are enough waterfalls known and awaiting visitors to host. 

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